Monday, January 18

crinkle cascade 2.0?

We meet again, Monday. Every week I bash you, tell you that you are the worst of the worst, and make it no secret that I much prefer your sister days to you. But yet, time after time, approximately every 7 days, you return. So I figure I might as well just accept that you are what you are, Monday: the first day of a very long work week. (But for the record, I still don't like Mondays)

regatta boatneck tee, j.crew (circa 2008-ish)
v-neck cardigan, gap [x]
black skinnies, earnest sewn
studded rose flats, gojane [x]
unknown print scarf, vera bradley

The weather is finally warming up around these parts, so I could show a little skin today. Ankle skin, that is. SCANDALOUS!

I did stop by Anthropologie last week and got the Free Flow tank:

I couldn't help myself, readers. The moment I saw it online, all I could think was "it's like the tank version of J.Crew's crinkle cascade dress!" See below:

Seeeee? Seeeeeeeeee?!?!!? No? Nevermind. I see it. That was the party dress that got away, folks. So owning the tank version is kind of a consolation prize. Bwahaha! More on that tomorrow when I wear it out of the closet.

Happy Monday (is there such a thing?), everyone!


  1. Great comparison! You are right on!!!! I can't wait to how you style it!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. Great outfit combo, Amy. I love how you put things together. Happy Monday!

  3. Such a cute post and a great look for you. Very Parisian chic! Gorgeous tank too.

  4. Jealous that you got the Free Flow tank.. I know the straps wouldn't work for me, but you can rock it!

  5. pretty ruffle shirt! it would great on you. I love how you tied a scarf around your neck today! so french, so chic!

  6. Pamela - Thanks, I hope you have a happy Monday too!

    Lisa - Thanks! Have a happy Monday too!

    Stylestance - Thanks! It's so crazy how stripes and a neckerchief instantly screams "Paris," isn't it?

    Taryn - I didn't think the straps would work on me either, but it looks surprisingly adorable. And I figure I'll be wearing it under a cardigan half the time anyways!

    Angela - Thanks! I love a good neckerchief, though I need to find a bigger one...

  7. Love your cute look, especially the scarf,you're ready for Paris!!
    Also, great choice on the free flow tank, can't wait to see it on you!!

  8. I cannot wait to see a picture of you in the Free Flow Tank- I need to know if I need it! (I think I do...) Also, I am loving your scandalous ankles. I just got the email for the new cropped jcrew pant and I am thinking I need them (even though they will probably fit like regular pants on me... haha

  9. Love that last frilly dress, the color is awesome!

  10. great purchase from anthro! the free flow tank is so pretty.

    i love your flats too. clicked on the link and am pleasantly surprised they're so cheap! will get them next month for sure.

  11. DEA - Thanks! I wish I could be in Paris RIGHT NOW... siiigh...

    Maria - I think you do, too! I seriously think you wear Anthro's clothes so well, so if I love it, I bet you will too! And I have a feeling J.Crew's cropped pants will fit like regular pants on me too, haha! I rolled my regular black skinnies for this look.

    MissNeria - Sadly, that color was a disappointment in real life. BUT, it is still such a lovely dress!

    Lauren T - Oh yes, GoJane makes some super cute but cheap shoes! They probably aren't the most durable shoes ever, but they're priced right and can take you through a good season or two.

  12. Ohmigosh your outfit is so cute and so European! I feel like you should be walking the streets of Venice, or sitting in a gondola!! :)

  13. You look so cute and nautical! I love the color of the cardigan against the stripes and the scarf.

  14. Lovin the Free Flow tank, it *does* so look like the j.crew dress, but a more wearable version of it. Does it run TTS?

  15. Cafe Fashionista - Aww, thanks! I wish I could be walking the streets of Venice or sitting in a gondola - that'd be amazing!

    Ro - Thanks! I've always loved the nautical look, even though I don't go sailing, haha!

    Tara B - It definitely runs TTS, and is oh-so-comfy! I was worried that the tiers would be too much, but it works!

    Sharon - Thanks!

  16. i have that exact dress. got it for about $78 online on sale. have worn it exactly 0 times. i can't seem to pull the trigger on it. i can't figure out how to style it or where to wear it. sadness. it's still on the hanger it was shipped with.