Friday, February 18


Forgive me if I make less sense than usual over here. I didn't get much sleep at all.

I spent all last night watching episodes of Fringe, a television show that is a cocktail of crime scene investigation, paranormal activity, and science fiction. Stuff like that fascinates me. But you see, I also have an overactive imagination and a scope of paranoia after midnight that is just one tinfoil hat away from crazy. So after watching those episodes, I kept thinking about parallel universes crashing into ours, shape-shifting mecha-people, and monsters. I must have woken up no less than 6 times during the night to make sure I wasn't being bodysnatched.

It's weird how those types of concerns seem completely legitimate when you're delirious with exhaustion.

Moving on from revealing just how embarrassingly nutty I can be, here's the OOTD:

I'm craaaaazy!
striped dress, f21
cardigan, j.crew
tights, anthropologie
belt, calvin klein
half slip, anthropologie
allie flats, bcbg

Have a great weekend, everyone! One devoid of inter-dimensional crossings and whatnot, of course.

PS. A contest. $100 to Shopbop. BE THERE.


  1. Amy, you're funny! I've done that too. I dream about what I see happening to me. Thus, no sleep because I am paranoid the rest of hte night. Love the F 21 dress, really cute. Happy Friday.

  2. What a cute dress! You make me want to wear dresses everyday, but I stand out so much in my office of men and laidback women that I only let myself do it two or three days per week.

  3. What a beautiful pairing of dress & tights! Love it. I confess I want to get into Fringe primarily because of Pacey Whitter aka Joshua Jackson. ;)

  4. My husband and teenagers are addicted to that show. I just don't get it!

  5. Ok lack of sleep = GREAT OUTFITS!!! I think I will stop sleeping if I can look that great the next day!! You look beautiful!

  6. I love tat half slip you have! It adds just the right amount of lacy wonderfulness!

  7. When I first looked at "I'm crazyyyy", I thought about Britney Spears' song "Crazy", lol. Just thought I would share that with you!

    The dress is wonderful! I am loving how you are working that slip! I hope your week goes great!
    --Ciara :)

  8. hehe, i remember the time after i watched the horror movie Scream, i kept checking corners of the house, behind doors, under the bed...i was paranoid, even though it was only a movie!
    You have to remember that Fringe is just a fictional tv show :-) hope you sleep better tonight! - you look so cute as usual.

  9. That striped dress is so fun! I love the colors on it.

    I love paranormal shows, I often watch marathons of ghosthunters and just freak myself out and then can't sleep at night!