Friday, March 5

rusty orange and brown boots

TGIF! And whew, I am ready for the weekend!

I saw my rusty orange cardigan hanging in the closet and instantly decided that I wanted to wear it. I threw on a trusty J.Crew tee - which I love because of the open crewneck! - some jeans and boots and whooooosed out the door. The entire ensemble, for whatever reason, makes me think of Western wear, even though I'm not rocking anything cowboy-y. I think it's the brown boots. Hmmmmm.

textured jersey bouquet tee, j.crew
long cardigan, gap [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish]
denim, true religion brand jeans
'towny' flat boots, guess [x] [x]
green stone necklace, f21
cluster ring, j.crew
faceted gold bangle, j.crew
square cushion studs, wal-mart

I love my Wal-Mart earrings, haha! I got them a few years ago and wore them every day for a while before the nickel coating wore off, leaving some sensitive ear-unfriendly exposed metal. I clean the posts before wearing them now, but they still make my ears itch sometimes. Hrrrumph! I used to keep some studs I got from Claire's in my ears at all times, but they eventually turned my ear lobes green. Mayhaps it's time for some "investment" earrings?

Also, thanks for the wonderful feedback on the feature yesterday! I hope I'm not lazy and manage to make it a weekly feature. Mikaela from Mikaela's Obsessions brought up a great question - how do you care for accordion pleats? Or pleats in general? I only own one item with accordion pleats and the pleats are so teeny tiny that they manage to stay in place even after I wash it. I don't know if this is the case for other items, like full skirts or dresses. I'd assume that those would need maintenance in the form of - ugh - ironing, but if anyone else has any personal experience, do share!

Happy weekending!


  1. oh my goodness, I LOVE this outfit. It's sooo my style... I will be ripping this off next week for sure!

    I have cheapo earrings that are little channel set hoops, I've been through 3 pairs due to either misplacing them or they get to the point you described. Reminds me I should try to find a new pair.... or hint to the husband to buy me a 'real' version (wink wink)

  2. I'm not sure where I read this, but I heard that you can use a thin coat of clear nail polish on the earring posts if you've got any sensitivity to the metal. Hopefully that'll get you a few more wears out of those earrings.

    As for accordian pleats, I almost got this really cute Gap skirt with those pleats a while back but had the same "how the heck do I take care of this" issue and got scared away.

    Love your color combo today - casual yet chic.

  3. J.Crew tee + colorful cardi = always a win.
    I love your earrings! They make you look somehow...more grown-up! ^^
    I used to own a skirt with accordion pleats, and still own a dress that has some layers that feature accordion pleating (a lot like the anthro dress featured in your post last night.) I've actually never washed the dress, but the skirt I would just throw in the washer/dryer, and it would always come out still immaculately pleated...really not sure how that works, but I think they are somehow constructed to hold their shape, and don't really need to be ironed, at least in my own experience.

  4. Those earrings are lovely! I need some fancy new (preferably cheap) studs :)

  5. Nothing about this outfit says cowboy. NOTHING.

  6. I agree with sarah. I bought that M&O orange cardi the minute I saw you in this. You are so stinking cute.

  7. I love all the color of the cardigan with all the bling, it definitley brightens up a dull day!

  8. Umm, this is perfect for just throwing things together. I love the pairing of the orange with the green stone necklace-love love LOVE!

  9. I agree with Dea-love the orange and green together! Fabulous combination.

  10. Such a cute outfit! I'm so copying it this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  11. i love all of your pops of color. i love the bouquet tee, such a great layering peice and look good under everything! look at you and your earrings! they are very pretty and ladylike.

  12. I love this look and the necklace just polishes it off nicely. I need to be better about being a jeans and tee girl but I can never pull off well enough like you do.

  13. I should try to find a new pair.... or hint to the husband to buy me a 'real' version (wink wink)
    grow taller 4 idiots