Wednesday, January 13

love the coat

Last Wednesday was a good day, readers. And this Wednesday I'll show you why. Let me set the scene for you:

[TIME, Last Wednesday. SETTING, the office. A.K sits at her desk. She types a few sentences. Her eyes glaze over. She yawns.]

A.K: Oh yeah, it's Wednesday. I wonder if Anthropologie updated their sale section yesterday?

[She goes to Google and types in "www.anthro--" and Google fills in the rest. Enter. Sale? Click. She looks at the dresses.]

A.K: Cute.

[She looks at the tops.]

A.K: Sigh. Still too expensive.

[She looks at the coats.]

A.K: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[She looks at her screen again.]

A.K: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And why, readers? Because this beauty, which I am wearing today, was on sale:

plenty by tracy reese "through-the-lens" coat, anthropologie [x]
plum rolled strap dress, delia*s
xhilaration black tights, target
allie flats, bcbg
jacinda bag, kooba

Is it possible to fall in love with a coat? Because I did. I posted before about the dusty pink version of this beauty, but after tracking it down and putting it on again, I just wasn't getting the feeling. You know, the "oh yes, this is totally worth $300" feeling. But the black version for half the price? YES YES YES I AM GETTING THAT FEELING.

I actually don't own any black coats, which is pretty strange now that I think about it. I had coats in red, camel, mustard, and forest green, but no black? Well, that's changed now!

My only complaint is that it fits super small across the chest, so if you're planning to layer underneath this, I'd go up a size. Or two sizes, for that matter. I got this in a size 2 (my normal size in tops) and I can only really wear a cardigan underneath it and it's still pretty darn snug. I have issues with the snap buttons popping open when I move my arms too much, so I'm thinking that busty gals may have a real issue with fit. I'm planning to replace the snaps with claw hooks, though. Other than that, it is perfection!


  1. lol, this made me smile :) you look great in the coat! yay for getting it at 50% off. and omg, i totally forgot that you had a backstreet boys poster on your wall -- awesome. i am so glad you are posting again!

  2. your writing is too cute...and that is an amazing coat!!!

  3. i remember this coat !! it loooks adorable !

  4. oh yay, you got the coat! i think it will fit in nicely with your wardrobe. :)

  5. That coat looks amazing on you - great steal. And this is way better than a boring plain black coat - it's got bits of your style sprinkled all over the sleeves and hem. I would have been all over it if I had ever seen that coat in stores.

  6. love it- mine came in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to wear it out (even though bf told me it was too loud... psh, what does he know?) its sooo gorgeous! It looks great on you :)

  7. Okay I have seen that coat a million billion times and for some reason I never looked twice til NOW when it is SO CUTE on you!! I wonder if they have any more in stock....

  8. Omg, this coat never looked so amazing online. It looks fabulous on (you)!!! Congratulations on scoring it ^.^

  9. I'm with Maria - I've seen this coat online, in stores, etc and was never blown away by it. Until I just saw it on you. It was meant to be, because you look friggin adorable in it!!!

  10. so cute! love it, you've been wanting this for a while so i'm glad you got it!

  11. I saw this coat at the store and was swooning. I think it was a 2 or I would have been very tempted. You look darling, btw.

    I think Ugly Betty had a similar one, different color, maybe???

  12. I love this jacket, I have been eyeing the pink version but it barely gets cold here so it is hard to justify spending too much money on a jacket!

    Great job grabbing it on sale, it looks fab on ya!

  13. This coat is made for you!!! Yey for getting things at 50% off, it is such a great feeling!! And wow, for your first black coat, this one rocks!! It is so so pretty, and like you last week, I looked at the coat section and was amazed at all the pretty, cheap(er) choices, so I picked up one as well!! stay tuned!


  14. Oh, your post made me funny about finding the sale.

    I love this jacket too - it looks amazing on you!

  15. This coat looks fantastic on you!! Great choice for "the black coat".

  16. Hooray! I was just thinking of telling you that I saw it on sale at my local store, but you beat me to it. :) I almost bought myself an on-sale coat there, but I managed to tear myself away.

  17. Yes, I think it is possible to fall in love with a piece of clothing! (I personally fall in love with purses the most of the times)

  18. Ah. Because of you, I just called twenty stores and bought this coat. I usually wear a 0, but I am larger chested, and I like to wear bulky knits, so I got a 2. I cannot wait for it to arrive. I was so inspired. I will post pics on my blog when it arives.

  19. goldenmeans - Thanks! And yes, I do indeed have a BSB poster on my wall. And I am proud of it, haha!

    Sharon, Nicole - Thanks!

    tastymoog - I'm really excited about it. So much so that I've worn it every single day this week.

    Lisa - Thanks! I call it my "matador coat" because it kind of reminds me of that, haha! But I love it nonetheless!

    Natalie - Too loud? NEVER!! Haha! I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Maria - There were tons of them in stock at my Anthro, so I don't see why there wouldn't be a lot elsewhere too. You need it!

    Tara - Thanks, I'm happy! Haha!

    Kim - Thanks! I loooove this thing! I only have a few more weeks to wear it, though, because the weather's going to be warming up here soon.

    sarah - You're not the only one!

    Angela - Yeah, I was kind of obsessing over it too. -nervous laugh-

    dinagideon - Oooo, did she have a pink one? Because I think that one was the hotter seller than the black version. But the pink version never went on sale, booooo...

    Debye - I know what you mean! That's why I returned the pink version. Maybe if I wore coats all the time for a good chunk of the year, it'd be worth the money, but it's only really coat weather for about 3 months here. That and I already own 4 coats. Oops.

    DEA - Thanks! Did you get the same coat or another one? DO SHARE!

    ABC - Thanks! I get reaaaally excited about sales, haha!

    anotherfishinthesea - Thanks!

    e. - Aww, thanks for thinking of me! You're proof that my readers are the best! And you have more willpower than I do. Sigh.

    Froso - Oooh, I can totally see falling in love with purses, haha!

    sktruman - I hope it fits you well, especially since you're larger chested and these coats run really small up top. If it's any consolation, though, the coat also looks fabulous open and unbuttoned!