Wednesday, March 24

anthro reviews

Okay, after wrestling with my ailing computer a bit, I've got some Anthro reviews for you all -- the J.Crew one is coming, I promise! (after more computer wrestling. SIGH.)

Two Paths Trench, $188

I am in love with this trench. I first heard of it from goldenmeans and then I saw it on her and Rosa and knew that I had to try it on for myself once it hit the stores. And I'm still not sure if that was the best idea, because now I want this in a really bad way. I tried this on in my dress size (size 4) and it fit really well. The chest was a little roomy, but that's to be expected since I'm a small-chested gal. The material is light, yet hefty enough that I suspect it can withstand the elements, though I wouldn't exactly call it "waterproof" like my current (and too-small) trench from Banana Republic. The sleeves are a bit too long on me, but this is because I typically take petite sizes when I can. Something for the petite ladies to consider. It's not too much of a bother, though. I'll be waiting for this to go on sale!

Climbing Cowlneck, $48 and Swift Current Cardigan, $88

The tee has been a big hit with a number of lovely bloggers, though it first caught my eye when I saw it on Tien, who paired it beautifully with the ruffly cardigan. And I also have to give credit to Chloe, whose cute outfit with the white version of the cardigan made me realize that I need it in white, despite my aforementioned fear of white toppers. There is no logic in the ol' AmyK noggin, I tells you. Anyway -- I took the cardigan (only available in black, gray, and "red" which looked more like fuschia in my store) in a size Small, which fit perfectly. I'm between a size XS and S in Anthro tops, but an XS would have been way too snug. The tee I took in a Small also and I can see why it's such a winner. Boyfriend said it was "too busy" but when I wore it with the cardigan, he instantly changed his mind. Men. I'll probably be going back for these soon as a birthday present to myself.

Dreaming in Green Skirt, $148

I first noticed this skirt after Tara B. posted on it as part of her green-themed St. Paddy's Day collection. I actively sought it out in the store afterwards. The fit doesn't quite do it for me. It was too snug and huggy for my taste, though Boyfriend liked it. I'm wearing it in my usual size 6 for bottoms, and the waist fits perfectly, but the hips were too tight! I have a feeling my generous bum had something to do with it. I'd say this is pear-shaped/curvy unfriendly. The skirt itself is gorgeous, though! The nubby fabric has such a wonderful texture and the green stripes are bright and cheery.

Lambent Amaryllis Blouse, $118

This blouse immediately caught my eye when it was first put up on the Anthro website. The flutter sleeves, off-white color, flower pattern, and flowy-ness just screamed my name. In person, it's kind of "eh." I am wearing this in a size 4 and it's kind of just too billow-y for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty top, but I just feel like I'm wearing a bag of silky fabric. Maybe sizing down would have helped, but I was too lazy to ask for another size. I think it'd look really nice under a cardigan, but at $118, I want it to be out and about, not hiding under something.

I'll try my best to resize the J.Crew photos tonight and put them up tomorrow!


  1. you must get the trench! it is awesome!

  2. Ooh, girl. All so pretty. I need to stop looking at clothing on makes me want to spend, fortunately I have a bit of self-control (cough, cough, Mr. Dina is his name), so I will wait.

    That is too bad about the bottom looks like a petite would have fit you so well!

  3. I love the trench on you... but I think it's going to go on sale.

    The tee and cardi is a must! Steve didn't like the Climbing Cowlneck either until he saw it on. It's like, he just doesn't see the potential outfits like I do in my head.

    Happy early birthday!

  4. Yay! Thanks for the shout out.

    That trench looks amazing on you. So amazing. I think....I need another coat like I need a hole in the head, but I really like that trench. And I want it, so bad so bad so bad. It's just so unusual, but in a good way! Like how most Anthro things are- they're pieces with just the right amount of quirk to make them wearable for years. I still have Anthro tops from six years ago that I still wear!

    I also love the Climbing Cowlneck (and I own it in gray, it's a fun t-shirt) and isn't the Swift Current Cardigan just divine? I originally decided I needed it after seeing it on a sales associate in Anthro. It's one of those items that looks better on someone than just hanging on a hanger, I think.

    And last but not least- I do like the Amaryllis top, but I don't $118 like it. I $60 like it. And that's that. ;)

  5. Oh heyyyy thanks for the shout-out, AmyK!
    I love every item you've reviewed here. I'm especially digging the cardi (whose earlier version I pined for and missed out on) and the lambent amaryllis blouse, which I think looks amazing tucked into a pencil skirt- you should definitely size down and see if you have better luck- it *looks really pretty*!

  6. The trench is super amazing!! And I love the ruffle cardigan! =)

  7. The black cardi is nice! You could style it up lots of different ways. Too bad about the green pencil skirt, I don't think my hips could execute those stripes successfully, either. :P

  8. ohhh love the trench on you! I recently picked it up because the thought of missing on out it was too much to bear...I would love it if it would go on sale though! I nearly missed the fifth form shift (which is one of favorite dresses from anthro) and ever since, the thought of "the one that almost go away" haunts me! :) I plan to stalk the sales to see if it ever makes it to the sale rack, the coat seems to be flying off the shelves though at the stores around me!

  9. Angela - Oh, believe me, I want it!

    dinagideon - Haha, I feel the same way when I look at you too, enabling me to spend on Boden, for shame! Hahaha...

    Tien - I think it will too, especially down South where it's pretty toasty right now and will only get warmer. I absolutely LOVED how you paired the tee with the cardigan, and I want that exact pairing, haha! Thanks for the early birthday wish!

    Chloe - You definitely are another reason that I want that cardigan so so badly. Have you worn it with the climbing cowlneck tee yet? The combination is DIVINE. As for the Amaryllis tee, I think I $30 like it, haha! Especially since those pretty flutter sleeves would always be hidden.

    Tara - Oh yes, the cardigan is so cute! I was afraid the ruffles would be overwhelming, but they're not at all! I may consider sizing down on the Lambent blouse to see how it fits, but I half don't want to just in case I end up liking it and wanting it, hahaha!

    Ciara - I know, they're so cute!

    tastymoog - Yeah, the stripes on the skirt are a little tricky, though it was the fit that bothered me the most. Well, and the price.

    Mrs.LifeAccounts - I go through the same fear of items selling out too! But I have a feeling the trench will go on sale, especially down here where it'll be getting really hot soon!

  10. OMG I really love that trench coat, I have been looking into getting one and this one is adorable. I definitely have to wait until it goes on sale though. I also really like the pencil skirt, the green is very eye catching.

  11. That trench looks perfect on you! I highly recommend it for you! The Climbing Cowlneck is growing on me-everyone looks so darn good in it!

  12. I love, love, love the Climbing Cowlneck on you - you NEED it!
    I know the trench will go on sale - I saw it in 5 Anthro's in Cali and 4 in Chicago and they all have TONS of them.

  13. I LOVE THE TRENCH!!!!! I've been looking for one but don't really know if I will get it since it's already getting warm in Houston! We'll see :)


  14. you found some good stuff girl! i really like the coat, green striped skirt, and the complete last look...those are my faves.

  15. Wowee, everything looks so good on you! That never happens to me at Anthro. I LOVE that trench, it is amazing and the pairing of the tee and ruffle cardi is perfect!

    I have been oogling over the green skirt but I too have a generous bum and am sure it would hug me tighter then I'd like as well!

  16. Monique - Yay, the trench is awesome! I am pretty sure it'll go on sale, so we can both snag one when it does!

    Pamela - Thanks! I will surely be stalking it until it goes on sale, haha! And I agree - the tee didn't catch my eye until I saw everyone else rocking it!

    Kim - Agh, I do want it! I might get it for myself on my birthday. And that's good news for the trench. Come onnnn, sale!

    Lucia - You can always get it for the fall! Or wear it stubbornly in the houston heat like I will, haha!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks!

    Debye - Anthro's stuff is pretty hit and miss with me, but I think I got lucky in terms of fit this time around, haha! As for the skirt, maybe if you sized up, it may fit better! I was too lazy to ask for another size, haha...

  17. Guh, the trench is to die for on you!

  18. The climbing cowlneck looks perfect on you--and that trench! That lining is amazing. I try to steer clear of epaulets (makes my shoulders look bigger) but otherwise I would have been super tempted...since I don't tend to dress very girly, those ruffles would add "instant girl" to any outfit. :)

  19. The trench looks so cute on you! I hope you can grab it on sale soon!