Wednesday, December 2

oh the weather outside is frightful

It's getting chilly out there, and there are even rumors going around of Houston supposedly getting some snowfall this Friday. And by snowfall, that probably means a few feathery little flakes drifting down from the sky. You know, the kind that melts before it hits skin. Houston isn't exactly known for snowy weather, and even when it does snow here, it seldom does it right. Having said that, we did get about an inch of snow on Christmas Eve a few years back, but it was all gone by the next morning. Bummer.

Even so, I have to admit that I'm kind of excited to see whether or not it does flurry this weekend!

"If it snows this Friday, can we run around outside and be kids?" I asked one of my coworkers.

She nodded furiously in agreement.

"And have snowball fights!" she said.

Snowball fights? Now that's wishful thinking. But it's a monotonous Wednesday morning at the office, and if snowball fight fantasies will help us get through another work week, then who am I to come barging in with that pesky thing called reality?

xhilaration ikat tank, Target
gray button and zip hoodie, J.Crew
olive moto jacket, Diane Von Furstenberg
black skinnies, Earnest Sewn
Tretorn canvas sneakers in pale oak, J.Crew [x]
red scarf, gifted

I have on some major layers today. It is COLD here. Indoors too! My boss found out yesterday that the reason why the heater on floor doesn't work is because we don't even have a heater. This fact the landlord neglected to tell us. Awesome!


  1. love the scarf! and yeah, what's up with the cold. And you'd think I know how to dress for the cold after living in Chicago for a few years. But now, it's still surprising to me. I am also hoping for snow! W/o snow, it's not the winter!

  2. look at you, all bundled up. You look so warm. seeing your post is helping me warm up right's so coooold in here!

  3. I love a hoodie layered under a jacket! I always feel like I am a teenager when I wear it. Snow in Houston??? That's incredible!

  4. I really like this look with the layers and scarf. You look so cozy and stylish. I wish we had snow... just rain & tornado warnings here. I wish someone would tell the weather that it's December.

  5. cute outfit! love the layers and it looks so comfy!

  6. Snow! That's crazy. I looooves that scarf.

  7. My friend who lives in TX sent me a text today saying it was snowing there today where she lives, near Fort Worth. Where is my snow?! I'm jealous I LOVE snow. Cute outfit, love your layered look!

  8. Last summer, my FIL and I were sitting in the office for most of the summer saying "it is so hot in here, the air is not working". We complained to the landlord and they sent a service man around. He comes in and says, "Hey, I cannot fix your airconditioner because there isn't one out here!" Someone had stolen the entire unit from outside the office door! I froze all winter and I didn't even notice the thing was gone.

  9. I love your jacket- DVF is always divine.

    I can't believe your workplace doesn't have a heater, that's insane. But it's a balmy 8 degrees here right now, so.

    *sits ontop of heat register*

  10. I love how you've layered the DVF. That's seriously a GREAT jacket. & the black skinnies??? *swoon*

  11. Oh, you have those shoes! If I saw them in store I'd try them on. Do they run true to size? And like everyone else I love seeting that DVF jacket again. I think it's supposed to snow today in Chicago, but I feel like "possible flurries" have been in the forecast for weeks now and I haven't seen anything yet. I'm all ready with my giant robot boots though!

  12. I don't want to work with you. Too many air conditioning/heating issues.

    But OMG. Aren't you at least sort of loving the fact that it's cold? I LOVE IT!

  13. Angela - I feel the same way! I lived in Boston for 3 years, so you think I'd have this "dressing for absurdly cold weather" thing down pat, but I find myself baffled every morning it dips below 70, haha! I want snow too!

    OneFashionnistaDiva - Brrrrrr! Stay warm! It's getting coooold out there!

    Maria - I did feel pretty much like a "youngin'" when I wear my hoodie under a jacket too, haha... And yes, snow in Houston! It happened, I swear!

    Joyce - Ewww, rain and tornado warnings? We used to get a lot of tornado warnings, but now all we get is rain. RAIN, BOOOO.

    tres tippy - Thanks!

    gigiofca - Thanks! I think my friend got it off one of those NYC street vendors, haha...

    Summerilla - Wow, really?! I have a friend who lives in Ft. Worth, I wonder if she got any snow? I'm sure it'll snow at your end soon!

    Kathy - WOW! That's ridiculous that someone stole the entire A/C unit! I don't know which I hate more - being too hot or being too cold. Both are torture!

    Chloe - DVF is indeed always divine. And uh, 8 degrees? I'm pretty sure my insides would freeze.

    NoJCrewinJapan - Thanks!

    e. - You do have those shoes, haha! I'd say they run TTS, since I got them in a size 7 and I typically wear a 7 in sneakers. I got them as a replacement for my Chucks, and I love that they're less chunky than Chucks but still have the same general look. Giant robot snow boots eh? Those would do the trick to block out the cold, haha!

    sarah - I agree that our office seems to have a lot of climate control issues, hahahaha... but trust me, you want to work with me. I'm a lot of fun. And yes, I not-so-secretly love the fact that it's cold! I get to bust out my winter gear!