Tuesday, September 15

note to self: buy toothpaste

Some little things just make me happy. This morning, an unexpected text message from an old friend completely made my day. I'd tell him so, but then he'd be insufferably pleased with himself for the rest of the week. We don't want that now, do we? (No, we don't.)

Vintage slip dress
Diane von Furstenberg jacket
Target Xhilaration tights
BCBG flats
Urban Outfitters belt
Lucky/F21 necklaces
Target jeweled ring

I scored the slip dress a while back, but this is only my second time wearing it. Why, you ask? I'll tell you why: because it's totally see-through. As in, "Wow, Lindy, sweet undies!" Nice. But donning the tights and the jacket solved that little conundrum. For now.

I need to remember to buy a slip the next time I go shopping. And toothpaste. I hate running out of toothpaste and trying to squeeze that very - last - drop! out of the tube.

And some Swedish Fish. Mmm...


  1. Love red swedish fish! And LOVE Target-that ring is gorgeous.

  2. I always forget to buy toilet paper.

  3. Only - They're so delicious! They taste just like Sour Patch Kids, except without the pesky sour part.

    Pamela - Isn't it? I was so surprised to find it sitting at Target, all inconspicuous. I was like, "You're coming home with me NOW."

    Sarah - Yikes, that's a bit worse than forgetting toothpaste.

    Kiah K - Thanks!

  4. I was addicted to Swedish Fish for a wicked long time. But more importantly, I LOVE your BSB Millennium wall art. Best album by far!