Wednesday, September 30

happy last day of september!

Is it really October already? How is it that every week seems to go by so slowly, but the pages on the calendars change so fast? And how is it that my baby brother, whom I remember as a scraggly, moppet-haired little kid, is now 16 years old and pushing 6 feet tall? When did all this happen?!

It seems no matter how hard I try to cup a moment in my hands, it manages to slip out through my fingers. All that's left behind is a wet film of memory. Oh yes, I can wax poetic sometimes. Not very well, though. I mean, in Music & Lyrics, Hugh Grant's character complains that he's a terrible lyricist because he once tried to rhyme "you and me" with "autopsy," and when I saw that part, I thought to myself, "Hmm, that's quite good!" Yeah... no one ask me to pen a song.

(what am I looking at?)
Cotton On cami
H&M plaid shirt
Joe's Jeans denim
BCBG Allie flats

Pretty boring outfit today. You ever have those days where you just can't be bothered, because the air conditioning's still broken and you'll be intensely uncomfortable no matter what you wear? Today was one of those days.


  1. nothing you wear is ever boring. i do know the feeling...when I get very little comments on my posts, my first thought is-oh, you didn't rock the house tonight with THAT outfit lol. I seriously don't have any plaid and since it's the IN thing this season, I need to go dig in my son's closet and see what I can come up with.

  2. i love that in the pictures of all your outfits you can see a crack of shining light through your door! Also, I really like Music and Lyrics...oh hugh grant.

  3. i like the plaid shirt! yes, i have those days where i feel like my outfit is boring. the worst is when i hate what i'm wearing and go through the day thinking about it lol

  4. OMG. I cannot believe they are making you go into work with a broken AC. I would die.

  5. plaid is really calling out to me today. : )

  6. Patina - Aww, thanks! It's that sometimes comfort outweighs style, especially when a broken AC unit is involved, haha! And plaid is quite in this season, so maybe your son won't mind the closet raid!

    Angela - Oh yes, my bathroom light, haha! I leave it on because right after I take the photos, I go in there to check my hair before heading to work!

    Tres Tippy - Oh, I'm having one of those days today! I woke up late (so what else is new?) and just threw on some clothes. When I got to work, I was like, "WHAT am I WEARING?"

    Sarah - Oh, I definitely feel like I am.

    Savvy Gal - Rock it!

  7. I don't think your outfit is at all boring! I love both the jeans and and your plaid shirt. You look so cumfy and cute :-) And trust me, when I have "one of those days" I wear sweats and no makeup, and don't look half as good :-)
    I totally know what you mean about your younger brother! My little brother is 8yrs younger, and he can totally bench-press me and is also quite a bit taller! Man, time flies! I hope your AC gets fixed soon!

  8. You will always look great because you are a creator. You make the look,not the other way rock that plaid girl!

  9. cute outfit!!
    let me know if you want to meet up tomorrow when you get into austin...we can get ice cream or something :) yay for blog friends!

  10. I love the jeans! There's a Joe's outlet over here and last week it was closing and everything was marked ~$21! I went nuts. My mom, my sister, my sister-in-law, EVERY GAL I know is getting something from Joe's this Christmas!