Friday, March 26

j.crew reviews

I finally got around to resizing photographs so here we go! Let me preface this by saying that my J.Crew store was severely understocked. There are a lot of lovely things online that weren't in my store, and even when certain lovely things were available, they were unavailable in my size. Boo... So, sorry for the scant items featured! I did place some hefty orders online, though, so I'll be reviewing those when they come!

The Kelsey Ruffle Top, $78-$88:

I tried this one on in the "stone" color.

I tried this one on in a size 4 (I'm usually anywhere from a 0 - 4 in J.Crew tops) and it fit pretty well. I probably could have sized down to a 2 and have it fit better, though. Another note: J.Crew needs to steam/iron/whatever their clothing better! Can you see the giant crease in the first picture? Not cool. Also, the ruffles at the neckline were laying all weird, as if they had been smooshed under something for a long time. All in all, this was a pretty top, and I especially like how it looks under a cardigan, but seeing how creased/ill-presented it was, I put it back. You all know I hate ironing, so the last thing I want to do is iron something after I buy it, HAHA!

The Tiered Short, $68:

that's not hip fat you see jutting out... it's an unruly zipper.

This little number was just so odd that I had to try it on. Tiered shorts? A no-go for AmyK! This runs SMALL. I tried it on in my usual size 6 bottoms, and while the waist fit perfectly (I know it's hard to see when my cami is bunched up over it like that), the side zip refused to zip. Yes, this one has a side zip, folks. Not a fan. But again, the curse of the Generous Bum strikes again! I'm not too upset, though. I'm not digging the pleats on the shorts anyway, which just look plain odd in my opinion. I tried sizing up but in an 8, the waist was too loose and the overall look didn't improve.

Unknown dress in the "Rose Vines" print (seen here), in-store only?

with a cardigan, as always

print close-up

I can't find this dress online and unfortunately didn't take note of the SKU number, but I'm sure your B&M store will have it. It's a light cotton dress in the "Rose Vines" print (which is a lot darker IRL than I imagined) with some tiered details at the bodice. It's a back-zip dress. Out of everything I tried on that day, I liked this one the most, though I still wasn't tempted to buy. It's airy and comfortable, which will make it a nice summer dress, but I don't fill out the strapless top enough. With strapless numbers, I need the bust to be stiffer or snugger so that I don't have to worry about it traveling South during the day, and this one was neither stiff nor snug. It'd probably be really cute on bustier ladies, though!

Unknown ruffle tiered dress, in-store only?


Mamma mia, this dress! What a disaster! I can't find this one online either, but there were racks full of them at my store, in both this blue-gray color and a pink color. I'm wearing it in a size 4, which fits but also looks horrible. It looked super cute hanging on the rack, but I felt like a human pinata with this little number on. The bust fit fine but made my already tiny boobs look even tinier, and draped out in a weird way that makes me look like I have an awkward alien baby sticking out of my stomach (that weird shadowing you see in the top picture is surprisingly not caused by my gut!). This is a pull-on style dress that I'm assuming is for use as a swimsuit cover-up. I'd rather wear a towel, thanks.

Hopefully the lovelies I ordered will turn out better!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! Tiered shorts are a bit strange. And that last dress I just don't know about it, I just don't think I could ever wear that out in public besides the beach maybe.

  2. I saw the last dress at the store and stayed away. It looks like the Swan Butt skirt gone wild! The Kelsey top is cute, but I'm with you on the wrinkles. I'm not a big fan of ironing either! Thanks for posting the reviews!

  3. i love that floral print dress, and i have the same problem with the busts in strapless dresses.

    i wonder if a tailor could fix that problem?? i have no idea.

    ugh and i tried on that last ruffle dress too, disaster as well.

  4. Thanks for the reviews! I briefly looked at the tiered shorts but thought they'd be too short on me - and I hate a side zip for shorts.

    Is that the BF sitting in the corner looking all proper and patient? :o)

  5. I'm loving your cardigan!!! The new releases...nah, not so much. The only thing I'm drooling over is the Ares Platform Heels. Awwwww, they are gorgeous!!!

  6. I luve the Kelsey in the Stone with your sweater!
    I am hoping to eventually get the Kelsey in the Copper Dust...hoping the price will dip a bit more!

  7. Amy- your sweater is gorgeous and goes so well with the Kelsey top. Vines dress is so pretty, I adore this print. I was considering the jacket, but it is so flimsy, I was disappointed in the quality.

  8. haha your expression in that blue ruffled dress says it all...what a shame. i saw it in the store too and thought it was adorable..but i was too lazy to try it on! good thing i won't have to now :)

  9. your blog is so cute! :) as is your style!

    xoxo, Eden

  10. The "rose vines" dress looks great on you!!! You look cute in anything, AK, but those tiered shorts *are* weird. I think tiers should stick to skirts. :)

  11. i just have to tell you that your analysis of these pieces cracked me up. and the tiered shorts are weird to me too.

  12. i love the printed dress on you. i can't wait to see what you ordered!

  13. Oh, such adorable shorts! That ruffle blouse is also a really great piece.


  14. I think the ruffle top is my fave of all of these. I just don't get the tiered shorts, I think on anyone who isn't stick-skinny (myself included), it would just look like the shorts are SO obscenely tight that they're bunching around the thighs! A no-go for sure.
    Aaargh come to DC so we can go on a JCrew splurge at a better-stocked JCrew!

  15. OH MAN. When I was *ahem* still working at a certain mall store, I saw these items come in and felt much the same way as your reviews hint at. The Kelsey ruffle top is like reincarnation number 8 or something of the silk cami at the Crew, and I for one, think it fell flat. The Frances cami was cuter and didn't have the weird ruffle issues. And the tiered shorts?! When I saw them in store, I thought it was a skirt, and thought, oh cute. I don't know what they were thinking with the microfibery fabric and the poor fit. I do like the rose vines dress on you, but agree that the pleating does weird things.

    Thanks for the reviews! All you blogger ladies are making me anxious to go shopping again.

  16. Is your neighborhood store The Galleria? They never have anything. Ever. It makes me sad.

  17. You look super cute in the floral print dress, I would just be concerned with it wrinkling though. I had tried on the tiered dress as well but it looked much better on the hanger than on me!