Wednesday, June 22

grape blazer ahoy

I was browsing through Zara last weekend when I spotted this purple blazer. Thinking it'd be good for a laugh, I put it on and thought about how amazingly crazy it would look with matching purple pants. A real Grimace-of-McDonalds-fame-joins-Miami-Vice ensemble, if you follow me.

But instead of laughing, I looked at my reflection and went, "Hmmmm... this could work." Strange how sometimes things that seem hilariously ill-advised on the hanger can actually surprise you when you put it on. Now I wonder how I ever doubted the allure of this sweet grape-hued jacket.

blazer with lapel, zara
long and lean jeans, gap
yellow print cami, fossil
wedge sandals, lauren by ralph lauren
gold ring, f21
silver ring, from australia
gold bangle, kate spade

Have any of you guys ever saw what you thought was a tragedy on a hanger only to discover that it's anything but once you put it on?

Also, I would like to point out how amazing it is that this outfit features no J.Crew at all, especially since 75% of my staple wardrobe consists of J.Crew pieces. Branching out!


  1. This looks amazing! I've been craving a trip to Zara sooooo badly. Maxi skirts and colorful blazers, oh my!

  2. Fab outfit! Love the color of this blazer. I'm still wishing we had Zara close by (4h away doesn't count as close, does it? :-)

  3. I saw that blazer on my last trip and loved it. You look great in it!!! This outfit is nice and chic. I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting the star print one.

    I can't really think of any hanger disasters, but that's because I'm of the mindset that you should try everything on since it will look different on a body.

  4. i totally dig the blazer - esp. the sweet buttons. so cute - i love details :) i actually just bought a crocheted tunic at anthro that looked like a hot mess until i put it on and then HAD to have it. and congrats on branching out from the crew. i used to buy the majority of my wardrobe from them but over the past 2 years have been slipping away. that said, the prabal gurung collab was pretty great and may just win me back ;)

  5. Gorgeous blazer! I love the rich purple tone but would advise against wearing it with purple pants ;)

  6. lol, there is nothing funny about a well tailored blazer, a purple one at that. I'm loving Zara's latest craze with bright colors and I have few of it feeding my shopaholic tendency.

  7. What a pretty blazer, looks fantastic with the yellow patterned blouse.

  8. I LOVE it! And I'm jealous and I want one! You look amazing in that shade of purple.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  9. I had to literally force myself to leave that blazer at the store 3 weeks ago. It is so cute in person. You look great!

  10. I would have never grabbed such a jacket, but it totally works. And when I saw the details of the purple and yellow I went hmmmm.... it works!! Thanks for the inspiration for my outfit tomorrow.

    Complex Cardigans

  11. I'm so sad that there's no Zara near me!

    Also, I have a similar story of tragedy-on-the-hanger to share... I own a really cute flirty semi-formal dress in a color that can only be described as tie-dye coral. And yes, it looked as bad as it sounds on the hanger; in fact, I took it into the dressing room with me as a joke. But the back straps are a thick double criss-cross, which is cool, and the bright coral actually works really well with my skin tone, and the tie-dye swirl looks much classier than I thought. So you never know!

  12. I want a Zara near me, too!!! The purple blazer is sooooo cool!!!! You look great in that dark purple.

    I have totally picked something up at a store that I was going to make fun of and then thought, hey wait...tried it on and loved it. Funny how that goes, huh??

  13. caffeinerd -- Maxi skirts and colorful blazers oh my indeed! I want to own EVERYTHING that store is putting out this season.

    Lilly's Style -- Haha, no, I wouldn't count 4 hours away as close! I am going to send Zara some vibes to open one near you!

    Angela -- Star print one?? How did I miss that one? Maybe it's better for my wallet that I did, ha! I love your mindset on trying everything, too. That's awesome advice!

    Michelle -- I know, the white buttons are just darling! Now if only it came with some cool lining as well... In all honesty, I find that a lot of Anthro's more "unusual" tees and sweaters always look super questionable on the hanger, but awesome on a person. It's so weird!

    Marie -- Hooray for happy colors! ^^

    eek -- Hahaha, I'm going to take that advice to heart!

    Huda -- I'm loving Zara's latest color craze, too. Neutrals are awesome, but I'm craving some COLOR, amIright??

    Jess -- Aww, thanks!

    Melissa -- You would look awesome in a colored blazer! You must find one so we can be colored blazer twins, bwahaha!

    A -- Aww, thanks! I almost left without it too, but Boyfriend was insistent that it needed to come home with me, and who am I to argue?

    Jenn -- Yellow and purple, together again. I can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow!

    throughkseyes -- Tiedye coral? I am intrigued! I love that it works, though, even though you thought it was just going to be hilarious, haha!

    Pamela -- I know, it's so weird how sometimes things you think will look utterly goofy actually look awesome. I mean, it works the other way around too. I've tried on plenty of things that I thought would look totally cool only to find myself looking totally not cool. Hmmph.

  14. What a beautiful color. I've laughed about manyJC pieces, only to end up purchasing them after trying on.

  15. I just booked the next flight to Houston to steal that blazer right out of your closet.
    Perhaps it would be more frugal to just go to the Zara that's 45 minutes from my house, but that is neither here nor there....I WANT THAT BLAZER!!!!
    Holy Smokes is it hot....I saw a gorgeous red one at The Limited the other day and refrained....glad I did...purple....purple....

  16. Love the blazer!
    You're very pretty!
    Love, Eline

  17. Love a fun colored blazer! Purple rocks!

  18. I LOVE that blazer! You look so cute in it :) The top you're wearing is perfect and your bright nail polish just pulls everything together.

  19. The blazer's such a great color! I really love the contrast between the dark and light colors in this outfit. :D

  20. woot, cute purple blazer! i was scoping out some of those bright zara blazers, but i really should just get a navy blue one, since i already have too many random hued blazers (salmon, rust, mustard, green, etc.).

  21. yes, i really like the purple blazer! (i see you're zara-ing, hehe, i haven't been for ages!) we actually have a purple blazer in my store too but its *just* the right size on me, and i want it oversized so im not buying it, pffff..
    really love it contrasted with the green nails x

    (and im a firm believer in trying things on, sometimes a tragedy on the hanger is a total win and vice versa, hehe)