Thursday, January 14

sticks and STONES may break my bones?

It's one of those hum-drum, dreary days outside. You know, the kind where a bit of precipitation falling from the sky means that drivers inevitably decide to either drive 50 miles over the speed limit or under it. Both are bad ideas, people!

stone tee, j.crew
jackie zip up cardigan, f21 [x]
dark skinnies, joe's jeans
studded rosette flats, gojane [x]

I got the stone tissue tee for about $22, thanks to one of J.Crew's "extra 25% off sale" promotions from a few weeks back. It wasn't quite what I expected - the color is a heathered pink, and there are little green gems nestled in the big stones too. It's an outrageous shirt, but that's how I like my clothes sometimes. Teehehe...

The cardigan was actually picked out by the boyfriend. I had dragged him into F21 with me (a store he claims is "way too hip" for him) and was sifting through the piles of stuff they have there when he spied this little jacket. The boy has good taste for someone whose wardrobe consists mainly of various superhero t-shirts.


  1. I used to have a vintage cropped jacket that looked exactly like your F21 ones. And LOL to the boy picking it out. So sweet. My Mr. and I go shopping together and while he's bored about 75% of the time, 25% of the time, he'll actually take an interest in what's on the floor and pick something brilliant. :)

  2. Loving that F21 cardigan! So cute! They have gotten really good at making vintage-looking cardigans lately. I am still so distracted by how great your hair looks!

  3. >.< #@$#!!! DOH!!! Every time I visit your page, I leave with regrets (and that's a compliment to you)...That stone tee looked hella ridiculous on the jcrew website, but it looks so, so elegant on...or maybe it's just the way you pull everything together that makes all the individual pieces look so good....either way, I think I'm gonna have to go scout ebay for that tee.
    ps: my bf asked for a captain planet tee from urban outfitters as one of his christmas presents, so i know what you're saying...

  4. great sweater, nice choice bf! yay we get to peek into your closet!! :)

  5. I was wondering how that cardigan fit in real life.

  6. I've missed you!

    I love your stones shirt, you look great as usual...


  7. That sweater is divine!

  8. Love this whole outfit, especially the big-ass stones on the shirt!!

  9. really cute sweater! and yes, I know those types of drivers. It's one extreme or another!!!

  10. that zip up is really cute. my forever 21 never carries good finds like that

  11. Dream Sequins - Ooo, your vintage jacket must be so cute! I guess the men really know how to surprise a lady with their sartorial skills, haha!

    Maria - I agree, F21 has really stepped up lately! And thanks for the compliment about my hair, haha! The bangs still annoy me, though, EEERRRGGGHHH!

    Tara B. - I had the same impression of the stone tee, but ordered it anyway when it was on sale because I saw some other bloggers sporting it and looking great. They are my enablers, haha! I'm sure you'll find it on eBay - don't pay more than $25 for it, though, because it went on a really deep discount! As for the BF's Captain Planet tee... sounds like our men have the same style.

    Angela - OH GOSH, my closet is a terrifying mess! I need to remember to shut the door, haha!

    Rosa - Thanks!

    sarah - It's pretty fitted in the arms. I got it in a small and it's pretty snug.

    Toothfairy - I'm glad to be back so now I can read your blog again as well! Yay!!

    Rosa in DC, DEA - Thanks!

    Pamela - I know, right?! It doesn't make any sense at all! Once it was storming so much that the streets were flooding and I couldn't see ANYTHING. And then I saw/heard this guy in a truck zoom past everyone. That could NOT have been safe.

    Nicole - Aww, that's too bad! It's so strange how different F21 locations carry different items.

  12. Ooo! Love, love the sweater. Glad I found your blog because I'm a huge fan of scouring other ladies' OOTD posts : ) I can't believe your bf has such great taste, esp at the F21. Mine will start groaning as we start approaching that store from 50 yards away.