Wednesday, May 12

highlighter bouquets

WARNING: Incredibly verbose post ahead! But it's full of warm fuzzy thoughts, so that's a plus, right?

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your kind words and thoughtful emails in regards to yesterday's post. You don't even know how much it meant to me to know that there are lovely folks out there who are supporting me. I was literally crying as I read your comments and messages, but not because I was sad, but because I was so touched (and because I'm a big baby). Thank you all so, so much. Your support means more to me than you'll ever know!

As an update, I read that a lack of calcium can lead to depression symptoms and can amplify PMS symptoms (too much information?) so I'm upping my calcium intake with a multi-vitamin and yogurt every day until my lady cycle is done (again -- too much information? haha!). It makes sense; I've only recently been going through these emotional extremes, and coincidentally, I've also only recently become semi-lactose intolerant. I say "semi" because I can still eat ice cream, yogurt, cheese, etc., but I can't drink milk or eat tres leches (sigh) cakes without getting really sick. As a result, I've actually stopped eating a lot of dairy, unless you count chocolates as dairy (which you should). I hope this boost in calcium will help me shake this funk once and for all! (cue determined fist pump)

Now that I'm done blathering, let's get onto the outfit. Sorry in advance for the crappy bathroom mirror photos -- I was running late so I couldn't snap photos at home!

textured jersey bouquet tee, j.crew
tipped cardigan, new york & co [x-ish]
denim, true religion
snakeskin ellie wedge flats, cole haan [x-ish] [x-ish]
glacon bracelet, j.crew [x-ish] [x-ish]
cluster ring, j.crew

Yikes. I look kind of scary in that last picture. Hooray for horrible bathroom lighting! At least that will encourage me to always make time for OOTD pictures at home, lest I want to look like a washed out florescent zombie again.

I actually forgot I had these jeans because I miscalculated how tall I actually am (don't ask) and got them hemmed way too long. They remained buried in my closet until an epiphany struck me: wear them with taller shoes. D'oh! I'm glad they're just a wee too long because now they're the perfect length to wear with my wedges!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Hopefully the extra calcium will help!

    I love that cardi - something about bright yellow makes me smile :)

  2. I hope the calcium trick works!!

    ummm... that sweater is awesome. Can't believe its NY&CO, it looks just like the cotton tipped JCrew one, but the colors are sooo much better.... <3 this look

  3. Wow - see? This is why you should never apologize for blogging your true feelings - I too have suffered bad days lately, for no good reason - but I definitely lack calcium in my diet - I'm going to go fix that right now! Thanks! Oh - and if that qualifies as a 'scary' picture of you, I'm crazy jealous - you look gorgeous!

  4. Hey how tall are you? ;) oh just kidding..
    Lovely look!

  5. yay for calcium! i might have to give that a try myself. being a stay at home mom definitely has it's low points at times and i could sure use a picker-upper some days.
    btw - i love that cardi. the bright yellow trim is perfection with that tee!

  6. Gorgeous outfit. That cardi is fab. Some others knock it, but NY&Co is one of my favorite places for cardis. They are always coming out with different styles and they are super affordable. Wish I could have gotten my hands on this one for sure!

  7. Yay for feeling better! You know, I'm semi-lactose intolerant as well (I read somewhere that a large percentage of Asians are lactose intolerant - interesting) and I used to be so good at multi-vitamins and supplements when I was pregnant or nursing my kids, but I've dropped the ball on them lately. Thanks for the reminder! Have you ever tried Viactiv calcium chews? They are actually quite yummy, just little squares of chocolate!

    Love this outfit! I'm so surprised that this sweater is NY&Co and not J Crew. I love how you put it together. Your posts have inspired many ways for me to shop my closet. You'll likely see a copy of one of your outfits on my blog soon. :P

  8. Amy, so nice to see you're feeling better! You look wonderful.

    As for the lactose intolerance thing, I became (or realized) that I was intolerant about 10 years ago. First, I still eat ice cream. I don't care if I will die from eating, I will do so. Second, yogurt WITH CULUTRES (l.acidipholous or bifidus) are very, very good for your digestive system. I need to eat yogurt on a daily basis. Because it's cultured, it won't affect lactose intolerance.

    Okay, and one thing I'd like to add about cheese. I still eat cheese. The harder cheeses are the ones that will affect you the less. The softer the cheese, the more milky it is, and therefore has more lactose. So parmesan and gruyere is OK, but mozzerella, not so much. Oh, and I suppose this should be common sense, but don't do dairy, spicy, and alcohol in one meal. It leads to a very painful experience.

  9. Really? I never knew that about calcium and depression symptoms. I hate milk (the taste) although I'm not lactose intolerant. And I, too, have mini-breakdowns connected to my cycles. I am so glad you seem better today. You are way, WAY too awesome to deserve anything but joy in your life. I also like what you've been doing to your hair lately (yesterday and today's post) and today's cat-eye thing, and I think you look very pretty in that last picture.

  10. I'm SO glad you're feeling better lovely lady! I too am "semi" lactose intolerant - seems we have a lot in common! Anyhow, I can eat certain dairy, and other? Not so much. The worst part for me is, I never know what's going to hurt my stomach and what will be fine.
    Anyhow, I love your outfit today - that sweater is awesome!

  11. Love the cardigan! You look great, as always! Glad to hear that you're going to try the calcium thing. If it helps, you're doing yourself an extra favor because it's SO good for you :) We all get the blues sometimes (or as Holly Golightly would say, "a case of the mean reds"). I hope things start to look up from here!

  12. Glad to hear that between the calcium and the monthly visitor, you may be back to your old self in a few more days.

    You look cute as always and no biggie on the jeans - like you mentioned before, now you have a pair for heels. And it's the hip thing now to roll those suckers up anyways.

  13. So glad you are feeling better! There are a lot of other good sources of calcium besides milk products, such as spinach/kale/cabbage, some fish (sardines, salmon) or almonds. And don't forget your vitamin D which helps the body absorb the calcium (go out and get some sunshine -- min 10 minutes daily!!). I good multivitamin does not hurt either (I see it as daily insurance that regardless of what I eat, my body's basic need are met).

    Your outfit is cute. I love tipped cardis. So preppy and chic!

  14. I almost bought that cardi because I felt it had a lot of possibilities ~ and proved my instincts right!
    I cannot tell you how much I love these pics of you! You look absolutely gorgeous in all 3 ~ the clarity of the photos is incredible.
    Love love love this post Amy!!!!

  15. nice cardigan!

    you could try So Delicious coconut yogurt if the regular stuff doesn't agree with you. Iron is also key for ladies and easing our "feminine problems," (heh) so spinach, kale, almonds are great to eat.

  16. amy, i'm glad you are feeling better! you are one of my favorite bloggers.

    p.s. i love your crewcuts giraffe cardigan. wear it again soon! :o)

  17. I LOVE this cardigan. I've suspected for a long time that I might be a bit lactose intolerant. I don't drink milk, so it's not a huge issue, but WOW my body does not like ice cream. Oh well. I do. The body will just have to deal with it. Good luck working everything out!

  18. You big cutie you, I'm glad you're feeling better and that you've got everyone in your corner to lift up your spirits. The bathroom shots are funny and the ootd is adorable. The neon green peeking out is preppy and love how you layer!

  19. You are glowing today (I refuse to believe it is the florescent lighting). That cardigan really pops.

    Glad you are determined to get out of the funk, you will have to let us know how the extra calcium works for you!!

  20. sorry i missed your entry yesterday! oh the woes of being a girl. i've learned the key to surviving is super stretchy pajama pants (which i'm sure you of all people could still make stylish!). i'm glad you are feeling better though:)

    your outfit today is totally something i would wear...LOVE neon!

  21. everything you wear is just so adorable!

  22. No more ice cream cakes for me, unfortunately. I can eat ice cream in smaller doses. Just depends. I agree w/the comment about Asians being less tolerant, also African Americans. I take an acidophilous (sp) pill once/day to regulate. I thought yogurt was dairy, so that's why I didn't source that for tummy cultures. Before eating pizza or macaroni cheese, I take lactase enzyme pills. I get them at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or health food stores. As far as milk, I drink organic, lactose free. $.02


  23. Lovely looks cute as always:-)