Thursday, December 3

this skirt reminds me of a swan butt

You read the title right. I stumbled upon a fun little skirt that some other bloggers have been talking about at Target and wore it to the office today. The little frills are super soft, and the skirt is overall really well made. I sized up because a) I didn't want it too tight on my generous hips and b) large was the only size available at my store, besides XXL.

But it reminds me of a swan butt. I couldn't tell you why. I mean, the last I checked (and I check often!) (no I don't), swans didn't have frilly butts. Nonetheless, the skirt just screams "SWAN BUTT" to me every time I look at it. And I mean that in the best possible way. Mmmmhmmm.

sheer floral burnout cami, F21
ruffled celosia cardigan, J.Crew
xhilaration ruffle miniskirt, Target
cabled tights, Hue
silver Liv flats, J.Crew
skinny studded belt, J.Crew [x]
monocle necklace, gifted
crochet flower headband, Anthropologie

My holiday party dress came in today! Pictures to come... but let me just say now that I'm a little disappointed by the color. I ordered what I thought would be a dark purple, but it registers more as a brown. Boooooooo. I may exchange it tomorrow for the black version of the same dress.


  1. Love this outfit on you! Think I'm gonna have to go check out that swan butt skirt... :)

  2. LOL now I everytime I wear that skirt, I'm going to think "swan butt". Haha. I wanted to size up to a S but my store didn't have it. My only other option was the M or XS, and the M just looked to wide. I went w/XS - just call me a hoochie ;-)
    Love your outfit.

  3. If your skirt had to resemble the butt of any animal, I think a swan is one of the better options or maybe a peacock.

  4. hehe i definitely didn't think about the "swan butt", but now that you mention j/k. ARGHHH now i'm wanting that skirt. Okay, must go to target today. MUST. love your outfit and can't wait to see you wear your dress!

  5. love.the.skirt!
    is it mossimo??

    pls help me figure out what to get!!!!

  6. If you wear it, I'm sure it will be the best swan butt ever! You are gorgeous in anything, and I'm excited to see your new dress :-)

  7. Wow! you are a beautiful sight in black and white. i'm trying to be a good girl and you are not i have to go to Target.:) that skirt is so pretty and femenine!

  8. i never have much luck with target or F21....the clothes hogs have usually picked over everything by the time i get wind of a cute item of clothing or jewelry. great find and great outfit.

    i hope the other holiday dress works out.

  9. the skirt is cute! i've been seeing this style everywhere recently and need to get one too :D

  10. I haven't seen the skirt yet. Perhaps my Targets aren't cool enough to get it. Very pretty!

  11. Stylestance - Haha, the swan butt skirt...

    Kim - I doubt you look like a hoochie in the skirt, haha! The ruffles make it pretty forgiving. I can't wait to see how you wear yours!

    sarah - This is true. What would a peacock butt skirt look like, I wonder?

    Angela - You should definitely go for it! It looked really cute on you when you tried it on!

    Diana - It's xhilaration from Target! And I definitely think you should go for the leather tote, it's lovely!

    Tatiana - Hahaha, swan butt. Thanks for the compliment!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Aww, thanks! At least the goods at Target are relatively budget friendly, right? Riiiight? I'm trying to justify my purchases here, haha!

    Patina - I admit that it is daunting most of the time to try to shop at Target or F21. I am so impatient!

    tres tippy - Thanks! You would definitely rock it!

    gigiofca - Oh no! Hopefully your Target will get it!

  12. well... I dig your swan butt... skirt :P
    seriously, I would def. wear this... but we don't have target here!


  13. Oh that's the skirt I mentioned over on Gigi's blog last month! I got it in both black and the pink and I love seeing how you've styled it-just darling--you little swan;) That's pretty funny..I am going to think of you whenever I wear mine, now.
    BTW-thanks for the shout-out and glad I could save you some $$ on the dress. Sad to hear the color isn't so looked beautiful online and in catalog! I am WAY into this layered, tiered, ruffle look and I see you are too with these latest purchases. Enjoy!

  14. target wow!
    I HEART it!!! I love the punk rock edge with it.

  15. Damnit- I tried it on and everything and decided I didn't want it but it looks so nice in white and swan butt-y... i need it. Crap.

  16. Amy - thanks so much! I actually wore it 2 weekends ago - there's a picture on my blog if you want to judge for yourself how hooch (or not) I look :-)

  17. Toothfairy - Thanks! I don't know what I would do without a Target... I love it! I need it!

    sweetsy - Isn't it marvelous? Haha! I wanted the black one, but the only size that my Target had was in XXL. Boo... And THANKS to you for mentioning the price drop on the crinkle cascade dress! I would have never known if you didn't tell me, and would have never had gotten a price adjustment. So yaaaay for bloggie love!

    MODG - Target indeed! And it could definitely be kicked up to a punk rock standard. I'm just not sure that would be too office appropriate, though, seeing as how I already get the ocassional weird look as it is.

    Maria - Heh heh, swan butt-y... I bet you would look super adorable in it! Why didn't you like it the first time around?

    Kim - Ooo, I remember now! It wasn't hoochie at all, haha! I love it with the long Elodie cardigan!

  18. Amy,
    I tried it on in the purple and felt a little like a teenager and it was across the street from an Anthro that I was on my way to so I just put it back and went across the street to burn through some cash- you know, that anthro-style cash blitz.

    But the white is really chic and reminds me of Chanel and polish and all that good stuff in a way the colors do not.

  19. You look really cute! I love how you belted over the cardi and the skirt is adorable.

  20. haha. swan butt! love it.
    sorry about the dress--that color did *sound* good.

  21. It looks really great on you. It is like the "on the street version" of Bjork's Swan Dress! Swan butt, that is too funny

    I saw your holiday dress at J Crew the other day and it looked beautiful. Sorry about the color let down but I bet you'll look great whichever one you decide on!

  22. It is SO NOT swan butt! I love it paired with the black cardi and that fabulousness that is the J.Crew studded belt! A little punk with that frilly gorgeous skirt! Cute!!!

  23. Swan butt huh? Don't know if I'm getting that. Ah ha ha. I heart it!

  24. I really love the tights with the white skirt! Great way to winterize white!

  25. Woop woop just got home from target with my swan butt skirt! Thanks for the encouragement!

  26. ooh what is on your arm? a tattoooo, what of?

  27. @ amy
    Where are you? Hopefully we'll see an outfit today!!

    @ Maria
    Can't wait to see you wear your swan butt skirt, I'm going to Target right now!!

  28. Maria - Oh, I totally understand the anthro-style cash blitz! But I can't wait to see that skirt on you! Swan butt for the win!

    jcmama - Aww, thanks!

    e. - It sure did sound good, right? I should put up my post on it by tonight. I took photos and returned it last weekend. Disappointment! But I do love it in black!

    Debye - You're totally right, it -is- the street version of Bjork's swan dress, haha! I love it! I'm not too torn up about the color let down, because it's still a gorgeous dress in black.

    NoJCrewinJapan - Thanks! And I didn't think of the belt as punk, but I'll take it! I guess there's still a little of that angsty goth high school kid in me...

    Kristin - Thanks!

    GFS - Thanks!

    Mel-o-dy - Oh yes, I keep meaning to do a post on my tattoo, but I am so forgetful! I have a tattoo of a tree on my right arm. It's an illustration from my favorite book (kudos to those who can guess which one), and the quote I have to go with it is "not all those who wander are lost." The tree also symbolizes that fact that I'm a writer. Its roots are facing my heart, which is where I draw my inspiration, and the branches face my fingers, which is where my inspiration "blooms," if you will.

    Angela - I'm coming back! I ran out of time to upload my photos before I left for the office, so I should be doing a late post today!

  29. I bought that skirt in the purple and was wondering how to style it. I love it with a belted cardi! Thanks!!
    The white looks so cute on you!

  30. love the swan butt :)
    i missed reading your blog while i was on vacation!!

  31. Amy -- did you keep this skirt? I got pink, then returned it when I found white & black. I haven't tried to put it together yet.