Wednesday, March 30

sparkly majorette

Let me start off this post by saying that one of my lovely coworkers brought in a box of donuts this morning and I am using every ounce of willpower I have in my body to resist snagging one. It's practically blowing kisses and reading poetry every time I walk by.

I have gone down another 2 pounds since last week (leaving me with 6 pounds down, 24 to go). I want to keep it up. But. It. Is. Hard. AUUUGH. Luckily, I have a raspberry tartlet that I made for dessert for tonight, so it's not like I'm denying my sweet tooth altogether. I've factored it into my daily calorie allotment too. Woohoo, responsibility! As a side note, before anyone wonders why in the world I want to lose so much weight, check out this post. I'm not delusional, I promise.

And now, the OOTD. Whereas yesterday's outfit was pared down, today's is piled up. I am bringing on the sparkles with glittery flats, a studded belt, and a marching band-inspired sweater cardigan. What can I say? I'm a magpie at heart. I was inspired to pair my new plaid shirt (snagged on sale!) with my khaki Bell skirt by Lisa's adorable outfit from yesterday.

perfect shirt in candy plaid, j.crew (now on sale!)
twisted trooper sweater, f21
bell skirt, j.crew
gray fishnets, j.crew
kinnetic flats, steve madden
studded belt, j.crew
gold bangle, kate spade

I'm not normally a huge fan of khaki, but this skirt works for me, even though its shape sometimes works against me. I still can't quite figure out where it should sit -- at my natural waist (where it is now)? On my hips? At my belly button? Confusion.


  1. congrats on the weight loss!

    I like where the skirt is sitting now, it looks natural there. Also, I love the outfit... I'm going to swing by J.Crew tonight, I hope they have the shirt instore and on sale :)

  2. you are beautiful!!! Love the outfit and nails :)

  3. Oh..and at your natural waist 4-shizzo! Looks great there.

  4. I wore this skirt yesterday! I think at natural waist is how this skirt should be worn; it creates the illusion of longer legs too :p

  5. I have the same skirt!!! will wear it tomorrow with plaid too haha

  6. I love those shots of your waist that you do! Such a great detail.

    Blech, sorry to hear those donuts are taunting you. I'd usually advocate just going ahead and eating one (or half of one), but since you've said you don't want to, here are some of the strategies I use for those situations:

    * Ask myself whether I actually feel like eating a donut right now. It took me a long time to learn the difference between "I like donuts" and "I actually want to eat a donut right now." More often than not, if I hadn't been wanting a donut in the moments before I learned that there were free donuts, I don't actually feel like eating a donut (note: I know the donut would taste good and be enjoyable even if I ate one when I didn't feel like it. That's a separate thing. I think I'm seriously confusing myself now.

    * Find out where the donuts came from and plan to go buy one for myself in a few days or whenever it fits into my dietary day. That donut cannot possibly cost more than $3 (it's more likely a few cents). Just because it's free, doesn't mean you need to have one today. Seriously, you can get a donut any day you want. And it'll taste better fresh, anyway.

    * If all else fails, imagine there are maggots in them.

  7. (PS: If you need to lose less than two pounds a week in order to eat a bit more and stay sane, then up your daily calories. This is a marathon, not a sprint.)

    -- Your resident Weight Watchers employee

  8. I think the skirt is perfect where it is. Loved the tights before I even got to the close up pic.

  9. Totally cute outfit and you are so giving model pose in these pics. Have you been watching Top Model? :)

    Resists those donuts!!! Just think how much you've managed to lose so far and how you don't want to derail your progress. Or if you can manage, take a bite and throw the rest away or give it to someone.

    I have the most ridiculous sweet tooth, seriously (dessert after every meal except maybe breakfast). I had one Thin Mint cookie after dinner on Monday and then yesterday I had a teaspoon of Ben & Jerry's (then I read the calorie content and quickly put it away in disgust). Maybe you should join me and a few other bloggers on the 30-day Shred!!

  10. E Hayes -- On the waist it is, haha! I hope you find the shirt!

    Anne -- Aww, thanks!

    irene -- Haha, I definitely need the help to make my legs look longer!

    jessie -- Awww right, great minds think alike!

    Marie -- Thanks!

    JG -- Thanks for the tips, my resident Weight Watchers rep! I definitely felt the craving just because they were there because I absolutely wasn't thinking about donuts before my coworker came in with them. Evil mind tricks! Also, the maggot tip definitely helped. Ewwww... I'm losing 2 pounds a week to reach my weight goal by swimsuit season, haha! It's been surprisingly not too hard to adhere to -- I just get tripped up once in awhile.

    gigiofca -- Aww, thanks!

    fshnonmymind -- Giiirl, I am TOTALLY on the 30 Day Shred already! I'm on my final 7 days of Level 3 -- I can tell you that it definitely works you out! I do the Shred and then hit the gym for 20 more minutes of elliptical or treadmill work afterwards 5 days a week. It's exhausting, haha! I hear you on the sweet tooth problem, too. It's so hard to resist sometimes!

  11. That top is so pretty! I will have to look over JCrew's sale items again! Way to go on the weight loss, I totally need to get back on the wagon and drop the lbs I gained on vacation!

  12. Way to go Amy! Looking great.
    Do you ever go to the gym? When I feel myself slipping up, I make sure to go to a class. I am so competitive, I want to complete the whole class, and I end up burning much more calories that I do on my own workouts alone...
    Love the outfit today! Tried on wide-leg pants today because of yesterday's post. Just not there yet. LOL

  13. Wow, great outfit, the shoes are completely wonderful!
    Good job with the willpower! Big stuff isn't such a problem for me, but my goodness, if a friend has a box of Twizzlers or a bowl of M&M's lying around...they really add up. You're doing awesome, hope you enjoy the tartlet!

  14. Love the whole outfit - but especially those beautiful, sparkly shoes!

  15. congrats on the 6 pounds! that's quite a feat:)
    i have the same question when it comes to higher waisted skirts but i think it looks perfect where you have it now

  16. Love it all, the nail polish, sparkly shoes and esp that J Crew shirt. Maybe I need that!!!

  17. Love the skirt, and the flats are adorable!

  18. Congrats for focusing on your health and dropping couple more pounds. You look wonderful in your outfit, so fun :)

  19. You look amazing, weight loss or not! Your hair looks so full and shiny. Gimme!lol! I always love and look forward to your cute skirt and shoe combos.

  20. hehehe - i'm impressed by your willpower. While it's important to stay on track, I also think it's important not to deny yourself of sweets as well (so good thing you had that tartlet!). I'm so loving those sparkly flats of yours.

  21. love your plaid shirt and the title of your post! That little bird on your header is too cute! I need to drop 10 and my willpower has been very very bad all winter. I'm hoping sun will spur me on! You can do it!

  22. OH, this is the cutest outfit!!! I love the plais with the cute skrt and always know what looks good together! And those shoes...I LOVE those shoes! You're rocking it so far with the weight loss...slow and steady wins the race, right! Keep going, don't stop now!

  23. You look super adorable and I am jealous you bought the shirt on sale...I paid full price for it! :(
    I believe it was Kate Moss who said it, (and received a lot of criticism for saying so) but I have to agree with it wholeheartedly.
    "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."
    And when I was prowling around for a snack yesterday, I said that to myself and grabbed a pack of baby carrots instead.
    Being a lover of good food and drink, it is so true that the momentary taste of something is no where near as exhilirating as self confidence. And if weight is bothering someone, then clearly their self confidence is not at its prime is it?
    Just some "food" for thought.... ;)
    Love the new header by the way!

  24. Amazing job on your willpower! You're smart to allow yourself a bit of sweets though, like your dessert. You must allow yourself to eat things you crave/enjoy but in moderation.

    I wanted to also say I LOVE the way your jeans look in your previous post. They look amazing on you!