Friday, June 24

felt like a scene on the cutting room floor

Thanks for the DSLR suggestions yesterday! I'm going to keep a running list of cameras to check out, so I am super psyched to have someplace to start my hunt. And thanks to the anonymous commenter who gave a great comprehensive overview of what I should look into when searching for a new camera! This is why I haven't disabled the anonymous commenting feature yet, despite having to weed out some spam comments once in a while, and the occasional offensive/racist/generally-WTF one. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. *shakes fist*

Moving on, I haven't mastered the art of wearing all black without looking like a stagehand. Different shoes? A skirt? Different materials? I don't know.

I originally had on a black top, but swapped it out for this red one after realizing I looked less French chic and more I volunteer at the community theater. And there's nothing wrong with looking like you volunteer at the community theater... unless you don't actually volunteer at the community theater.

striped cami, j.crew
cardigan, modcloth
black jeans, j.crew
flats, urban outfitters
ring, f21
gold bangle, kate spade

A cami, jeans, and a cardigan combination is not exactly adventurous in terms of dressing myself, but it was all I could muster that morning. It's been a long, busy week, and it looks like I have a short, busy weekend ahead of me. But the good news? I'm seeing these guys in concert tomorrow.

I am totally K(ing)TBSPA.


  1. I'm very hesitant to wear all black also...I guess we both need some color in our lives lol!

  2. Isn't it funny how when you wear so much great color and pattern working all black look feels "strange"!??! You look great though. The red stripey tee is perfect to break up the look!

  3. I have a hard time wearing all black (or even mostly black) as an outfit. I just feel so formal in it, and it feels so heavy that I can't do it. I always end up swapping in some colour like you.

  4. You look leaner! Did you lose some more weight? Regardless, I love your outfits and blog!! Keep up the great work!

  5. You look adorbs as per usual my dear =) And as you know, I am looking for a new camera too! Nothing too fancy though!

  6. I am such a fan of the black on black combination! I think half of my closet is filled with black dresses and skirts. I am loving the pop of color with the striped shirt. And I just purchased a Canon t2i. It is definitely worth it and (in my opinion) the best dslr for the price. It takes great video too! Good luck with the camera hunting! xx

  7. sometimes I LOVE wearing just layers of's so cozy...

    But this is very, very cute with the stripes!!

  8. well done! i used to wear a lot of black, just like a nyc uniform. but then i got a black coat that was just below the knee, and for whatever reason whenever i wore it i felt like i looked like a vampire. (i think it has to do with having dark long hair and a lack of sun exposure, maybe?). i have since given the coat to a redhead friend of mine, and started wearing color!

  9. I very seldom wear all black. I like adding a splash of color to the many of the neutral colors in my wardrobe. I love your nail polish color.

  10. How was BSB? didn't you fall in Love in NKOTB? lol I'm totally an NKOTB FAN!! but this concert totally ROCKS!

  11. Soooooooooooooo jeal that you got to go see BSB!! What did you wear?!?!

    I used to almost exclusively wear all black. I looked like an extra from the Craft - not a good look...

  12. I still haven't figured out how to wear all black either but I've come close. It's texture and pattern. I'll wear a black bodycon skirt, black tights, patent black shoes, and a black and white polka dot tank to go out in and look chic because all the texture breaks up the color.