Tuesday, January 19

180 degrees of ruffle-y goodness

As mentioned yesterday, I got the Free Flow tank from Anthro last week:

free flow tank, anthropologie

I looove it! I wore it over the weekend, washed it, and wore it again today. BWAHAHA! I think it says 'Dry Clean Only,' but I just washed it cold on the handwash cycle and then tumbled it on the low setting. And we're still in business. I rarely dry clean my 'Dry Clean Only' clothes, aside from heavy duty things like coats and jackets.

And now, the OOTD:

bordeaux 'free flow' tank, anthropologie [x]
bling-button cardigan in breeze, j.crew [x]
dark denim, joe's jeans
allie flats, bcbg
green teardrop necklace, f21
glass gem necklace, j.crew outlet
cluster ring, j.crew

I'd say that it fits true to size. I wouldn't recommend sizing down because if you do, the ruffles tend to stick out in a weird way. I tried on an XS and a S and ended up going with the S because of this. The color is a really lovely champagne. In case you didn't know, the tiers don't go all the way around the tank. The back is a knit fabric, which is fine by me, since I don't really need 360 degrees of ruffles.

Boyfriend loves to make faces in my pictures.

And here's the day I bought the cardigan that I'm wearing today with the tank - and will you look at that? I'm wearing the exact same thing. Don't judge me for my lack of imagination. It's not easy coming up with something completely different every single day. So sometimes I repeat weekend outfits during the weekdays, since no one who sees me during the weekends sees me during the weekdays and vice versa. Ooooo, sneaky...


  1. Soooo pretty! I didn't even notice the little bow belt in the original photo, but there it is on you. Lovely!

  2. I love that top on you, and am jealous about that necklace (I want it!) - I like the bolder color better than the Stormy Seas necklace.

  3. love it! i think i need that top!

  4. oh, i just your top. the entire outfit is gorgeous!!!

  5. That top is so lovely and looks great with your outfit! I just found your blog on another talking about Texas, so I had to hop on over and will definitely be back!

  6. Love the ruffles!

    I always see your comments on other blogs and just checked yours out.

    Count me in - loving it!


  7. I love that top paired with the necklace- the colors complement each other so well!

  8. Yay for the Free Flow tank! I bought it in Beige this weekend too! It looks lovely on you and I'm totally going to copy you and pair mine with my mint Jackie Cardigan - the color combo is fantastic. thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Amy: just ordered that cardi in the exact same color so can't wait for it to get here!! Also, you now officially have me sweatin' that top, it's delicious-looking!!!

  10. Sometimes, when I make an outfit and I like it, I wear it 800 times in a row (washing it in between of course).

  11. Oh I'm loving that top! I so get you on wearing it over the weekend and then wearing it again during the week, putting together an outfit you love is just the best feeling ever!

  12. Stylestance - Thanks! I love the little bow, haha! I don't think I would've bought this top if that little bow weren't there...

    Lisa - F21 is really surprising sometimes! I was alerted to the necklace thanks to other bloggers and was super happy to find it at my F21 store. I went a few weeks ago and they had some in stock again, so maybe you'll get lucky?

    Rosa - I think everyone needs one! Teehe...

    Patina - Thanks!

    Kelsey - I hope you do come back! It's crazy how many Texans I've found through blogging alone - and all quite accidentally too!

    Eleanor - Thanks for visiting! I hope you'll be back!

    Natalie - It surprised me how the green and champagne-y color went together.

    Kim - Yaaay! I actually thought of you when I found that cardigan, knowing your love of mint green.

    DEA - The cardigan is amazing! It looks pretty delicate, so I'm a little worried about stretching it out, but other than that, it's perfection! The color is DIVINE.

    sarah - Hey, if the outfit works, then why not?!

  13. Summerilla - I totally have done that on several occasions, haha! But yup, when you make one that works, then why not repeat it?

  14. LOVE the top. I especially love the necklaces you paired it with. The color combo is perfect.

  15. So pretty! I love the bow on it.


  16. that bow belt in the middle is adorable - love the fitting room pic...haha :)

  17. Amy: do you generally take a S in tops? I love this tank now that I see it on you- does the color read a little pinkish IRL too, or is it just the pictures?

  18. Ooh, Anthro makes some good ruffled and tiered tops, huh? You look smashing. I like the pic of you with your leg kicked up, so cute!!! :)

  19. I am not usually into lots o' ruffles, but this blouse is calling to me. Both colors are pretty.

  20. LOVE that outfit! i'm now officially lusting after that top!

  21. Things I now plan on doing: Buy Free Flow Tank, Wear with Jackie in Breeze, Wear with Stormy Sea Necklace.

    Sooooo cute! And my class is doing angles now so I was so pleased to hear about 180 degrees of ruffle :)

  22. I want that tank in the worst way. I'm waiting to buy it when i go in to redeem my birthday coupon at Anthro!!!! It looks great under the bling cardigan!

  23. FT, Taryn, Sharon - Thanks!

    Tara B. - I generally take anywhere from an XS to a S in tops, depending on the cut of the top. The knit part of the tank has some pinkish undertones (it's kind of like a dark dusty pink), but I'd say the ruffle part is more champagne/gray in color.

    dinagideon - Anthro definitely makes some adorable ruffly tops! And thanks for the pose compliment, haha! I sometimes feel so silly doing poses...

    tastymoog - Oooh, I love me some ruffles, but I think this top does it right in not OVER-doing the ruffles.

    Janiece - I love it, so I totally recommend it!

    Maria - Haha, yay for angles! I bet you'll look super cute in that outfit too!

    Pamela - That'd be a great way to redeem your birthday coupon! I can't wait to see how you wear it!

  24. I bought the same Anthro top in navy. What color sweater would you suggest for the navy top. I love your style and would value your opinion.

  25. Lisa - I think you can pair the navy version with any color that typically goes with navy - which is nearly any color! My favorites pairings with navy are: yellow, orange, gray, minty green (like the "breeze" cardigan color that I wore with this top). I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of the top, it's gorgeous!

  26. Thanks! The SA mentioned wearing black with it but I thought that was too dark for the spring. Thinking warmer temperatures here in New England. Also purchased the balletomane top and was wondering what you'd wear, color, style, over this. I'm a big Jcrew and may own one of those sweaters. Short cardigan, long? Also, is the bling cardi "itchy"? They're on sale and wondering if I should purchase one.
    Once again, Thanks!

  27. Lisa - I agree with you that wearing it with black would probably be too dark for the spring, especially since the navy of the top is a really deep navy as opposed to a bright navy. And yay for the balletomane top! It's gorgeous! I'd go for a shorter cardigan, and probably in a heathered grey or white/ivory color. Those would look really fabulous against the slate blue color! Since the top is so ornate, I'd stay away from any cardis that have a lot of detailing on their own, especially around the neckline, and I'd leave the cardi open as well so you can see the flowy-ness of the top. A basic cardi like J.Crew's 'Jackie' would be good to let the emphasis remain on the top's details. I'll bet that bright yellow and salmon/coral would look great with this color too!

    As for the bling cardigan's "itchy" factor, I thought it was a little itchy at first (but not to the point of being unbearable), but now I don't find it itchy at all. Maybe my skin got used to it? I have really sensitive skin too, if that helps. Keep me updated on how you style your purchases!