Monday, March 8

no jabberwockies here, thank goodness.

Mondays go down easier when there's a pretty dress involved. I bought this dress last year for a theater night date and it has since become named the "Tim Burton dress." The black and white coloring and kooky stripes definitely give off an Edward Scissorhands/Sweeney Todd/Alice in Wonderland feel, especially when paired with some red like I did today. Seeing as how Johnny 'Ridiculously Good-Looking' Depp is the director's leading man of choice these days, I have no qualms with rocking a dress that a Burton-esque heroine might wear.

corey lynn calter 'monochromatic corset' dress, anthropologie
'twisted trooper' cardigan, f21
xhilaration gray tights, target
eloise 'berry bush' tights, anthropologie [x]
'allie' flats, bcbg
skinny studded belt, j.crew
cluster ring, j.crew
faceted gold bangle, j.crew

There are teeny little red flecks in the Berry Bush tights that make it a fantastic, and wonderfully subtle, pairing with the cardigan. On the downside, I decided to ignore the "Dry Clean Only" instructions on this dress and threw it in the washing machine after the last time I wore it. I washed it on the gentle cycle and dried it on low, but it shrunk anyway! Boo... I guess sometimes following cleaning instructions is a good idea, huh? Eh, I still managed to squeeze into the dress today (with some extra huffing and puffing, admittedly), so I'm not too fazed. Just a warning to everyone else who's considering throwing a "Dry Clean Only" frock into the washer - they can shrink!

I hit up the Anthropologie this past Saturday to make some returns, so I've got some fitting room reviews to post very, very soon. Hooray!


  1. For dry clean only items, they usually won't shrink if you wash cold (delicates cycle) and hang to dry! I do this for all of my dry clean only items, and wool sweaters.

  2. Ooh I love the stripes on you! Love way you gently paired berry colors with them...

  3. That dress is gorgeous - I agree with DS, I love the pairing with the cranberry colors.

  4. Love everything about this look: the colors, the pattern mixing, the shapes. Looking forward to fitting room reviews!

  5. I big puffy heart this dress.

  6. Nice pairing with the tights and the stripes! That's too bad about the shrinkage, but it looks like it fits fine.

  7. i passed on that dress, b/c of how i imagined it would look post-washing. now that you say so, though it is very tim burton/alice in wonderland. makes me kind of want to stalk it ... thanks for reviewing the turtle dress! i love turtles, but the dress is a bit too "florida" for me. i'm still waiting to get my grabby paws on the wright dress ...

  8. No wonder you had a fantastic Monday. How could you not wearing this outfit. I love every piece of it and how it does give off that eerily whimsical feel like you stepped out of Tim Burton movie. LOVE!

  9. I almost wore the same dress to see Alice! And yikes, I usually wash everything and ignore labels, but I'll make sure to air dry this one. It's corset tight enough as it is, hehe.