Monday, November 23


I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent it with good company, and even though we did nothing in particular, it was still a good time. But, now that I'm back for the week, I have plenty of your lovely blogs to catch up on!

Monday is here, but you know what? I don't mind it this time. Because Thanksgiving is a-coming, and the anticipation of fantastic food and family far outweighs my usual "case of the Mondays." So take that, Monday! BOO-YAH!

Perfect fit crewneck tee, J.Crew [x]
Mum cardigan, Old Navy
Dark wash skinnies, Joe's Jeans
Allie flats, BCBG
Skinny studded belt, J.Crew [x]
Monocle necklace, gifted
Starburst ring, Target
Tartan scarf, gifted

Does anyone have any good holiday recipes I should try? This is my first Thanksgiving back home in 2 years, so I am particularly itching to get back in the kitchen. I'm looking for side dishes and desserts, so if you've got some delicious crowd favorites passed down from generation to generation or grifted off of Martha Stewart, pray tell either through the comments or email!


  1. We're having a non-traditional thanksgiving, so we're making duck! I love your old navy cardigan and it looks perfect with the blue tee.

  2. Glad the weekend was great. Would love to recommend recipes but I don't cook...sorry...I'm no help.

  3. That cardigan looks lovely on you! Have you tried the traditional green bean casserole recipe? It seems to be a favorite in many families. It's really easy too... it just uses cream of mushroom soup, green beans and French's French Fried Onions (recipe is on French's can).

  4. I love that cardigan with the green under it- lovely color combo!

    I have tons of recipes- seriously- feel free to email me if your looking for something specific- I took over my family thanksgiving about 5 years back. Some ideas: baked sweet potatoes topped with streusel, crispy brussel sprouts with white beans, parm and bacon, berry cobbler, pumpkin cheesecake bars (Im testing this one out tonight myself!,) cranberry fig chutney, I could go on for pages here.

    ps- I just found your blog yesterday- wanted to say hi so you don't think some crazy random person is giving you a bevy of recipe ideas.

  5. i am drooling over this cardi, and i love the way that you styled it! did you buy the cardi recently? if so, i'm gonna have to get it!

  6. Love this cardigan, very pretty!

    I really love the traditional Thanksgiving food, some times with a twist so they are a tad healthier. I like mashed potatoes and cauliflower, tastes yummy and has less carbs (that way I can eat almost an entire pumpkin pie and not feel quite as bad)! I also love anything with butternut or acorn squash. You can just cut them in half and bake them, add a little butter and salt and pepper -they are delicious and pretty.

  7. You are as lovely and gorgeous as ever, and so is your blog :-) I think I will post this pumpkin cheesecake recipe on my blog sometime this week, but if I don't I will just send it to you somehow. It's a huge success every time I make it :-) So glad I'm back so I can read your blog once again :-)

  8. I love the pattern of this cardi on you! You look so darling!

  9. I wish I could tell you some recipes but I am the WORST cook you could ever talk to. Ask my hubby. Your cardigan is so cute and I love the way it looks with the belt. I wouldn't have thought to put those together but the look is really cute on you.

  10. I like your outfit - esp the skinny belt around the cardigan. And I practically live in my dark wash skinny jeans half the time!
    Hmmm...I can't cook period. Canadian thanksgiving was back in October and my Mom made some great stuff (traditional thanksgiving food) so I'm sorry I can't advise. I don't help cook - I just pig out LOL.

  11. Loving the necklace! And, yes, I suppose it's fair to call a truce with this week's Monday. :)

    Hmm,for side dishes, you really can't go wrong with a layered bean dip. It's great for snacking pre-chow down. I usually go with these guys, layered in this order: refried beans (1 can spicy mixed with 1 can regular), premade guac, sour cream, preshredded cheese, diced tomatoes, sliced black olives, green onions, cilantro.

  12. I take a break from cooking for thanksgiving and let my family do the work :-)
    Cute outfit! That ON cardi looks cool

  13. The ON cardigan looks so great, and I love how it's paired with the colorful shirt and fun belt (I observed how you tucked it under and I like it! I think I will give the JCrew belts another you warned me they were really long).

    So happy it's a 3-day week! 2 to go!

  14. like everyone else, you continue to inspire us to think outside the box and experiment with different color combinations. your outfit is a winner. i am going to try this with my green jcrew belt. have a wonderful holiday.