Wednesday, September 9

one of the boys

No outfit of the day today because I woke up late and threw on the first things I could find before dashing off to work. Don't you just love it when you hit snooze on the alarm clock and tell yourself that you'll just sleep for just "5 more minutes" and that "5 more minutes" turns into "25 more minutes"?

Anyway, here are some things I'm itching to get my hands on, American Apparel edition:

Unisex Bow Tie:
The grayish chambray material makes this bow tie less penguin-y and more awesome-y. I'd rock it with any number of button-ups and blouses. I've always loved men's fashion and try to incorporate "masculine" elements into my wardrobe. I've never gone as far as to pull an Annie Hall, but that's only a matter of time. If you saw my collection of random collection of men's accessories (ties, hats, vests, pocket squares) and the piles of GQ and Esquire lying on my cabinet top, you'd know that day is not too far away.

Opaque Pantyhose:
I need red tights, stat. And yellow ones. And textured ones! The choices!

Unisex Fine Jersey Double-Breasted Cardigan:I don't know how unisex sizing works, but I'm craving this cardigan. You better believe that I'd be sporting it the way hipster dude right here is wearing it. Except I'd wash my hair.

I was never a huge fan of American Apparel because their quality is questionable, but I'm willing to give these items a whirl. I got a basic cardigan from there and within two wears, there were holes on the shoulder and underarm seams. It was like the sleeves got into an argument with the rest of the sweater and was all, "You don't appreciate me! I'm leaving! You'll be sorry!"

At least, that's how I imagined it.


  1. I've always been so hesitant of American Apparel. Mostly because I feel like I have to get all fancified hip before stepping foot into the store. Ugh, I totally had one of those uninspired fashion days too. It went something like this: what's clean, what doesn't need to be ironed, what mildly matches. Ha! Hoping for more fashionable days ahead. :)

  2. I trust American Apparel t-shirts but beyond that, I avoid them. You are right...their stuff tends to fall to pieces after a few wears. Boo. But I do like these things you picked out.

  3. I'm with you on the red tights! I love so much AA stuff but have never actually ordered anything.

  4. I like ties, but not too into bowties. However, it could look really cute + funky on a girl (as opposed to a southern frat boy!). :)

    True red tights are one of the few colors of tights I do not own. I have no problem wearing purple, rust, yellow or orange tights, but I'm a little intimidated by red! I'd be interested in seeing what outfits you create around them. :)

  5. Rosemary - I have those days all the time! Ugh, I hate ironing. That's probably the one thing I loathe the most about laundry. And I totally know what you mean about the pretentiousness of AA. Hipsters in general are... well, something else.

    Sarah - You're right, AA does make quality t-shirts. I had completely forgotten about how many of my shirts are printed on AA!

    Kristin - Red tights for the win!

    Tastymoog - No bowties on Southern frat boys, please! I can see why bright red tights can be a bit daunting - I'll let you know how my experience goes!

  6. ooooo i love AA...but the stuff i buy from them are all basics (i.e. leggings)...i'm too scared to try any of their 'new' stuff. let me know how the cardigan is if you buy it!