Tuesday, February 22


I didn't have President's Day off yesterday from work, but I did take a day off from the blog, but now the long weekend is over and we're back in action!

A few of my readers have reached out to me in the past weeks (which I love!) and I was excited to learn that a handful are actually from Houston, too! I guess this means that I have to be a better ambassador for my fair city and post more often about all the neat things there are to do (and eat!) here.

To kick things off, I'd like to highlight my Vietnamese sandwich shop of choice, Don Cafe. If you're a big fan of banh mi, this is the place in Houston to get it. I've been to a lot of sandwich shops in my time, but no place that I've found does it better than Don Cafe!

I mean, check out all that bread behind the sandwich-building counter. If that's not a sign of deliciousness, I don't know what is. Boyfriend and I went there this past Sunday we left with happy tummies for sure. I didn't get a shot of the sandwiches, though. We kind of, uh, scarfed them down before I even remembered to bring my camera out. Whoops!

And now, the OOTD:

vappu dress, anthropologie
cartography cardigan, anthroplogie
skinny leather belt, urban outfitters
nude fishnet tights, j.crew
tasseled loafers, f21
ring, f21
necklace, f21 (gift)
gold bangle, kate spade
nail polish, custom crazy mix

The weather outside is definitely warming up, but I'm not quite ready to go completely bare-legged just yet. These tights don't actually match my skin color, so they look almost white on me. Which makes me wonder... I hope no one actually thinks that I just have blindingly white legs. Also, I ended up taking off the necklace before I left the apartment because it competed too much with all of the wonderful details on the dress bodice and cardigan.

I know, right? When have I ever worried about something being too much?


  1. cute nailpolish <3

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    Fashiongirl <3

  2. I love this combo and wear it often (except my Vappu Dress is yellow)And mmm Viet Subs...Danny has the funniest story about viet subs.
    When he was in grade school, he would love taking viet subs to school for lunch, but then he'd have to keep his sub in the locker until lunch time, and the heat would make the darn thing stink to high heaven. People would walk by his locker going "do you smell that? wth is that smell??" and he'd hide out until the coast was clear, then run up and grab his sub. Lol...he claims it still tasted delicious at lunch time!! I wonder...

  3. Aw, I love the necklace! But I can understand not wanting it to compete with other details. You look super cute!

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  4. I'm loving the light blue nail polish with the dark blue of your skirt. In the first pic, I didn't think you were wearing tights, but it wasn't as if you had blindingly white legs. In other words, it all looks good!

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  5. What a cute idea for a cardigan! And bummer about Monday...my school didn't let us off, either. :/

  6. OOoh, this outfit as so pretty. And I think it's the sign of an awesome meal when you don't remember to take pictures of it before eating it all!

  7. I couldn't even tell you were wearing tights...lol. :)

    I am glad you have fun with fashion, and you look beyond adorable every time you show off a look!

    My mom is in San Antonio, I need to tell her to take a day trip to go get some of those yummy looking sandwiches!

  8. My legs are that white, it's sad! I love the Vappu with that cardi great combo!! I think the necklace is so cute with it!!

  9. Very pretty outfit. I just found your blog and its super cute. Also those sandwiches look amazing!

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  10. *sigh* i cry a little bit on the inside every time i see someone wear this cardi! super cute outfit & i love me some banh mi & pho!

  11. I would love to add that cardi to my collection. Love it on you, love the outfit.

  12. I love your nail polish! Such a gorgeous color :) The cardi and necklace are also super adorable!

  13. Hmm... I love banh mi, and your place looks so good! I can't find a place in San Francisco that does one as well as San Jose, and I can't find a place in San Jose that does one as well as Los Angeles. I also love your shoes!

  14. love your outfit - I always love what you pair with your cartography!

  15. I love your outfit, and LOL at your scarfing down your sammies before taking pics. I have a habit of remembering halfway through a dish, so some of my food pics are well, kinda grody. Hehehe. Thanks for the foodie recommendation, will have to ask you for picks if I ever visit your neck of the woods!

  16. That cardigan is just wonderful! And the dress looks like such a pretty midnight blue color! I love love love it!

  17. I love this combo! These are two beautiful pieces that I missed out on. I love that you paired them!

  18. What a coincidence, last night in the middle of the night, i had a craving for a vietnamese bread roll - banh mi! They are so delish. We have vietnamese communities here in Sydney and you can find the best ones there.
    I love this outfit on you. Never stop wearing full skirts please...you carry that look so well!

  19. those loafers are adorable!! i can't believe they are f21...

  20. maps on a cardi?? love it. now you'll never be lost even if you want to be;) perfection!