Tuesday, December 22

lumberjacks like spicy olives too

It's Tuesday, and I'm halfway through my 3-day work week! Woooo hooooooo! Tonight I'm baking some chocolate cookies for my boyfriend's family and another batch for the office. Ah, the spirit of giving... that, and I kind of want to chow on cookies during work tomorrow.

I'm wearing my favorite double-serge cotton pencil skirt from J.Crew today after re-finding my lumberjack shirt from Forever 21. I thought I'd lost it in the black hole that is my closet, but it was actually just wedged between a couple of my more questionable items from shopping trips of yore.

The other day I was looking for a scarf or something and dug out the old neon green studded belt I wore all through high school. Memories! And evidence of darker days, hahaha...

plaid ruffle blouse, F21
ruffled celosia cardigan, J.Crew
double serge pencil skirt, J.Crew
black tights, Hue
Allie flats, BCBG
skinny studded belt, J.Crew
starburst ring, Target
Time Teller watch, Nixon

Have a holly jolly 4 Days Before Christmas!


  1. i love the plaid in this outfit, makes it so fun!

  2. I love the plaid, too! I have that skirt and remember you posting a plaid top with it and I've been on the search since.

    I love your post title. I can imagine big bearded burly men taking a break and opening up a can of green olives to snack on. it made me chuckle.

  3. great blouse...and you always style that skirt so well :-)

  4. Angela - Thanks!

    Pamela - Yup, I totally redid the same outfit, haha! I'm not *that* creative to where I can come up with totally unique outfits every single day. Your imagery made me literally LOL, haha!

    gigiofca - Thanks!

  5. LOVE this outfit- the color combo is perfect! *claps*

  6. love your look as always! and yay for chocolate cookies, send me some please?! :)


  7. Everything about this outfit is perfect: love the studded belt with the plaid and the ruffles!!


  8. i love all of these looks. i just ordered the studded belt in sweet blush...can't wait to get it! your holiday dresses...can we say oooh la la?! they look great. i want that freakin cascading dress sooo bad, but i've been a naughty purchasing bandit, so no more shopping for me.:)

  9. ooo what color is your nail polish?? it kind of looks like this gorgeous seafoam green polish i saw at AA...

  10. LOVE plaid! and that cardi is so adorable

  11. I love the plaid and pencil skirt—very JCrew! :) Nixon watches are so fun...I've been wanting one for years! Have a great short week—lucky me is on vacation for the rest of the year.

  12. You look like Blair Woldorf! Lovely style!

  13. As always I love the outfit! Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas! I'm a pretty new reader but I must say your blog is one of my new faves. You made my list of 10 Blogs to Check out in 2010 list on my latest post!

  14. Ah, the infamous black closet hole. I have one of those too. A really really big one. Argh.


  15. That skinny studded belt over everything is so cute. I have a bunch of belts that I've been meaning to wear.

  16. amy kelinda girlie!

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays so far! I'm missing your posts...

    Happy nye!

    You are featured on my latest post:


  17. i love the color of that pencil skirt!!! and well, the whole outfit is great! hehe! have a very very happy new year, enjoy 2010! :)

  18. wooo, i love the little belt!
    hope you had a good xmas and new year! x

  19. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope there are more posts to come :)

  20. evidence of darker days, lol...

    u have a great sense of style as i'm sure u know. wonder where you work, in the fashion industry perhaps? <3