Monday, January 11

slightly disheveled

I'm baaack! And with a haircut to boot. I had a few inches whacked off my hair, which got rid of a lot of the weight and dead ends. I only wish my hairdresser didn't cut my bangs so short because now they're CONSTANTLY IN MY EYES, AUGH. I'm not nearly hipster enough to tolerate being partially blinded by my own fringe.

This is an older outfit from before Christmas that I never got to post, but seeing as how I didn't have time to snap and edit photos of my ACTUAL OOTD, this will have to do:

satin flower top, Urban Outfitters
ruffled celosia cardigan, J.Crew
leifsdottir honeyed peplum skirt, Anthropologie
pointelle tights, J.Crew
skinny studded belt, J.Crew
allie flats, BCBG
cluster ring, J.Crew

You guys must be sick of seeing my Honeyed Peplum skirt by now. I feel like I wear that thing to death. But hey, I'm getting my money's worth! Also, the teal and goldenrod combination was recommended to me by the lovely Kim over at Anthroholic. It's a winner!

I'll be catching up on blogs tonight, wooooo hooooo! It is long overdue!


  1. welcome back!!! I love the color combination and certainly would never tire of seeing this skirt. you always style it so different! I love the bangs BTW!

  2. I love the bangs!

  3. I have been dying for that skirt!! Adore it adore it and never saw it on anyone, you make it look great!!


  4. I know just what you mean about too-short-bangs being in your eyes >.< Although I do think it looks cute on you! Love the outfit, that blouse is fab!

  5. Yay -you're back! I'm so glad you liked my suggestion for the teal with that skirt!! Thanks for the shout out!
    You look fantastic and I LOVE your hair!

  6. love that color combo! glad you are back!

  7. Yay love the new do! Welcome back :D

  8. Glad you're back--missed you! Happy New Year. That is one of my favorite color combinations, and you wear it well.

  9. I love that skirt on you, I would wear it all the time too! I love the teal, yellow combo.....looks great!

  10. I can't pick one thing to love about your outfit- tights, skirt, top, cardi, top with cardi combo, your hair, the fact that you're back... it's just all too excellent. And you look awesome!

  11. ohhh nice hair cute! i know what you mean about bangs getting in your eye. that's what happens right after a haircut for me. Anyways I'm looking the teal and mustard combo! :)

  12. I just purchased this skirt from Nordstrom Rack and I can't wait to wear it. Post all you want because I need some inspiration.