Tuesday, November 3

hearts all over

I am feeling 200% better today. 200%! That's twice as much as 100%, which must mean that I now have super powers or something. That reminds me of one of my go-to ice breaker questions whenever I meet someone new: If you could have any one super power, what would it be? So tell me, readers, what's your super power of choice? (please no one say flying. YAWNS-ville.)

Kimchi Blue sweater dress, Urban Outfitters
Opaque red tights, American Apparel + Satine tights, Modcloth
Soda suede flats, GoJane
Grey wrap scarf, H&M

As the ever-observant e. from i'd wear it noted, I successfully DIY-ed my black flats with red hearts. I mentioned before in another post that I had a pair of cheap black flats with flowers on it, which I decided were too "meh" for me. I ripped the flowers off and hot-glued some stiff felt hearts where the flowers used to be. I love the result! The entire process took approximately 5 minutes, the bulk of which was simply waiting around for the hot glue gun to warm up. SUCCESS!

I am not liking this "getting dark at 6 p.m." thing that autumn Daylight Savings brings. Not liking it at all.


  1. love the hearts! I don't really like the dark either, but the moon is especially bright and pretty these days! If I had a super power it would be teleportation! I would love to be in Paris right about now.

  2. I am not liking the getting dark thing either. It's seriously dark at 5:30 it seems now, it's so depressing. I'm loving your shoe makeover, how clever!

    My super power of choice - uh? I guess I can't say flying! Ha! I actually would like mutation where you can transform into other people or things. That would be neat.

  3. the hearts are such a cute and creative touch for the flats! :)

  4. omg- the color of the tights! i don't know how you pull it off, but it's totally hot and they look awesome against the dress. you make me want to expand my tights collection! right now: brown and black :-(

    also, the red hearts are super adorable.

  5. to know what peopleare thinkin.

  6. I love your heart shoes! (Suprising, huh? :)) They are like Melissas x Vivienne Westwoods, but so much cheaper. And yay, it's the lace-over-bright-opaque-tights combo you talked about, and it looks awesome!

  7. Love the hearts on your flats. They look awesome- what a brilliant idea.


    I know, I'm awesome at this. ;)

  8. Great job on the shoes!!! How creative.

    Superpower but definately be the power to be invisible. OOooh, but maybe I would see and hear things I really wouldn't want to!!

  9. Too funny...I do journal writing with my English classes every day, and the topic a couple days ago was "if you could be any super hero, who would you be, and what would be your super power?" I got a lot of great and creative responses. If I had to answer, I'd want the power to create anything at anytime. Like, I need a cup of coffee but am nowhere near a coffee shop? Poof! Coffee in hand. Or I came to school and found a run in my tights? Poof! New run-free tights in hand. It'd be amazing. I'd also like to read minds, but I'd want to be selective in what I hear...some things I'd hear would be not so fun.

    Oh! And I just love the fact that you layer tights. What a genius idea!

  10. love the tights & flats. I like black & red combination.

  11. Your opaque tights are giving me inspiration to run out and buy more colours other than just grey and dark purple :)

  12. My superpower: being able to read/speak/understand any language in the world.

    Flying is for chumps.

    Cute shoes. Hot glue guns scare me.

  13. love your outfit! your tights and shoes are so cute! :)

  14. I remember the post about the shoe hearts. :) I love the layered tights look. I will have to try it out—I am not in love with my legs so I only really like to wear opaque tights (I've even doubled up on black opaque tights before for warmth and max opacity!) but I like the look of sheer patterns. What a great way to be able to wear both! I really like that red—AA tights are some of my favorite.

  15. I LOVE what you've done with those shoes!

  16. you look adorable! the red tights and lovely shoes are so cute! they made my heart warm with love.:)

  17. Angela - You're right about the moon - it's gorgeous! But I'd much rather have sunshine, haha! Teleportation is a GREAT power! It'd let you sleep in until the very last minute too, since you wouldn't have to worry about commute time, haha! AND it's eco-friendly!

    Summerilla - It's super dark by the time I get to the gym at 5:45! That makes me upset, because I feel like I literally spent the ENTIRE DAY at work! Hmm, you're the first person who's ever said mutation. I wonder what that would be like?

    CharmaineLi - Thanks!

    Ade - I think the key to pulling off bright tights is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. I'm not THAT daring, so I also tone down the red with the black overlay, haha! Definitely expand your tights collection, though, they can make outfits so much fun!

    Tamstyles - Sometimes I want that power too, although I'm afraid of what I might find out!

    goldenmeans - Those Kate Spade heels you rock and the Vivenne Westwood x Melissa shoes is what inspired me to glue hearts to my flats in the first place! So thanks for being my muse, haha!

    Chloe - Wellll, think of all the money you'd save never having to buy chapstick again! (I do tend to go slightly psychotic when I need chapstick and don't have any)

    Pamela - Ooo, being invisible at will can be fun! And it can even save your life if need be! I guess the key to not accidentally seeing and hearing things you don't want to know is to use those powers wisely, haha!

    AppGal - I'll bet that you had some great responses! Kids can be so clever! Having the ability to create anything at anytime would come in handy for sure. I can't think of how many times I've been in a situation where I desperately need something but can't get it. Like, desperately needing a cup of water for my parched throat! Even right now, I really need a snack because I'm STARVING and there's no food in sight! I could use your power right about now!

    Daily Lily - Thanks!

    FB - Grey and dark purple tights are great, but you should get them some new friends, haha!

    sarah - That would be an amazing power! My cousin had that exact answer when I asked him what skill he would have if he could have any, and I thought it was brilliant! Hot glue guns kinda scare me too. I don't even want to think about how many times I've dripped searing melted glue onto my exposed skin. OUCH.

    ashley - Thanks!

    e. - I've definitely done the black-on-black before too for maximum warmth! When it's cold, you gotta do what you gotta do to prevent frostbite, you know? AA tights are amazing, and I'm surprised I didn't find out about them until this year. So many colors! I want them all! And on a side note, I don't notice anything wrong with your legs! ;)

    Maria - Thanks!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Aww, thanks! I looove hearts, haha!

  18. you are rocking the red tights! all my tights are natural colors... boring... I know!!!

    I hate that it's getting dark too, and it's so cold, rainy and windy nowadays!!! :S


  19. I love how you layer your tights, it always looks amazing.

    The superpower I would NEVER want is to read people's minds, that would be terrible! Maybe having super speed would be handy. Cleaning my house in 5 minutes, no more traffic to worry about AND imagine the calories you would burn :o)

  20. What a super cute DIY. LOVE the tights too!

  21. the tights are key. I'm so afraid to do bright tights. I need a coach.

  22. Toothfairy - Rainy and windy? That sounds unpleasant! All we have here is... well, darkness at 6 p.m. And upgrade your tights collection, lady! Haha!

    Debye - Thanks! And you're right about reading people's minds being a handful... I think there are a lot of things I'd rather NOT know! Super speed would be a GREAT power! I never even thought about doing things at super speed, I always just associated super speed with running really fast, haha! Now it seems like a great power to have!

    Kristin - Thanks!

    MODG - Breathing exercises always help. And you can always tone down bright tights with black patterned ones on top!

  23. i have thought of doing a DIY too with a pair of ballet flats. I'm totally in love with Jcrew's collen flats, but refuse to pay the money. I have seen so many flowers out there that I could pop on a pair of flats. Thanks for the inspiraton. Your flats are adorable.

    I'm with you on DST. When it get dark, I feel like i should be home in bed, but it's only like 5pm!!! I get lazy this time of year, so I would love to have some super human energy that would make me immune to the dimished sunlight. But, I don't want to be a vampire....unless, I could have Edward from Twilight as my boyfriend (smile)