Monday, March 15

hat tricks?

This weekend oozed the feeling of summertime, when the livin' is easy. Boyfriend and I trekked out to the zoo, jostled with what felt like a million cars for a parking space, had a chat with a talkative toucan, and overheard four separate conversations of adults complaining that the zoo was boring because "all there is to do is look at animals." True story.

I understand, though. I feel the same way when I go to the movies and all there is to do is stare at the giant screen in front of me and shove popcorn in my face.

But it's Monday and back to life we go. I featured summer-friendly straw hats on the past "Trendwatch Saturday," so I figured it was only appropriate to try the look out for myself:

striped shirt, gap [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish]
white button cami, gap [x-ish]
3b charcoal vest, nordstrom [x-ish] [x-ish]
denim, joe's jeans
'village slingback' sandals, mia [x] [x]
'rat-a-tat' hat, modcloth [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish]

Excuse the "rough" hair. Some mornings I just can't be bothered to straighten it all (I have a lot of hair, folks) so I just let it be its natural, untamed self.

This outfit is very "menswear" inspired. I've always been a big fan of men's fashion and devour magazines like GQ and Esquire as if they were delicious, delicious candies. It can be a little tricky rocking the "menswear as women's wear" look without seeming too deliberate or Annie Hall-esque. The trick, I think, is getting menswear pieces that are tailored for a feminine body so that you don't look too much like you just borrowed your brother's clothes. Also, adding in feminine elements, like fitted jeans or a skirt, also keeps it from getting too costume-y.

I also managed to hit snag a few Liberty of London for Target items last week. I'll post on those tomorrow!


  1. Loving this outfit and jealous that you can wear it out and about!! I think if I wore it people would stop and stare..and wonder which play I'm auditioning for!! You look super-cute and I've always been a fan of the men-inspired outfits. how cool is that hat??

  2. Haha- love that shot of you throwing your hat! I checked out the Liberty of London popup preview last week but didn't get any of the gorgeous items I wanted :(

  3. love the hat. my head is too big to wear hats :-(.

  4. Too cute. TOO. CUTE!!!!!! I agree with Dea, on me, it would look too costumey. On you, it just looks gamine and adorable!!

  5. Love the look, especially the hat. It's a great casual chic look!

  6. My head is too big for most However, you pulled it off and you look fantastic.

  7. You look great! What style! I so wish I could wear a hat like that. Maybe I should try anyway!

  8. How sweet. Love the shirt too.

  9. You look great and I love the hat. You should wear your hair like that more often - it's so soft and wavy, very spring appropriate.

    I think you'd just need a wicked pair of heels and you'd be able to rock that look through the night. Menswear-inspired is always kind of sexy.

  10. I love this outfit -- it's so chic and pulled together. I haven't really tried some of the menswear stuff out there, but I definitely want to. Your hat is so much fun -- I could see it working with so many spring outfits!

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  11. I love the menswear inspired outfit - the vest is brilliant and that hat is too cute on you.

  12. I love this outfit! I also love the tiered JCrew outlet cardigan in your recent post--did you get that recently or a long while ago??

  13. Your hair looks great!! Love the hat in the air shot. Now you've got me humming Sublime songs. :)

  14. true story. i feel that way about the zoo. but that's b/c my kids LOVE the zoo, so we're there a lot ... cute outfit. i wish i could pull that look off. i might try this spring! :)

  15. you got your hat! yaaaaay! cute look, and i agree...i like mixing masculine and femenine together as well, and a good way to do it is to pick items that are going to still point out our nice curves. love it!

  16. I want a hat - similar to the one you are wearing but I've never looked good in hats, along with vests and you've pulled them both off so well!

  17. DEA - Thanks! Maybe you can try putting just a few men's elements in your outfits? Like just the hat, or just the vest! I bet you'd look adooorable!

    Dream Sequins - Thanks! That hat throwing shot took waaay too many tries to get right, haha! Sorry to hear that you missed out on the Liberty collection! It sold out fast online!

    tam pham - Thanks! Some stores carry hats in sizes, so look for one in a bigger size. I have a huge head too (hahaha) so I got the one I'm wearing in an XL!

    Tara B, Ro - Thanks!

    Patina - Check out sized hats! I have a huge head also (that does not get any less funny to type everytime I have to say it, haha!) so I got mine in an XL. It fits perfectly!

    Tien - You should definitely try! I bet you'd look so beautiful!

    Holly - Thanks!

    Lisa - Aww, thanks! To me, my unkempt hair just looks unruly, haha! And I'll definitely keep that night look suggestion in mind the next time I have some plans... hmmm!

    Sidewalk Chalk - Thanks! I love menswear-inspired clothes, so I'd recommend it!

    Fashion Therapist - Thanks!

    LizPoms - The tiered cardigan I got a few months ago this year... in January, I think. So your store may still have it!

    Rosemary - Thanks! Which Sublime song are you humming? The "hat in the air" shot took far more tries than I'd like to admit...

    Anon - Do try! And I'd be more understanding if I heard this from parents, but the folks I heard this line from were there on dates, hahaha!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Absolutely! You're spot on with mixing menswear but still keeping curves visible!

    Summerilla - There are so many out this season, so maybe you can try some on in the stores to see if any particular shapes of hats look better? I bet you'd look sweet in quite a few!