Monday, December 21

christmas, christmas time is here...

Christmas is a-coming and I'm kind of freaking out. SO MUCH TO DO IN SO LITTLE TIME. AHHHHHHH! Okay. I'm calm now.

batwing top, Old Navy
ruffled celosia cardigan, J.Crew
dark skinnies, Joe's Jeans
Allie flats, BCBG
monocle necklace, gifted + glass gem necklace, J.Crew Outlet + locket, Lucky Brand
starburst ring, Target

Is it just me, or did the holidays really kind of sneak up this year? I know that every year it seems to pop up out of nowhere, but I'm especially caught off-guard this year. I'm excited, though! I have presents that are waiting to be wrapped once I get home. You may start seeing them pile up in the background of my OOTDs soon enough!


  1. Yes, they snuck up, and yes, I am kind of freaking out. Considering I won't be able to get a mall before say Wednesday (stupid snow), and even that is not for sure 100%, I am a little tiny bit stressed. Thank God for guess I can give receipts of items I purchased to people and say that they are coming...

    I always have the excuse that I have tiny babies, but big BAD.

    You look so I want the celosia cardi...much prettier in real life than I thought it would be!!!

  2. love how you layered the necklaces!! I still can't believe that it's Christmas on Friday!! Another year kinda just snuck up on me I think. :)

  3. Holidays totally snuck up! I'm ashamed to admit I have NO shopping done yet. These next few days are going to be busy! Your outfit looks perfect for running around the mall amid the last minute xmas madness. :)

  4. The holidays totally snuck up. And it is throwing me WAY OFF.

  5. necklaces, I love yours!!! christmas is this week already, and I don't feel ready at all!


  6. yay you're back! i agree--the holidays snuck up on me as well. all last week i thought i had another week to get deadlines done for my job, and then i realized i didn't and freaked out! lol. hope you have a good holiday :)

  7. Lovely out, Amy- and your necklaces are ama-zing!

    Xmas snuck up on me too. I'm so not ready for it. :(

  8. Me loves the hair situation today - looks really good. I wish I could just take my hair, throw it around and arrange like you have just so, but it never works for me as I am closet curly hair. My situation was dire on this trip. My beloved straight iron, even with voltage adapter, was not working. So I had to BUY a straight iron here! but it's worth it for straight hair. Yes. Straight here is a must!

  9. The holidays TOTALLY snuck up on me! I'm glad to hear others feel the same way.

  10. dinagideon - Ahh, we can freak out together! And YIKES, a Wednesday mall run?! Good luck! I might even go ahead and shop online and do that whole "your gift is on the way" thing. I mean, how were you supposed to know that you'd be snowed out of the mall? I bought the celosia cardigan full-price and it was totally worth it! Except now I can't find it. Hmmm... where did I put it?

    Angela - I know, right? CHRISTMAS, AHHHH.

    Rosemary - Oh gosh, good luck with the last minute shopping! Bring your wits and nerves of steel to the mall!

    sarah - I agree.

    Toothfairy - Thanks!

    tres tippy - I was the same way with the whole deadline thing, haha! It's crazy how fast time can go by when you're not paying attention!

    Chloe - Thanks!

    NoJCrewinJapan - Aww, thanks! And I never just take my hair and throw it around, even if it looks that way, haha! I have closet wavy hair (which I sometimes leave wavy, but most of the time I don't), so I always have to attack it with a straightener every morning. Booo... and the same thing happened to my straight iron when I took it to Australia! I had a voltage adapter and everything and it just refused to work. I ended up buying one there for the same reason as you, haha!

    Pamela - I know, the holidays, ack!!! I hope you get all your preparations done!

  11. The holidays got here WAY to fast. I'm not every close to ready and it's like TOMORROW. Sigh. LOVE that gorgeous necklace!