Tuesday, May 18

kicking a sweater vest up a notch

I'm baaaaack! For now, at least, because next week I'll be out enjoying my much-awaited vacation! FINALLY! I am more than ready for a break, readers. As much as I love my job and my family, I need to just get away for a little bit and relax. Take a mental break, if you will, and recharge my metaphorical batteries. Boyfriend and I are taking a trip to San Antonio, then making our way to the muddy waters of Galveston Beach (which I am concerned may be muddier than usual thanks to the big oil fiasco) before heading back to Houston at the end of the week. It's not much of a trip, per se, but I'm really excited nonetheless! Next year, we plan to head up to my old university stomping grounds in Boston, so saving this year is essential.

Anyone getting some goods from the massive Anthropologie sale today? I hope to scoop up the Sailing Stripes blouse after work! You can see a great compilation of everything the sale includes on Roxy and Kim's blogs! Thanks, ladies!

cotton check shirt, j.crew [x]
sweater vest, j.crew outlet
ankle stretch toothpick jean in premium twill, j.crew [x]
joley flats, j.crew
studded leather belt, j.crew [x]
morning after mini in pansy, rebecca minkoff [x]

Don't mind the wrinkled-ness -- I actually had gotten home yesterday and thrown everything into the hamper before realizing that I had to dig it all out again to take photos. I think the sweater vest gives this ensemble a menswear-vibe and I don't mind it one bit. And before anyone calls me out, the whole head-to-toe J.Crew thing was totally unintentional. I find that happening quite often, though. I guess J.Crew just makes items that go really well with other J.Crew items.

I also have BIG NEWS, readers! I am officially on the prowl to move out of my parent's house and be a big girl and live in a big girl (and big boy too, I guess, since Boyfriend will be there) apartment. This is my first time apartment hunting, so I welcome any tips on how to go about finding the perfect place to settle down in!

And finally, I'd like to wish a very happy belated birthday to Tara B. from Little Girl Big Closet. She's hilarious, sassy, and cute as a button, so head over to her blog to wish her a happy belated birthday if you haven't already! She's also got a great giveaway going on right now, too!


  1. LOVE THE MAM!! and the JCrew ensemble :)

    Have fun apartment hunting!

  2. I love, love, love this look! I envy you for being able to pull off this preppy look with such panache- I've wanted to buy a sweater vest for several seasons, but keep chickening out- any pointers on getting one that fits into my closet and style?
    You are SO sweet, thanks for the B-day wishes, lady! And congratulations on planning the big move- wow! That is big news indeed! I'm so happy for you and the boy ^___________^

  3. oh my goodness! how cute are you? i love everything here (even your backstreet boys millenium poster)!

  4. Love sweater vests and this one is great! Congrats on moving out---I'm moving in with my boyfriend in July...so exciting! :)

  5. Have fun on your mini-break - eat lots and takes tons of pics!

    I'm super-excited for you on your apartment hunt! I've found that having one with a w/d in the unit is such a lifesaver and worth a few extra bucks. And this may sound silly, but check your mobile when you're in the apartment to make sure you've got bars - nothing like having an apartment where you can only make calls standing on one leg on your coffee table!

    BTW, awesome sweater vest. I can't ever pull vests off, even though I really dig them.

  6. Cute outfit today! The sweater vest is adorable.

    As far as apartment hunting, I've found that new-ish finishes go a long way to making it feel like home, even if it's just the light fixtures! Also, a big closet is a plus :)


  7. i love your MAB bag! it's such a lovely color. [coincidence: i took a picture with my minkoff bag today, to post tomorrow!]

    p.s. enjoy your vacation! i moved to san antonio last summer. it's a friendly town.

  8. You look adorable today Amy!!! But that bag - my god, it's amazing!!!
    I'm on the hunt for a lavender bag - is it a true lavender, or more blue-toned (it looks slightly blue in the pic)?
    Have a great vacation!

  9. You look so adorable and love the preppy look. The sweater vest gives the outfit a harry potter-feel, and I adore it!!
    Awww, congrats on moving out and spreading your wings with yo man! Should be so exciting and you'll grow so much!!

  10. Yay - for mini-vacations! And yay for new digs! Good luck on the apartment hunt!

  11. That brown studded belt is so cute. It adds such a cute flair to the out-fit!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  12. Love, love this - your casual outfits are always awesome!



  14. The bag is amazing IRL, love it even more! I hope you are able to get the sailing stripes blouse, I know you will do great things with it.

    p.s. your hair looks especially good today

  15. Love this outfit! How is it you look so adorable and cute, but still cool? Is that even possible? And that bag, I die. Really. I so wish I could buy a bunch of stuff right now.

    And CONGRATS on your cohabitation! Your BF is a lucky man.

    I don't know how cuthroat it is in your neck of the woods, but I have learned from losing out on fantastic apartments to always bring the following with me: bank statement, last two paycheck stubs, references (name and number), credit score, and a checkbook. If I love a place, I will show the agent/landlord all my documents, and sign for it on the spot. SF is so hard to rent in because chances are, if it's your dream apt., it's also a hundred other people's dream apartment. Usually, people are so impressed you come that prepared, they have no problems renting to you. I got my current place on the spot by being prepared. My friends have had apartments taken from under their nose--other people offering more money even if an application has already been put it.

    Email me if you've got any questions about renting. I'll be happy to answer them.

  16. hi. i love your outfit! i was contemplating whether or not i should get the same jcrew check skirt (but in the purple). i was wondering if you could tell me how the top runs. i'm normally a 4 or small. thank you. :)

  17. I totally feel you on wearing the Crew head to toe! The vibe of their items just meshes the best together. You look adorable today and eek! Your new bag is the perfect accessory. Soooo pretty.

  18. J. Crew is just...love as far as I'm convinced. Honestly, I've always like J. Crew, but I think I like them even more since I've started reading/following your blog! The pieces go well together and look great with items from different collections as well! I love menswear looks. I find them to be sleek...and yet feminine! The purse is cute and it really completes the look! Congrats on moving out of your parents house!! I can't wait until I move out of mine, lol! And I love Houston, I have tons of family there! I'm in the DFW area...but I like Houston better! Have fun on your mini-vacay!! : )

  19. have fun on vacay :)

    and I love the color of the flats paired with your bag against the rest of the outfit!

  20. cute!!


  21. omigosh, rebecca minkoff makes the best bags ever. such a gorgeous color! and i love your outfit! not that you don't look gorgeous in girlier outfits but i do love the 'menswear' inspired looks best...though maybe because that's more my style :)

    congrats on the move! such a huge step for you and the bf!