Tuesday, February 7

the hipster scarf

I've been waking up to some gray skies lately, folks. Unfortunately, that means super grainy pictures. THANKS, NATURE.

It also plummeted about 30 degrees since the weekend, so hello again pleather jacket. But I can be stubborn, so along with my scarf, jacket, and jeans, I also wore... huaraches. Which, for the uninitiated, are shoes made out of woven leather strips. In other words, not at all resistant to cold.

I am a winner.

tour shirt, the walkmen
cami, cotton on
jacket, express
zip jeans, j.crew
huaraches, etsy
scarf, h&m
ring, from australia


My hair is getting to the point where it looks like I'm wearing extensions when I'm not. Methinks it's high time for a trim.


  1. that jacket is AWESOME! looks so great with ur little waist!! and I love ur hair...looks super long but also shiny, thick, and healthy.

  2. Cold is no match for your cuteness in that outfit! :)

  3. Hey, if my hair looked as thick and shiny as yours, to hell what people think!!! It's gorg!

  4. You look adorable as always, sensible shoes or not. Have I mentioned how much I love how your picture gallery has expanded? No? Well I do!

  5. That jacket looks like it fits you perfectly Amy! Love it!

  6. I really need myself a faux leather jacket myself. That one is a beauty and must be so versatile. I need a trim myself but can't seem to muster up the time to get it done. Maybe I can tricky my sister into trimming her hair, that way I'll have a buddy to go with. Going alone scares me :/

  7. What is it with this Texas weather! I was rockin' my shorts last week...
    Love the leather...goes with anything really:)