Thursday, March 3


Monday's outfit was actually an outfit I wore over the weekend, so today's outfit is the weekday version of it. I often will wear an outfit I wore over the weekend during the following week, or wear an outfit I wore during the week over the weekend. I can only come up with so many top + bottom combinations, which is why it's a good thing I'm not a celebrity. I can only imagine the headlines:

Is Kelinda Losing Her Mind? Starlet Wears Same Skirt Twice in One Week!

Bad Breakup Signs? 'Boyfriend Took Everything But the Skirt!' She Says

Kelinda Won't Take Off the Skirt Brad Pitt Bought Her -- Angelina is Fuming!

And all the accompanying photos will be grainy shots of me trekking from the parking garage to my office or from the parking lot to the grocery store. Because I am a fascinating person. *

buffalo check top, j.crew outlet
jackie cardigan, j.crew (now 20% off!)
kinnetic flats, steve madden
studded belt, j.crew
skull ring, ebay
bangle, kate spade

Sorry for not making my usual rounds of commenting this week! Things have been crazy with a new massive project at work, taking care of things at home, seeing The Walkmen play at Fitzgerald's tonight, and my general abuse of Harvard commas. Whew! But I'll be back and commenting next week.

* I am not really a fascinating person. If I were famous, interviewers would ask me something like, "Were you at That Huge Party That Some Huge Star Threw last week?" and I'd respond with, "No. I thought about going, but then decided to stay home and bake a walnut jam cake instead." Then I'd tell him about how I ate the entire thing myself while watching 7 back-to-back episodes of Iron Chef America. **

** This may or may not be a real anecdote.


  1. Amy, my life isn't that fab either, so i can totally relate to you last comment. LOL. However, I think those people would change places with us in a heartbeat. Love the color combination you wearing today.

  2. I absolutely do the weekend/weekday outfit copy as well. I mean I'm not famous either, and although sometimes the same people see me, they don't really care about what I'm wearing! That walnut jam cake idea seems pretty amazing...

  3. that skirt was made for your body type! it looks amazing. I must purchase asap!! :)

  4. Great colors, and I love the pattern!

  5. You ARE fascinating! I think so.

    This is a great outfit, that skirt is awesome and I love the colors. I seriously love those shoes!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. Love the skirt - it looks great on you! ...and that nail polish is so fun!! :) Hope you are able to relax some this weekend after your week of craziness.

  7. I love your nailpolish!!!

    And your headlines are so funny!!! You could add, "Kelinda shows off her unique styling sense yet again, fans rush to buy her skirt. Joan Rivers retires, nothing to poke fun at!"

  8. I love your outfit. Your post made me LOL. thanks for the chuckles!

  9. you are harry-larious Amy! You should be a writer!

  10. lol. Amy you crack me up! you ARE a fascinating person/ celeb to me! I say you should sock Angelina in the face! holla! I love iron chef, and top chef on bravo and Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerm. and walnut jame cake? mmmm, nom nom

  11. I totally wear things over. shoot, wearing the (whatever it is) shirt reminds me what else it'll go with so then I wear it the next with something else. Oh well.

    This is a great combination. I wouldn't have thought of it because I am stuck in matchy matcy land but it looks fabulous.

  12. GORGEOUS! Love the nightfall blue (?) with a deep red buffalo check and neutral skirt. And the black tights! Can I say love?? I must replicate this for myself :)