Monday, February 6

the twirly blueberry

I love looking at other OOTD blogs for inspiration. Colors, textures, proportions -- you get the idea. There are so many good looking ladies out there who know how to put together a knockout look day after day (just check out everyone on my "READ" list!) that it's almost ludicrous. How do you gals do it? I mean, seriously?

But the point is that while I love looking at blogs for inspiration, I typically don't set out to get exactly what the blogger is wearing. Except in a few cases.

This is one of them.

When I saw Rosa over on Love at First Shop rocking this dress, I think my eyes went like this:


Hello, super cute! And it kind of reminds me of the Star Trek dresses from the original series, except not as scandalously short and with a fun flared skirt (which I like to think means I'm of a higher rank on the Enterprise) (maybe a commodore) (or a sultan).

If only the lighting and my hair had cooperated better on the day I wore this dress. *shakes fist*

dress, zara
tights, merona (target)
booties, seychelles
bangle, j.crew
ring, j.crew



Chipped nail polish ahoy!


  1. Very cute! I love how the blue just pops against the black.

  2. LOVE this dress! What a great shade of blue, and a fantastic shape. Adorable!

  3. Eek! That dress is DARLING! I can see why you got the same dress--the color, the cut, the *everything* is perfect. I always forget how much I like drop-waist dresses, I definitely need to add more to my arsenal.

    And ugh, chipped nails. I spent all day at work waving my hands around really fast, hoping no one would notice and/or just assume that I picked up a weird conversion twitching disorder while (secretly) watching too much HLN. I could be your chipped polish first matey. :(

  4. I think your hair looks gorgeous! I'm trying to grow mine out like that. Love the shade of blue on you too, Zara always has great options.

  5. So beautiful on you! Love the color and shape---and always love this blue with black tights/shoes. Great outfit. :)

  6. The blue looks fabulous on you!! I love the retro vibe!!

  7. Loving the color of this dress - it looks great on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. I remember her wearing that dress and you look just as cute as she did in it!!
    I love twirly skirts, so this is just perfect. And I love how you paired it with black. So European chic. :)

    P.S. I think your hair looks fab in the first pic.

  9. Holy smokes woman, you look HOT! Seriously, it is soooo flattering! I'm not sure if you are still working out, but it definitely looks like it (am I being creepy yet??) Drop waist werk it!

  10. That dress is perfection on you!

  11. Gorgeous color on you!! I need to buy more dresses...

  12. lovely little dress, you made a great choice to copy well-
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  13. I love that color on you! And the flirty hem!

    I snagged that dress right after I saw Rosa wear it too, but it was all wrong on me - when I tried it on, I totally understood the whole "dress is wearing me" saying!

  14. I remember this dress on Rosa and it looks amazing on you! I'm really digging that drop waist.

  15. So cyute!!

    Looking slimmer!!! U look great

  16. that is a cute dress, love the color.