Tuesday, September 8

but I am le tired

I almost fell asleep at work today. I was sitting at my desk and could feel my eyelids sloooowly clooosingzzzZZZZZ.... Huh? Wha?

I wore my new jelly flats today, which were super comfy and adorable. They make a funny little "squish" sound whenever I walk, though, so I'd always end up announcing my trips to the water cooler.

Squish squish squish. Pause. Squish squish squish.

Cotton On cami
GAP buttoned tank
Lacoste cardigan
Earnest Sewn skinnies
BCBG jelly flats
Vintage monocle necklace
Forever 21 flower cuff
Australian silver leaf ring
Kohls blue ring

I got the flower cuff yesterday at F21 and I love it! The cuff opens like a hinge bracelet between the little and big flowers, and even though it doesn't latch close, I didn't have a problem with it coming undone. F21 puts out some great costume jewelry. Sure, it turns your skin green after awhile, but it's also super cheap and cute. I'm not too comfortable dropping a hefty chunk of change on "trendy" baubles, especially since I like to constantly add to my collection (I have a problem) so F21's line serves my addiction well.


  1. How adorable are those jellies?! The sound effects are totally worth it.

  2. I'll admit I am not normally into jellies, but these are fantastic!

    Also, totally agree on the F21 thing...they are great for things that you know are completely trendy or things you aren't sure if you would wear and you want to try out.

  3. Those shoes are the cutest things I've seen in a long time! And I love the way they sort-of-match your adorable cuff. F21 has awesome costume jewelry, I agree...some of it you may have to paint with clear nailpolish on the inside to prevent the green-skin-effect you mentioned, but at that price and level of cuteness, who is complaining?

  4. Rosemary - Haha, I agree!

    Sarah - I'm not normally into jellies eitherand only tried these on initially because I thought they were patent leather!

    Goldenmeans - Ooo, I never thought of painting the inside with nail polish. Does that really nix the green skin problem? I'll have to give that a try!