Friday, April 23

I am fed up, people

For years I would just move around you because I didn't want to start any trouble.

I wanted to be the bigger person, I really did.

But enough is enough.

I am finally standing up for myself.

I am sick and tired of you showing up to places I explicitly did not invite you to.

Can't you take a hint?! I don't want you here.

So I am only going to say this one more time...


ruffle neck cami, gap [x-ish] [x-ish]
jenna's cardigan, j.crew [x]
landing fields skirt, anthropologie [x-ish]
joley flats, j.crew
studded skinny belt, j.crew [x-ish]
cluster ring, j.crew

I just hate it when I'm minding my own business, stuffing my face like I always do, and BAM! A mouthful of Palmolive cilantro. Why? Why must it be in everything?

On another note, I have decided that I do not care that my knees are bruised -- I am wearing skirts anyways! HA!

I'm such a rebel.

Happy weekending, everyone!


  1. I am 110% with you on that one! I HATE cilantro- it ruins the whole darn thing!!! How can anyone eat that... disgusting tasting... I don't dare call it 'food'

    BTW what a lovely cilantro-green skirt lol

  2. Omg omg! I hate it to! I love making guacamole, because I leave out one ingredient: CILANTRO. yuck, double yuck.

  3. I *LOVE* cilantro. How do you eat salsa? It's all over latin cuisine and southeast cuisine? The funny thing is that Steve also hates cilantro. We read this article on it, and apparently, it is hereditary. For some people, it just tastes like soap.

    Here is the New York Times Article you may find interesting.

    And I always display my bruises with pride!

  4. You're hilarious! And you your legs look fine - that skirt is awesome on you.

    I think we're going to have our first food-related disagreement. I like cilantro - actually dislike regular parsley bc I don't think it's beefy enough, and prefer the boldness of its zestier cousin.

    But that's alright - I'll just take yours!

    (Double ha ha - my verification word "veget." Someone's trying to tell me something?)

  5. Meli22 - Haha, I'm glad I have someone to back me up! I'm always doing fine with my food until I get a big ol' piece of cilantro and then it's just ICK CITY. And yes, I'll take my cilantro in cilantro-green clothing, please! Haha!

    Justine - Same here! I just can't stand it! I love guacomole... until the cilantro invariably shows up there. Ugh!

    Tien - I read that article too, and that MUST be it because cilantro tastes exactly like soap to me. It's odd that it'd be hereditary, though, because my folks LOVE cilantro and put it in EVERYTHING, much to my chagrin. It's tough for me to avoid because I love latin and southeast asian cuisine... sigh... if only I didn't get bites of soap in there.

    Lisa - I don't like parsleys or cilantro -- too acrid for me! I'm pretty sure it's a hereditary thing, like in the article that Tien posted, haha! I thought I was crazy for thinking it tasted like soap until I read that article and a lightbulb just went off! And "veget"... hahaha...

  6. HA! This made me laugh! I happen to love cilantro, but BF hates it :( We have to rotate the Mexican restaurants that use it in their salsa. You're either born with the taste for it or not- no growing to love it! BTW cute skirt and I'm wishing I had that skinny belt!

  7. What!!? How can you say that??!!!! Cilantro is the best herb there is! Mexican food, Indian food, Viet food omaguhh cilantro is what makes everything *complete*, the final touch, without it, pho is just noodle water and curry is just yellow stuff :(
    I used to hate it as a kid and pick it out of my food too, but then I gave it another chance and now I LOVE it! Just try *not* picking it out for a week or two, and at the end of that period you'll love it. Please, just give it a chance, I implore you.

  8. You have such a great way of putting clothes together.
    Any chance of a hair tutorial? I am really dying to have your hair! Mine is not straight/not curly and take so much effort to look half decent.How do you get the movement at the ends without them looking too done?

  9. Haha, that was great. I don't like cilantro eaither, it's just to strong of a flavor for me, but my hubby LOVES it. I can handle only a tiny bit of it (if I have to) lol
    Cute skirt btw :)

  10. LT - Oh man, I feel your BF's pain! I love salsa, but the cilantro just kills it for me!

    Tara - Hahaha, oh trust me, I keep giving it second, third, and fourth chances and it keeps letting me down with its soapy-ness. I always give things I hate chances to prove me wrong (because it is SO MUCH EASIER to just not hate anything, you know??) but cilantro and carrots are the two things that I still can't get behind. I've grown to love onions, garlic, basil, lemongrass, ginger... but cilantro? No dice. And that's not without trying to like it, either. Like I said earlier in the comments, my family loves cilantro (not surprising because they're from Vietnam) and puts it in all of their cooking. I just never liked it! I can never pick it all out either and it's like my tastebuds are getting throttled when I eat it, haha!

    For the record, pho doesn't need cilantro to be DELISH -- I load mine up with bean sprouts, lime, and thai basil! Mmmm!

    Tabitha - Awww, thanks! I'd love to put together a hair tutorial for you! I don't think mine is all that awesome, but it'd be nice to let other girls with weird straight/wavey/curly hair that all is not lost! The best part is that it's relatively easy!

    Lilly - Haha, thanks! I guess people just either love cilantro or hate it!

  11. My friend hates cilantro too - she even has a totebag someone gave her, with a giant graphic of a bunch of cilantro in one of those circles with a slash across it, indicating "No Cilantro." Hahaha...

    I love the way that skinny belt looks on you in this outfit. I may need to get one...

  12. omg LOL, you are hilarious! I for one like cilantro, but your post is too funny! I totally thought it was going to be about someone you didn't like showing up everywhere you go!
    I love the way you styled the Landing Field Skirt - adorable!

  13. LOL, I totally agree with you because I HATE cilantro!

  14. Gasp -- I HATE cilantro too! And I thought it only tasted like soap to me!!!!! I had no idea that other people feel the same way. I figured it tasted that way only to me because so many other people like it. Now I've got to know: If you like cilantro, and it doesn't taste like soap, what does it taste like?

    I love to see your outfits because you and I are the same height and have similar builds. I recently started running and I know you run. Do you do three miles every day?

  15. Carol - Haha, your friend's tote sounds hilarious! And I highly recommend a skinny belt -- it really works in outfits where a wide belt would be too overwhelming!

    Kim - Haha, well, cilantro IS like someone who shows up invited everywhere I go! I mean, come on, does it have to be in EVERYTHING, even when I ask for it to not be??

    Kathy - Anti Cilantro diners, unite!

    Rip-A-Roo - I thought I was the only one who thought it tasted like soap too until I read the NY Times article that Tien mentioned. But you're not alone! It seems like it's a genetic thing, so I am curious too about how cilantro tastes to those who can enjoy it!

    I'm glad my outfits can be helpful for you! I love seeing how bloggers with different builds can wear different things, but it's so useful to see petite bloggers too because well, I'm short, haha! I typically run 3 miles per day, 4 days a week, though sometimes I'll just do half an hour of running and half an hour of weights if I want to switch it up a little. I admit I've been laaaaazy this month, though!

  16. LOL - Loves! I detest cilantro as well! The hubs always thinks it's weird that I am Asian and hate cilantro; now I have proof that I am not alone!

    Love your outfit today as well :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. I actually happen to like cilantro, but my DH ahtes it just like you are.:) So I cannot cook anything with it.
    The outfit is so lovely. I think I like this style on you the best- the full fun skirt, fitted belted cardi and beautiful long hair!Kudos!

  18. So I've now decided that I'm going to find you, divert you with some Petunia wrapped in cilantro, and steal your hair. Way to give away your secrets, AMY! *rubs hands together and evil laughs*

  19. (and to clarify- not Petunia cooked in cilantro, I don't want anyone to think I'm sick. Petunia clad in an outfit made of cilantro, natch. You'll be all, "Aww, look at the cute puppy d- WHAT THE FREAK IS WRONG WITH HER?!" and then wham. I'll steal your hair. Easy peasy.)

    (Wait, now I'm giving away my secrets. Craaap.)

  20. You are so so funny with your post today. I thought it was about something really bad that just kept at you, only to find out it was little ol' cilantro!! I like cilantro all over the place so can't empathize, but so sorry it tastes like soap- so funny!

  21. I'm not that fond of cilantro, too. And I love your skirt! The little airplanes are just too cute!

  22. I love cilantro. My husband hates cilantro. How can a person not like cilantro? It is delicious.

  23. I like cilantro. But look at Tien who let us know why we're on opposite sides of the fence on this. Interesting stuff.

  24. I love the print and color of that skirt. I can't even tell your knees are bruised you look great.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  25. You are too funny! Cilantro is ehhhh for me. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.

    I have been wondering about the Jenna cardigan, it doesn't look overly does it compare to a Jackie?

  26. For all the things we have in common, my dear Amy, cilantro is a place we will have to agree to disagree. :)

    I pour that special herb on everything.

    Your post made me smile, just like your outfit.

    Have a great weekend, hon.

  27. Love the outfit! and I was about to post that ny times article when I saw Tien beat me to it.

    I love cilantro, love it- but Bf hates it and basically accosted me with that article when he saw it to justify his hate because I always just tell him he has an unrefined palate.

  28. that skirt is so cute! i like your hair too. you don't like cilantro??? i loooooove it!

  29. LOL I think I actually chortled while reading your post Amy :) I too am not a huge fan of cilantro (though it tastes okaaaay, I just don't like the texture, and yes, the fact that it always gets stuck in my teeth!). My mother keeps a huge sheaf of it in a strainer in our fridge at all times because Indian cooking is full of it and inwardly I wince. I hate how it weasels itself into the most otherwise yummy places like guacamole!!

    Oh, and your outfit? Stunning!! You totally do the landing fields skirt justice! And I waaaant your belt :)

  30. I for one LOVE cilantro. But I have to say growing up I hated it. HATED IT (all caps, yes, that's how much I despised it). I can't get enough of it now. Which is good. Because it's in every family recipe I make!

  31. Now I know what to get you for your birthday...nyahahaha!

    Love the airplane pins, bee to the tee to the dubs!

  32. I love, love your cami and flats!!! Those are fabulous and fantastic.
    I must admit, I love cilantro. So let's make a deal; I'll take all your cilantro so it will leave you alone =)

  33. I love that skirt on your cilantro-hatin' self! And... yeah, James and I both are OBSESSED with cilantro. The more, the better. In everything. However, I'm off to read that article so that I can be more sensitive to those less genetically-inclined :)

  34. It looks like your knees are healing up really quick Amy! Hehe, your feelings towards cilantro echo my sister's. There are several restaurants she refuses to go to because of the excessive cilantro they put in some dishes.

    And oooh you have a Jenna's cardie?? I was thinking about buying one... It looks like a hybrid of the Jackie and the cashmere with the buttons and cut. Do you like it?

  35. I hate Cilantro too!
    Cute outfit BTW

  36. HAHA! It wasn't until recently that I learned not everyone is a fan of cilantro. My whole fam LOVES it. The little planes on your skirt are just precious. Hope you had a great weekend! :)

  37. OMG too funny my husband HATES HATES HATES cilantro... I'm sorta indifferent, but I can't stand Basil... soo funny to see all the cilantro haters out there :)

  38. eek - Haha, my family thinks it's weird that I detest cilantro too! And no, you are not alone!

    Slastena - Sorry to hear that your DH's detest for cilantro means you can't cook with it! My family still cooks with it and just make me fish it out on my own, hahaha!

    Chloe - Hahaha, you're hilarious! I think if Petunia came running by, wrapped in cilantro, I'd feel compelled to save her and yank that wicked herb off of her!

    DEA - Haha, maybe I can give all of my cilantro to you, Dea!

    Christina - Aww, thanks! The little planes are a nice touch on the skirt!

    Anon - It's a genetic thing, Anon! I often wonder how cilantro tastes like to those who aren't opposed to it...

    gigiofca - It is, isn't it? I wonder how many other foods out there taste different because of genetics?

    OooKellyNicky - Aww, thanks! But trust me, there's a big ol' bruise on my left knee!

    Debye - Wow, you must be the first person I know who doesn't love it OR hate cilantro! As for the Jenna cardigan, it is a little shorter than the Jackie (hits at upper waist instead of regular waist) and much more fitted because of the ribbing at the waist. I love it!

    dinagideon - Haha, you can have all of the cilantro that I toss out, Dina!

    Natalie - I have to admit that I felt triumphant too when I read the NY Times article -- I am NOT a weirdo for disliking cilantro! Science proves it!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks!

    goldenmeans - Ohh man, cilantro is everywhere in Vietnamese cooking too and I also wince when I see my dad toss it into the dishes. Sigh. More picking for me to do! I am surprised by how much I wear the J.Crew belt too - I bought it when it went on sale and am so glad that I did!

    NoJCrewinJapan - I am still giving a shot, but I just can't get behind it still!


    Lisa Lisa Lisa - I like the sound of that deal!

    Maria - Hahaha, more sensitive to the less genetically-inclined... I love it!

    bonjouritsjinah - My right knee is completely healed now, but I keep banging my left knee into things. Sigh. And I love my Jenna! It's not as long and soft as the Jackie, but it's not too short either. I haven't tried on the cashmere one for comparison, but I do recommend it!

    April - Thanks!

    Rosemary - My family loves it too, which drives me nuts, hahaha! Thanks for the good wishes!

    E Hayes - Now that's a shocker to me! Someone who doesn't like basil? I love the stuff! And it is pretty funny to see fellow cilantro haters come out of the wood work, haha!

  39. my husband is a crackhead for cilantro! i love it too. i say this in the most loving way, how can you be asian and NOT love cilantro?! :-)

  40. tam pham - Hahaha, trust me -- my fmaily gives me grief about it all the time!

  41. i loveeeeeeeeee your green skirt !!! &&& i love the eyelet skirt on your later entry !! why did you disallow comments there ? ): and yesss, i hateeeeeeeeeee f21's mini dresses even though i'm short .. it's way too short >.< & YOU GO GIRL ! for not caring abt your bruised knees :) btw linked you ;p