Tuesday, October 20


I finally busted out a wonderful Modcloth dress I got weeks ago. I don't know why I didn't wear it sooner - it's incredibly soft, drapey, and comfortable. And unfortunately, also sold out. Out of the 10 garments I've ever ordered from Modcloth, this dress was the only one I've ever kept. I find that the sizing there is a bit strange, and most of the other dresses and coats I got were either too big or too small. This one, however, was juuuust right.

sweet plunge back (ignore the plastic hanger straps I neglected to snip off) (and the bra)

Modcloth Sappho dress
J.Crew ringspun cardigan
Hue gray tights + Urban Outfitters floral lace tights
Lela Rose suede booties
Urban Outfitters skinny belt
Target ring
Lucky Brand locket
Handmade 'Steggy' necklace

My J.Crew Lexi satchel arrived yesterday, and it's quite beautiful. The color! The tassels!

However, a wonderful anonymous commenter found my much-desired Kooba Jacinda bag on sale on the Kooba website of all places! I don't even know why I didn't bother to look there, but THANK YOU! to the anonymous reader who found it for me! I placed an order immediately, and the bag should be here Thursday. Now, I really don't need two new handbags, so I'm going to compare the two and decide then which one I'll keep. I'll do a post about the Lexi satchel then. I know you guys are stoked.

You're not? Oh well.


  1. AHH!!! i love this outfit! I love the dress, but i especially love the monochromatic tights and booties! :)

  2. Super cute dress--the plunging back is so cool and unexpected. And hooray for the return of the steggy necklace! :)

  3. I love the back of the dress. Very cute. :-)

  4. You look gorgeous! I like it with and without the cardigan :)

  5. That dress is so cute! I've wondered about Modcloth sizing. Thanks for the heads up! Ooh, post pics of both purses you're deciding over!

  6. I love modcloth but have never ordered from there...LOVE the drapey dress and the boties (which I totally snagged last weekend; no idea what I'll wear them with...). I love the Kooba and the Lexi - would it be horrible to keep both? :)

  7. Very cute outfit! I like the dress/tights combo a lot :) What is your tattoo of on your back?

  8. Those shoes are hottt!

    Isn't layering tights fun? I have some blue fishnets I like to pair with grey or black tights for a little extra visual interest. Plus, lacy/fishnet tights sometimes don't offer enough warmth on colder days!

  9. pretty! and hooray for new handbag(s).

  10. I always see stuff I like on Modcloth and then get distracted and then try to go back and then whatever I wanted is gone! I think it is a Modcloth conspiracy against me.

  11. Sexy dress & tights! I love the back side of the dress.

  12. Angela - Thanks! The tights are actually gray (base) and blue (the lace), but my camera is pretty awful and doesn't capture colors very well, haha!

    Rosemary - I loved the plunging back a lot more than I thought I would - I'm not much of a "show my skin" kind of person, but I love the back! And yes, Steggy's back!

    Gigi, Stylestance - Thanks!

    Pamela - I will definitely post pictures of the purses! I cannot wait to get them!

    Michelle - Modcloth has adorable pieces, but if you're in between sizes (like me), it can be tricky to get something that fits right. Aren't the booties adorable? I'm sure you'll come up with something GREAT to pair them with! And don't encourage me to keep both handbags, haha!

    Gingersnap - Thanks! My tattoo is of an Andy Warhol painting of two koi kites. I've had a few inquiries about my ink, so I'll do a post about it soon! Possibly tonight... hmmm...

    Tastymoog - I love layering tights! And you're right in that lacey tights don't offer much in terms of warmth, haha! I'm on the prowl for some nude fishnets after I saw some on Kim from Anthroholic, but blue fishnets sound like fun!

    e. - Hooray indeed, haha!

    Sarah - You're right, Modcloth is quick to sell out. Have you tried doing the "notify me when my size is restocked" option? I did that twice and those dresses did get restocked. I didn't buy, though.

    Daily Lily - Thanks!

  13. Love the dress! I seriously need to buy some tights, you make them look so fun and pretty. I'm adding them to my shopping list!

  14. I love this, especially the booties and tights! The colors are so beautiful!

  15. wow!!! you look gorgeous! and your shoes are so beautiful...i'm having palpations over them.

  16. i love the bright blue shoes! i've never ordered from modcloth because i hate dealing with returns and their sizing info isn't very helpful. this is random but a few of the dresses i saw on their site, i've actually seen at boutiques when i was in LA hehe

  17. ahmm, i don't think one could ever have too many bags! ...or shoes... ...or bling!...
    and how funny that you found me through a google search! you know im gonna have to google myself now don't'cha!? heheh
    kiiiises! x
    (and i loooove the drapeyness of the dress!)

  18. ooooh I love the plunge back very sexy!

  19. girl, you look so hot in this dress. I'm scared of you! lol! simply amazing!!! i like the way you played with the colors, and put on the blue tights. the necklaces are adorable. your hair and pose...perfect.

  20. I love this outfit on you. What a great mix of pieces - and the dress is so hot with that plunging back!

  21. just found you blog. you have amazing style. :)

  22. LOVE this! And that dress, ohmygoodness. I love open backs on dresses- it's a hint of sexy without being over-the-top. You rock it, lovely! ♥

  23. Summerilla - Definitely get some tights, you'd look amazing in them! Is it silly that tights are one of the reasons why I look forward to cold weather?

    Kathy - Thanks!

    Patina - And they're from PAYLESS! I can't find them online anymore, but I have seen them in stores still, so go scope them out!

    Tres Tippy - You're absolutely right that returns is sooo frustrating with online-only retailers. And the wonky sizing doesn't help either. I wish there were boutiques with Modcloth offerings here so I could just try them on in stores!

    chloe - You're a bad shopping influence, telling me I can never have too many shoes, bags, or bling, haha! And yup, good old Google led me to your blog! It must be weird to know that you show up on a search for peplum skirts!

    MissMasala - It definitely is, without being over the top!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Aww, thanks for the compliments! And don't be scared of me, haha, I'm probably one of the most harmless people in the world!

    A Bigger Closet - The back really makes it! I didn't wear it to work without the cardigan, though, otherwise my boss would probably be a bit miffed, haha!

    Greer - Thanks! I hope you come back! I'll check yours out, too.

    Chloe - You're absolutely right about open back dresses giving just a *hint* of sexy! And that's all I'm comfortable with giving at the moment, haha!