Saturday, October 17

it's 2 a.m. why am I awake?!

It's finally the weekend, and it seems that I'm staying up until the wee hours of the morning to celebrate! I enjoyed a great sushi dinner with an old friend and then a long phone conversation about absolutely nothing when I got home. Now I'm posting today's outfit at 2 in the morning, so please forgive me if this post is somewhat less than coherent.

Theory button-up shirt
American Eagle cardigan
F21 skirt
J.Crew classic leather belt
J.Crew Joley flats

I'd like to thank all my wonderful followers and visitors! You all make this blog so much fun, and I'm super excited about doing my first giveaway once I reach the landmark of 50 followers or 50 posts, whichever comes sooner! I've seen many of my favorite blogs (see my blogroll on the side!) do these, and I think they're a great way to show my appreciation to all you lovely readers out there. Now, I must brainstorm about what to give away...

Have a great weekend!


  1. ha, it's 2 AM and I'm awake too, but I'm not as productive as you and am in fact like 4 days overdue for a blog post. (In in fact missed my one year anniversary Thursday out of sheer laziness!) Instead of anything semi-useful, I'm browsing pictures of Miu Miu bags online and wishing I owned a cute bow satchel.

    You look so cute -- love the orange against all that black and white :)

  2. You and Gingersnap, who also does the twirl, crack me up!!! I wish I could be so productive at 2 am...

    I love this outfit and will be doing a version of it at some point...darling!

  3. i love that belt! I lack a skinny belt in my closet. must get one!

  4. once again, I am soo very jealous of you for getting to wear those supper cute outfits at work! I look awful all week long: when I work I wear scrubs and am covered in disgusting stuff, and when I don't work, I'm too tired and wear pjs all the time! I feel like I have a full closet of wasted outfits!
    But you are always supper supper cute! I am so looking forward to your giveway! (I was planing on doing one soon too :-) )

  5. You are way more coherent than I could ever hope to be at 2 in the morning! I can't believe that skirt is from Forever--it's so gorgeous and it reminds me of those Lorrick skirts from Gossip Girl. :)

  6. Amy I love that belt on you and the way you wear it! You are definitely coherent and always upbeat and energetic! How do you do it? & let me know what you'll give away! I'll definitely be in line for it!

  7. You look darling! I have been wanting to try this look of the dress shirt underneath a short sleeve cardi. How cute! The skirt also looks great on you :)

  8. cute outfit!! mm i love sushi! i'm going to do a giveaway soon too, i just haven't had time to get that post together. hopefully soon :)

  9. i stay up late when I don't have to work the next day too...i suppose it's just the kid in me lol. honestly, you look so beautiful and put together, i would never guess it was 2 a.m. I love your outfit and your poses. have a great weekend.

  10. love the outfit!!! your poses are always so fun and i love how the bsb poster just peaks out in the background! hehe enjoy your weekend! :)

  11. Sushi sounds good. Your outfit is a winner, as usual ;-)

  12. Goldenmeans - Happy one year anniversary anyway, even though you were too busy to post, haha! Life happens, you know? And browsing Miu Miu bags isn't NOT productive in my book.

    Dinagideon - I love reading Gingersnap's blog! And her twirls are always fun!

    Angela - I used to only have big belts, but since I got this one, I'm thinking I need more skinny ones!

    Tatiana - I think dressing up for work is one of my favorite things, haha! It must be frustrating to have a closet full of pretties and not be able to wear them, but at least you get to be comfortable in what you wear at your job! Trying to think positive, haha! And that just means that you'll have to go ALL OUT when you have a night out!

    Rosemary - Thanks! I must have read that post several times before I published it, because my spelling skills tend to suffer after midnight. Well, after 10 PM, really. And F21 can offer up some great knock offs!

    NoJCrewInJapan - Aww, thanks! And I'm still deciding on what to give as a prize for my future giveaway (whenever that is!). I have a list of possibilities, some which are J.Crew items, of course!

    GingerSnap - Thanks! Dina mentioned your blog and I can't believe that I'm not already a follower!

    Tres Tippy - Yay for giveaways! They're such a fun way to say thanks to readers! And sushi is LOVE.

    Patina - You're right, staying up late is probably the kids in us rebelling against curfews and bedtimes, haha! And I took those photos in the morning before I went to work and not at 2 a.m., otherwise I'd look like a mess! Really, after midnight, I look ghastly!

    Ashley - Thanks! I LOVE the Backstreet Boys, and Millennium is one of my favorite albums!

    Gigiofca - Thanks!

  13. I hope you'll become a follower! You can count me here as #40! :)

  14. you look so fun and playful! I love the pop of color with the orange belt.

  15. I honestly think this is my favorite outfit you've posted so far. Love the layering and the skirt is too cute! Have a great week!

  16. This belt is killing me with its cuteness!

  17. This is amazing. Where do you get your inspiration??

  18. I love this look on you...absolutely adorable! :)

  19. That's me pretty much every night! Up until the wee hours. Ah ha. LOVE the skirt lady. Well, really...LOVE the whole ensemble. : )

  20. Gingersnap - I am! And thanks!

    OneFashionistaDiva, Michelle, FFM - Thanks!

    Sarah - It's a favorite of mine, haha!

    MODG - My inspiration comes from other fashion bloggers, editorials, rock music, and a profound lack of sleep.

    Kristin - I don't know how you do it! I can barely function with less than 6 hours of sleep!