Tuesday, November 2

diy: heart flats

Ask and you shall receive! I got a surprising amount of interest in my humble little heart flats, so here's a "guide" on how I DIY-ed it. I put "guide" in quotations because it's ridiculously easy.

So, in order to make something like this:

You just need these things:

- flats you don't mind messing up. I recommend suede-finish kinds because it better matches the felt texture of the hearts. (you can find cheapies at GoJane)
- hot glue
- stiff felt
- scissors

And here's what you do:

1. Cut out the shape you want from the stiff felt. My shape of choice were hearts, obviously.

2. Hot glue the shape to the flats. I only used one big dab of hot glue to anchor the entire heart and it hasn't proven a problem yet.

That it! See why this is more like a "guide" rather than an actual guide? Haha! I don't know how waterproof these are, but I have worn them in the rain a few times without incident. It shouldn't matter much anyway if they get ruined since it's essentially a $20 project, depending mainly on how expensive your flats were. Even if the hearts do get weather-damaged, you can always rip them off and glue new ones in their place.

You can see me sporting these here, here, and here.

Have fun!


  1. I love these! I will have to invest in a cheap pair of flats and get my creative on soon. :)

  2. Aw, thanks for posting up a tutorial! They look fantastic and I'm definitely keeping my eye out on some cheap suede flats for a future project (:

  3. i love anything felt:)
    and wow, you did a good job cutting out those hearts! mine would have been lopsided and/or uneven...

  4. Crafty! I'm not handy with clothing modification but this is a DIY I could handle.

  5. Ahhhh such a cute idea! red-toed flats are so in right now, that's a great idea.