Wednesday, September 28

rockin' robin

Sometimes all it takes is one photo to get me thinking about a new way to wear something I already own. Take, for instance, this promo poster for the new dramedy Beginners --

 image via

Hello, red dress with periwinkle tights? I totally own a red dress. And periwinkle tights. And black flats, for that matter.

dress, j.crew
tights, gap
belt, j.crew
bangle, kate spade
flats, urban outfitters
skull ring, ebay
stone ring, etsy

If some of the images in this post aren't showing up correctly, let me know. I am having issues with Blogger. *shakes fist* Or Photobucket. Or both. I can't tell which, but one of them is royally screwing up right now.

Also, because I like to let my geek flag fly once in a while, check out my latest project:

Is that cross stitching with Star Trek characters? YOU BET IT IS. Also, because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, I used the amazing characters that etsy seller weelittlestitches creates as a template for my own little dudes. I would have bought a pattern from them, but they didn't have any Star Trek characters available, so I made my own. This is a Day 2 progress shot. Once I finish this around Thursday, I'll share the finished product with you all.


  1. Totally loving your new project. I have such a backlog of crafting projects that I haven't been able to start on the great Ed Hardy cross stitch patterns I purchased.

  2. Awesome! I really like the new project you have going, and can't wait to see the finished product.

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  3. My dad would love the Star Trek cross stitching. Too cute.

    And you my dear, absolutely perfect in the blue tights and red dress. Just like a movie poster. ;)

  4. I almost missed your utterly adorable outfit because I was too busy staring at Ewan McGregor.

  5. You look so cute with the red and periwinkle tights! i love love love your new project! my BF would die if i made it for him, got to look into it =) thanks for the inspiration! please the finished result will ya??

  6. This dress is amazing...and the tights pair perfectly with it all!

  7. OMG, this look is so cute!! That star trek project is adorrrrable.

  8. Star Trek cross stitch?! i absolutely love it. i've never cross stitched anything, but i'd love to do it sometime, especially with Star Trek!

    i love the detail shots you include, nails+jewelry+top+bottom+belting, it's prefect :)

  9. I love the outfit, but I love the Star Trek project even more! How cute are those little guys??

  10. Great Job! You have to post a pic when u're done.