Monday, November 2

eet-sa me, mario!

Hey there, readers! I hope all of your Halloweens were super fun! The BF and I drove 5 hours to Dallas/Ft. Worth to visit my friend Karen for the weekend, which was great. I don't know what she's doing over there, 5 hours away from me. Doesn't she know that she should never be more than half an hour away from me at all times?!

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a massive headache and feeling all sorts of awful (it had nothing to do with yesterday, I swear), so I'll leave you all with my costume for the weekend:

American Apparel jumper + yellow buttons
GAP red shirt
Hue black tights
Soda black flats from GoJane + red hearts
White gloves from Party City
F21 knit beret + felt emblem + felt "bill"
mustache on a stick

I was Mario from Mario Bros. (or 'Maria' as the BF called me), and the BF was Luigi:

I'm looking away because I can't keep a straight face, knowing

My friend Karen went as a zombie schoolgirl, complete with crazy undead purple eyes:

My mustache on a stick obviously wanted in on this photo too.


  1. you look so cute in this picture!! love the stache!

  2. haha i love the costumes! love making costumes from regular clothes!

  3. LOL! Love the mustache-on-a-stick idea. You and your boyfriend are adorable- great costumes!

  4. Leave it to you to be so cute :-)

  5. Those costumes are to die for!!!! You and BF look great!!! I love it!!!!

  6. LOL!! Too funny. You guys look awesome.

  7. I love it! The costumes are fantastic, and do I spy the flats you said you'd put red hearts on? :) Glad you had a fun time—feel better soon!

  8. I believe mustaches on sticks should be mandatory for all life events.

  9. love your costumes! very creative and cute :)

  10. I love it! I should obviously be mario/maria next year!

  11. hey girl! just saw your comment on my blog-making costumes is more fun than my current job so you have a good idea there! lol.

    anyway, were you looking for the campo de fiori dress? (i think you might have posted about this on the JCA blog...)there's one on ebay size XS!

  12. Oh my gosh, ADORABLE. I love it :)

    And you have a BF now, where did this come from? Did theater-date-guy turn into boyfriend-guy? Yay, that is wonderful!

  13. What an awesome pairing!!!!!

    You two look great together... :) Wish BF even know what Mario and Luigi was LOL

  14. I LOVELOVELOVE your costumes! You and your BF look fantastic! Totally reminds me of my nintendo obsessed days.

  15. SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!! I love couples who match their costumes :)

  16. how cute. your moustache stick makes it!

  17. you and your friend look so cute! mario was no where near as fab as you! awesome costumes.

  18. Anon @ 10:29 - Thanks! The mustache really makes it, no? Haha!

    Angela - It's so much more practical than buying a set costume too, since ideally, you can wear it again! (as seperate pieces, of course, haha!)

    Chloe - Thanks! The mustache had to be on a stick, otherwise my upper lip would be in an itchy tizzy right now. Ick!

    gigiofca - Aww, thanks!

    Pamela - Thanks! I'm glad he went along with it, haha! The Mario/Luigi thing was his idea, too!

    tastymoog - Thanks! Not bad for a costume we both put together in 3 days, right?

    e. - Thanks for the well wishes! And yes, those ARE indeed the red heart flats! I'm surprised you remembered!

    sarah - I agree with this. Someone should write this into law.

    tres tippy - Thanks! And you have such a knack for making costumes, you really could have a Halloween business, haha! And THANK YOU for the heads up on that campo dress, it is indeed the one I wanted! -crosses fingers- Wish me eBay luck!

    Maria - Yes, definitely! The name fits!

    goldenmeans - Theatre-date guy turned out to be a bust, haha, so no, this isn't the same guy! My BF was actually my BFF before he was my BF (did you catch all that?). I've known him for just about 6 years, and this relationship just kind of happened. He's amazing! I mean, it says a lot that he's alright with me sporting a Halloween 'stache, right? Haha!

    FB - Thanks! And your BF doesn't know about Mario and Luigi?! SHOCKING!

    Rosemary - Thanks! Ninetendo was the best! I can't play anything beyond the complexity of Super Smash Bros now, haha! Too many buttons on those controllers!

    sharon - Thanks! We were originally going to be a quartet, but being a duo was fun too!

    MODG - I agree, mustache stick for the win!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! Mario did have a set uniform, didn't he? Haha! So I guess there's not much room for fabulousness with overalls and a newsboy hat!

    Kristin - Thanks!