Monday, November 8

blending in with the wall behind me

We're getting into the holiday spirit here at ke.KE, and I'm already dreaming up what to wear during the holidays. I have 4 separate events that need holiday outfits: my company's holiday party, my own personal Christmas Eve Eve dinner party, Christmas Eve with Boyfriend's family, and Christmas Day with my family.

So far, I have 2 outfits planned, though I don't know what particular events they'll be assigned to just yet. I know that I'll wear the Drifting By dress I got earlier this year from Anthropologie (see it on the awesome Tara B here, since I don't have a photo of myself wearing it), and I'll also be doing a pencil skirt-and-plaid-shirt combo. As for the other two, I'm at a loss. I want to rock the beautiful Yukata dress from Anthro, but that $298 price tag is making it impossible.

still.... sigh.

But I'll figure something out. I mean, I have just about a month and a half to plan, haha!

v-neck top, gap [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish]
double-breasted coat with shoulder pads, zara [x (I have the gray version)]
matchstick zipper pants, j.crew
pasion flats, steve madden
houndstooth scarf, from australia
crystal necklace, j.crew outlet
faceted gold bangle, j.crew
pave heart ring, coach

The coat was Boyfriend's anniversary gift to me. I love that it looks like an oversized blazer and that it's suuuuper long on me, haha! It does wonders in keeping the frosty wind out.

Thanksgiving is almost here! I'll be taking a week off of work to visit family and get ready for the holidays. I can't believe that 2010 is winding to an end.


  1. That coat is extremely chic. It looks menswear inspired, but with a narrower, more feminine cut. I absolutely LOVE it.
    And my vote is with the Yukata dress- at the very least, I'd love to see you go try it on and post some pics on here- I think you would look completely stunning in it.

  2. I love oversized coats, too. It's the only way to wear all the layers that help keep me warm. I can't stand being cold, especially with all the holiday running around that has to be done over the next few weeks. It's exciting and hectic. Good luck with your preparations.

    You've inspired me to add to my collection of ballet flats over the last few weeks after seeing your vast assortment of them

  3. I love your coat and scarf! The balance of slightly masculine but also feminine is perfect.

  4. You look SO pretty! I love the entire outfit and your hair looks gorgeous!!!

    The Yukata dress is also on my gorgeous! Perhaps you can do some creative budgeting the next month and half to get it? :)

  5. Totally cute outfit!! That coat is tres chic, those pants are fitting you nicely and I love the color of your top. :)

    That is a cute dress, but I think you should dig in your closet and try to re-create it!! Don't you have the honeyed-peplum skirt? You could add a black ribbon and some kind of silky blouse to get the same vibe. Or just save your pennies and hope for a mark-down between now and then.

  6. You rock that outfit today. So,so cute. Love the coat with the scarf!!!

  7. I love the coat! It's fun to see people's outerwear. I am such a fan of coats and jackets and enjoy seeing what and how people wear them!

  8. That coat looks really warm and cozy...and I love how the scarf picks up the color of your shirt!

  9. I feel the same way about that Yukata dress! Ahhh! And you look so cute and chic with that coat and scarf!

  10. Ok now I'm getting a little paranoid as to what I'm going to wear for the holidays. Hmmm I should start brainstorming now.

    Love that houndstooth scarf and the pants are killer!

  11. Fantastic coat. The bf has good taste!

    Can't believe you're already planning holiday outfits! I'm just trying to get through the next week ;)

  12. um your boyfriend has amazing taste! i have been searching everywhere for a grey coat this year and couldn't find one that i looks gorgeous on you!

  13. I am dying to get the Spinning Lace dress for my holiday events, but it costs too much too, so I am still looking.

    I bet the Yukata dress will hit sales soon though! It has been out for a while. Have you tried it on to see how it fits yet?

  14. I hope you're able to get the Yukata dress. I'm sure you'll look fabulous in it! I'm so glad you're posting something from Zara - they're one of my favorite retailers. So of course you know I'm loving the well as the ensemble underneath it!

  15. Your coat is beautiful... and looks beutiful on you! Great look for winter!