Friday, October 21

the colors, duke, the colors

Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is finally upon us! One of Boyfriend's old buddies is getting married tomorrow, so I have to run out and get a last minute gift off after work. Coffee maker, anyone? (hey, it's not my old buddy!) This will be the first wedding I've attended since I was... 14? And back then, all those weddings were for family friends. It seems that this time around, the weddings I go to will be for my friends (or friend's friends... whatever).


In fact, my college roomie is having her engagement party in NYC this December, so I'll be heading to the Big Apple to celebrate in just a few weeks.

Double weird. Also exciting, though!

You know what else is exciting? Rediscovering that I have this dress in my closet. I saw Rosa of Love at First Shop wear it so well earlier this month and have been looking for the right dip in temperature to follow suit ever since. Thanks for the low 70s, Houston!

dress, j.crew
cardigan, j.crew
tights, j.crew
flats, urban outfitters

I also love this outfit without the cardigan on. It looks so delightfully mod. Maybe it's the cut of the dress? But I need to find a suitable slip before I can go dress-on-its-own. It's a bit sheer, despite being incredibly bright, colorful, and made of wool.

Also, I'll be heading out to J.Crew this weekend to see if any new arrivals have trickled in, so let me know about your review requests!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend Amy! I love a good wedding ;)

  2. thumbs up on coffee maker, our wedding coffee maker bit the dust at our 6 yr anniv this oct, after daily use. we think of the gift givers often, unlike other items we recvd.

    have fun this weekend.

  3. I have this same dress, hope to pull it out this week or are rocking it girl!!

  4. Ahhh wedding glad that most of my friends are already married. Love weddings but they can be much. I DO love love love that dress though.

  5. Beautiful colors! I love this dress on you!