Friday, May 14

the story of a blouse

I woke up feeling 17 shades of horrible yesterday. Sigh. It figures that I'd catch a headache-body ache-congestion-filled Monster Cold in the summer. It was nothing three extra hours of sleep couldn't cure, though! Except now I have a "catch up work" induced headache. BLEH!

bib blouse, marc by marc jacobs
jenna's cardigan, j.crew [x]
pleated pencil skirt, anthropologie
snakeskin elly wedge flats, cole haan
studded skinny belt, j.crew [x-ish]
flower brooch, macys
duchess stone cocktail ring, j.crew [x-ish]

I impulsively bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse maybe 5 years ago when my dad gave me a gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue as a graduation gift. I remember wandering into Saks for the very first time and marveling at the neat racks of folded denim, strangely posed mannequins, and racks of ethereal dresses and blouses. I had never been in Saks prior to that point -- the gleaming white decor and sharply dressed sales people with their over-rouged cheeks and heavily lined eyes always intimidated me. But armed with a gift card, I felt more than deserving to occupy the same space as Oscar de la Renta gowns and Carolina Herrara frocks.

That is, until I realized how much those things cost and promptly skiddatled to the lower level of the store before my rapid exhalations could cause humidity damage to the fabrics.

But I digress -- the point is, I discovered a whole new world of fashion that day that was unlike the American Eagles, Expresses, and The Limiteds that I was used to. And uh, it also felt really awesome to have a snooty Saks sales lady give me the stink eye until I marched up the register with this blouse in hand. Once I fished out my gift card, her whole face suddenly changed from "What does this stupid teenager want?" to "Why heeeellllllloooooo there, lovely customer!" Hmmmm...


  1. Aaaand you're back! With a fantastic outfit, to boot! The black buttons really make that blouse, and that yellow brooch really makes this outfit- you look amazing today! I couldn't help but chuckle at your Saks snooty lady story- something very similar happened tome and the bf at Neiman's a few months ago- we weren't even trying to go into neiman's, we were just trying to use the Neiman's door to get into the mall so we could go to Anthropologie. A snootatron woman (heavy liner, over-rouged cheeks, I swear maybe it was your Saks lady's twin?) marched up to us and haughtily declared "We close at 7 today, don't you know?!" Byotch. I've seen that woman around since then, and every time I've had a good mind to sneakily run up to her and land a flying drop-kick on the back of her head.

  2. I'm stealing your blouse! What a great look! So fun and polished! I hate snooty sales reps. I mostly get them at the local boutiques here, and hardly ever at the big department stores. I think it's because you really can't judge how much money someone has by the way they dressed. CEOs can wear ripped jeans and a tee so badly faded.

    I did once get a snooty sales associate on the phone at Anthro. A dress I had been stalking had gone on sale, and when I called to out the item on hold, she first said, "We don't hold sale items" and then she said, "Since it went on sale, I'm not going to look for it because we just consider it to be sold out." I hung up on her and went down myself and found my dress. This was years ago, and I never saw or heard her again.

  3. I'm SO glad you didn't get as sick as I am lucky girl! Glad you're doing better today.
    I love this outfit - gorgeous, and that blouse is so cute!

  4. Ack, you look so chic today. First thing that popped into my head was "sexy librarian" (and I mean that in the best way). The blouse is gorgeous and a great purchase on your end.

    I still feel weird sometimes strolling into a high-end store. Last time I went into Ferragamo, all I could think of was "you don't belong here, they're all looking at you and they know" even though the salespeople were all kind of pretty nice.

  5. I used to feel intimidated going to some of the high end stores. Saks and Neimans not so much but Louis Vuitton, Ralph those sales ladies look at people like they are going to judge us away based on what we wear and carry the moment we enter the store. However, it doesnt bother me as much as it used to before.
    Your top looks gorgeous and i hope you are feeling better. I love the cute poses you make :-)

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  7. Yikes, too many typos in my last attempt at this comment.

    Cute outfit! I am wondering if you could comment on the Jenna's cardgan - is it cut more slim/is it more fitted than the Jackie cardigans? I am sick of my Jackies as they're so boxy and don't seem to flatter my shape much. The Jenna's cardigan looks cute and like it might be a bit more slim. Thanks!

  8. Your outfit is so pretty and ladylike.

    I've only been into a Saks store once, and the place had such an odd vibe, like a museum with lots of empty space between displays. It was impressive, but not a place to feel at home.

  9. Another super cute outfit from you! Love the cardigan!

  10. That pencil skirt is adorable, and that flower pin on that cardigan adds just the right touch. I love this look, you look work/adorable.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  11. Your outfit is too cute- so ladylike with a touch of whimsy in the yellow flower on the cardi.

    I feel like being sick when its warm out is even worse than in the winter. Glad your already on the mend though!

  12. Love the classic outfit and your funny writing! You are talented and can paint a picture with words. Do you play guitar? My youngest son loves guitar and is learning from his dad (my husband!)

  13. You look fabulous today! And re: snooty sales people? I try to kill them with kindness because working in the service industry is hard. There are always going to be unpleasant people, but a lot of the time it comes down to they don't know what kind of day you had and you don't know what kind of day they had, so why not be nice.

  14. You look adorable and that blouse is just amazing and glad it continues into rotation after 5 years. Sorry for the snooty lady- I hate those experiences b/c I want to call them out SO bad, but then it would look like I was the one with the problem!

  15. You look amazing! And I love your Saks story. But when you think about it, most people like that are covering up their insecurities by working in a pricy store and having to wear expensive clothes - most likely cycling through the same outfits each week like normal working class folk. :)

  16. So cute! I love that flower pin- its ties together the outfit perfectly!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to follow my blog :)

  17. snooty sales people are one of my biggest dislikes about shopping at places like Neimans, Saks, etc.

    adore the yellow brooch! such a pretty pop of color!

  18. I don't think I have ever been in Saks come to think of it but you make it sound great (except for the snooty slaes lady).

    Love those wedge shoes and the flower is the perfect pop of color and style!

  19. what a great blouse!
    really suits with you :)

    have a nice day,

  20. I love the outfit and I love the story as well! That is the truth!

  21. lovely outfit

  22. If I wasn't in a field where I get to wear scrubs 90% of the time this is how I would dress. Love love LOVE the pencil skirt and cardigan.