Tuesday, November 24

where are my shorts?!

I hate it when I get all the way to the gym locker room after work just to realize that I had forgotten to pack my workout shorts in my bag. GRRRR. The worst part is, yesterday's "oh-no-where-are-my-shorts-DAMMIT" incident wasn't the first of its kind, either.

I'm a pretty absent-minded person at times, so my forgetting to pack shorts even when I've packed everything else isn't that surprising to me. I mean, I'm the same person who once left her car keys in the refrigerator. And I know that sounds like something I made up, but it's not.

Sappho dress, Modcloth
Lace detail cardigan, Just Ginger
Black tights, Hue
Allie flats, BCBG
Skinny studded belt, J.Crew [x]
Monocle necklace, gifted
Starburst ring, Target
Check scarf, Burberry
Red coat, J.Crew

Sorry for the picture quality on that last one. It appears my camera decided it would much rather focus on my Backstreet Boys poster behind me than on me. Normally, I might be offended that I was slighted by an inanimate object, but this is the Backstreet Boys we're talking about here, so really, I can't be too upset. It just goes to show that my camera has impeccable taste.

KTBSPA. If you actually know what that stands for, you are automatically my friend and we should go get frozen yogurt together someday and gab about how Kevin soooooo should have never left BSB.


  1. Gorgeous as always! I can be absent-minded too ... the other night I actually got into my car and got ready to turn the key in the ignition, only to realize I left the key in the house!

  2. KTBSPA. Keep the BackStreet Pride Alive.

    You don't have to tell me how cool I am. I already know.

  3. lol, i miss froyo...where do you go to get froyo, I can't find it anywhere near me. Anyways, love your cardigan!

  4. love the outfit! have a great thanksgiving! :)

  5. Ha- Ive done that with my gym shorts countless times. Though my best moment was was when I went to the gym intending to work out, but also to pick up my blowdryer (one at home had died that day)- I walked in, promptly picked up the blowdryer and walked right out, forgetting that I had even brought work out clothes with me, only to realize on my subway ride home that I had even I meant to work out. I shudder at the thought of how profoundly senile I'm going to be one day.

  6. hey just came across your blog - you have an amazing style!

  7. Girl, I cannot tell you how many times I've forgot my workout shorts while planing on going to the gym. And yes, I have also left both my keys and my cellphone in the fridge a few times as well... Haha

  8. i am so jeolous of your burberry scarf right now! i want that scarf so bad..was gonna get it about 2 or 3 years ago from nordy, and passed it up for tory burch shoes instead. i'm kicking myself right now! i can't find it anywhere. the check patterns are different. you look great.

  9. p.s.-does it stand for Keep The BackStreet Poster Anyway??

  10. I've forgotten socks and worked out in black dress socks as I went to the gym right after work. Thankfully I had long workout pants bc nothing is more attractive than black socks and gym shoes!!!
    Pretty dress!

  11. i have a grey argyle cardigan that i can't figoure out what to do with. i'm going to try it with purple. i love your outfit.

  12. I'm very forgetful too! I go home and change before going to the gym so I haven't forgotten my shorts (yet! lol). Hope you have a great thanksgiving! xo

  13. OMG, haven't heard that phrase in a minute! lol that took me way back. And FWIW, Kevin was my favorite BSB :)

  14. Keys in the fridge! I've never done that but I'm notorious for getting out of my car while forgetting to turn it off and remove the keys from the ignition. Sometimes I even forget to put it in park when I get out - seriously. I almost ran over my foot once - and yes I've had to chase my car a little when I forget to put it in park on a hill - it's really embarrassing when there are people around too.

  15. ugh...BSB?! Like, NSYNC all the way. Bring it on, girl. hehe ;)

    I am constantly forgetting stuff. I worry for my future, elderly self. If I can't remember things in my 20s, I'm screwed. Same worries go for my already creaking joints. I have the body of an 80 year old, I swear.

  16. You are not alone. I'm constantly searching for things I've misplaced all over the house!

  17. I do that shorts thing all the time. Except I usually find out at lunch or something and desperate me ends up running to the PX to buy a $15 pair of ugly shorts. Consequently I have an ugly shorts drawer at home.

    About the skirt, here's my reply: I know you need this skirt. I hate to be the bad influence (well, not really :-) but I have to tell you I love it. No, it won't be worn in heavy rotation and yes the cost per wear will be high. But it is a really cute skirt, not showgirl-y at all. It's very tame. RAWR

  18. oh I forget things like that all the time... really stupid, but haha guess we share that! love the grey cardigan with the lace...

    AND I spotted the little whale in the first pic! :P


  19. Stylestance - How did you get into the car?! I luckily haven't had any car-related fiascos yet, haha... but it is only a matter of time before I accidentally lock my keys in the car!

    sarah - You don't even know how much I want to high five you right now.

    Angela - I answered on your blog! Houston does have froyo places, fortunately!

    ashley - Thanks! You too!

    Natalie - Oh man, that totally sounds like something I would do. I bet if I were allowed to leave things at the gym, I'd leave EVERYTHING. I also am worried for future me... have you ever done that thing where you go downstairs but then forget why you went downstairs to begin with? Story of my life!

    Nicole - Thanks! I hope you'll keep visiting! I like visitors!

    Tatiana - I am so glad that I'm not the only one, haha! We need to start a support group or something.

    OneFashionistaDiva - Hahaha! That's not what KTBSPA means, but I like it! You're hilarious! I noticed that Burberry changed their check pattern too... now there's "giant check" and "mega check." Where's "regular check"?!

    Pamela - Oh boy, black trouser socks and sneakers sound like a winnine combination, haha! I once forgot my socks too and worked out sockless, which I will never do again. Blisters and sweat = eww.

    Patina - Thanks! Definitely try the gray with purple. Gray also works lovely with yellow, too!

    tres tippy - I wish I could go home beforehand so I won't forget anything, but I know that once I'm home, I WILL NOT leave for the gym, haha!

    Molly Darling - Kevin is totally my favorite too! ;)

    Summerilla - Oh no! I hope you don't do that again, because a broken foot would be no fun at all! I bet those incidents make for great stories, though, haha!

    AppGal - To be honest, I loved NSync too, so no rivalry here! I just preferred BSB in my heart of hearts. I was a total teenybopper. It was a dark time in my life. And don't you just get that, "Oh no!" feeling whenever you get up and 5 things pop?!

    Kristin - There needs to be a homing device on all lost belongings, don't you think? The worst has to be the "where are my sunglasses?" and then the realization of "oh, they're on my head" that comes 5 minutes later.

    NoJCrewinJapan - Hahaha, ugly shorts drawer... Maybe that's why I never just go out and buy another pair of shorts. I don't need more workout shorts in my life. Not when I can't even remember to take along the ones I already have. And I WANT THAT SKIRT. Ugggggh!

    Toothfairy - Teehee, my little dolphin! I got him several years ago.

  20. LOL, I too am super forgetful. I'm working on it though. If you have any tips, be sure to pass them along! A friend of mine attended a wedding that Kevin was a guest at recently. Happy to report that he looks just as amazing these days. :)

  21. I am part of the absent minded club too! At least you made it to the gym. That is the part I forget :o)

    Love today's outfit, especially the necklace.

  22. I love that you have the BSB poster in your OOTDs! :) And I love how you wear colors--this is no exception. The monocle necklace looks great with the belt, and the sweater, aaaand the dress.

  23. LOL. Lemme just say that since I work in a gym (and have for seven years), you're not the only person in the world that does that.

    Everyone does. And ARGH, I hate it when it happens to me, too- because it isn't like forgetting your socks. I mean, I've *made do* without socks before. I hate doing it, but I've done it.

    You kind of can't work out in denim, you know? I mean, people try (again, I work in a gym, I SEE EVERYTHING) but yeah. No.

    You look cute today!