Thursday, October 20

guest post from Jess of StyleSays

Hey you guys, I was running late yesterday and didn't get a chance to snap a photo of my outfit. It's probably for the best, though, since my outfit made me look like a giant ice cream. Don't ask.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, how great is J.Crew's 25% off promotion?! Hint: very great.

Now, I'm leaving you all with a guest post from Jess of She emailed me about her little company last week and I thought that maybe some of you would find it fascinating. Take it away, Jess!


Do you have friends all over the place like me? After graduation last June I moved to San Francisco and my friends scattered to Miami, LA, and of course New York. At first it was easy to stay in touch but I began to miss our favorite past time. Weʼd spend entire Saturdays exploring dozens of shops to discover unique items. It wasnʼt even so much about the clothes as it was the adventure. To fill the void we started sending links of outrageous clothing, items we desperately wanted, and outfits for upcoming trips. It wasnʼt the same though. One day while video chatting with a friend I noticed that she was shopping for a bathing suit for an upcoming trip to Mexico.

We started sending options back and forth and soon we were comparing tons of suits while actually talking. Thatʼs when it started to feel like we were really shopping together again. Soon there after StyleSays was born. For about the the last two weeks Iʼve set up numerous shopping dates with friends. Weʼll go online and browse hundreds of items, while catching up on each otherʼs lives. And now I can get a trusted opinion on items Iʼm unsure about without having to wait for on an email. My style has always been about me. But Iʼve started to realize that itʼs also a part of my friends. Itʼs not what my style says about me, itʼs what our style says about us. Weʼre currently running two giveaways in which pairs of friends can win designer jewelry from a SF boutique and Shoedazzle subscriptions.

Itʼs really easy to enter. Just

1) visit our Facebook giveaway
2) Like our page
3) and choose the friend you want to win with.

Check out StyleSays 101 to learn about all the benefits of shopping with us.

StyleSays 101 from StyleSays on Vimeo.

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