Saturday, October 3

hello, weekend.

In just a few hours, I'll be heading up to Austin to visit a good friend and party it up at the Austin City Limits festival on Sunday. YES. And my theater date night is officially a go. I'm pretty sure I found the dress for it (more on that later some other time). And I have dinner plans with an awesome friend next week. What a wonderful way to end a loooong week without air conditioning.

GAP cami
J.Crew cardigan
F21 skirt
BCBG Allie flats
Urban Outfitters purple floral tights
Hue black tights
Calvin Klein belt
F21 flower ring

tights closeup

As much as I love the Forever 21 skirt, the pleats in the front add bulk to a region that doesn't need any extra added bulk. Ah well. It only cost maybe $15. Now I know to avoid tulip-styled skirts, as much as I love them.


  1. Those tights are supercute. I like how you layered them! I tried that myself last year and really liked it. That skirt looks cute on you. I don't think it adds bulk, you look tiny enough to be able to wear that sihlouette (sp??). It sounds like you have some things planned. I can't wait to hear about your dress for the theater! Have a good weekend.
    Hopefully it cools off for you next week!

  2. ooh the tights look so different up close! i love them!

  3. I love the layered tights! I think the skirt is so cute on you! I have a gray suit dress and do you think an opaque black tights under it is ok? I'm just not sure whether I should go with opaque or sheer.

  4. You look awesome. I love plum and grey together..and those tights...crazy fabulous!!!!!! I was just looking for tights yesterday and was not successful.:( If I could find those, it would really turn my frown upside down!

  5. Very cut outfit as always! Those tights are really fabulous! I hope you have lot and lots of fun this weekend, and that your theater date night goes great. Can't wait to hear all about it :-) Happy weekend!

  6. I love your idea of layering tights. It may motivate me to wear more skirts and dresses when it gets colder here. I really love the look and they look great with your outfit. I'm going to love all the ohs and ahs I get. I promise to give credit where credit is due and mention that my bloggie gal pal gave me the idea. Have a great time!!!

  7. Loving this outfit, especially the tights! I hope you have a great time in Austin, we had looked into possibly relocating there but it didn't work out.

  8. Pamela - Thanks! I hope it cools down too, haha! And layering tights is the best! I always feel weird whenever I wear "see-through" tights without another pair underneath. It reminds me too much of a fishnet tights feeling...

    Tres Tippy - They have a flower pattern that I couldn't photograph too because I'm incapable with the camera, haha!

    JCMama - Thanks! I think it depends on whether your suit dress is dark gray or lighter - if it's dark and close to black, I'd go more sheer in the tights to kind of break up the darkness factor. But if it's lighter, I'd say you can go either way! Hope that helps!

    OneFashionistaDiva - I usually get my solid tights from Target and department stores like Macys, and my "crazy" ones from Urban Outfitters. But this year, I wanted specifically mustard yellow ones and red ones, and ended up getting them from American Apparel because I couldn't find it anywhere else. There should just be a tights store with every color, haha!

    Tatiana - Thanks! Have a good weekend also!

    Patina - I lived in layered tights and dresses/skirts when I was in Boston. They keep your legs surprisingly warm, as long as your base layer of tights is thicker. After all, it's sad to retire all your lovely skirts for an entire season, isn't it? Haha!

    Summerilla - Thanks! I've only ever been to Austin twice, and NYC once, but I think both are great places to live!

  9. Can;t wait to see what you decided as the theater dress!

  10. I love your outfit. You make F21 look so good.

  11. Kristin - Thanks!

    Sarah - I'll be posting that soon!

    Gigiofca - Haha, thanks! F21 definitely has some gems amongst all that chaos.

    Martinis or Diaper Genies? - Thanks!