Wednesday, December 1


Whenever I wear my Reed shirtdresses, I think of Lucille Ball and the wonderful frocks she and Ethel would rock on I Love Lucy. It must be the collar, sleeves, and flared skirt that bring that connection to mind, and in no way is that a bad connection to make. I don't think either of them ever wore a plaid number, though.

reed shirtdress, anthropologie
cable cardigan, j.crew
black tights, hue
red flats, target [x-ish]
wide belt, calvin klein

I desperately need to get my hair thinned out. It's been getting way too puffy and unruly these past few weeks. You see, readers, my hair is naturally thick and wavy, which is awesome for the most part, but it also makes it ridiculously difficult to manage. I usually put it up in a bun or French braid each night so that the waves will be less "let's tangle together and create an Asian afro!" and more "this is kind of what wavy hair should look like" the following morning, but lately it's been threatening to go full 'fro on me. And I am scared, readers. I am scared.


  1. I love your humor in this post =)
    My hair is exactly like yours Amy, texture wise. It's a pain! I was having such a hard time with it up until I got it trimmed last week but it's still a royal pain in the you know what!
    I love Lucy is my fave show. I've seen each episode a million times each!

  2. I love your polish. I just purchased some red glitter polish for the fun. Your home looks so cozy, along with your outfit. The colors are warm and perfect for the first day of December.

  3. You look adorable!! I love that cardi w/the dress, and I wish I could wear mine with flats, but I feel so stumpy! You look great!

  4. Embrace the fro Amy!!! LOL
    This dress always looks so housewife to me, but in a retro and girly good way.
    I love how out of the box you get with your color combinations!!! It totally works on you!!!

  5. I love you hair and think it's oh so beautiful! Lucky girl!

  6. um, okay - WHAT is your nailpolish because I need it in my right now. Love it!

  7. The grass is always greener on the other side. I have stick-straight hair that doesn't hold a curl without scientific intervention, while my sister's hair is like yours, with a natural wave. We both fought and lost battles with our hair, trying to look like the other sibling's.
    Love shirt dresses. Do you watch Mad Men? The first 2-3 seasons Betty Draper was constantly dressed in them. Very put together/polished. You look fantastic in your ensemble!

  8. You have no idea how awesome that dress looks with an orange cardi. I've been wanting an orange cardi for a few weeks, and this just gives me another reason to spring for one. And your home is SO pretty ^^

  9. Those shoes look fantastic! i love the Reed shirtdress. I never wear mine because it is a little tight in the arms, but I should actually break it out and give it some wear...

  10. I also love I love Lucy. Some people I work with have never even heard of her. What a shame. I tell them they are missing out.

  11. I love that dress and of course you know I love a shirtdress! Should have lived in the 50's!

  12. Don't be scared. You'd look cute even with a fro. :)

    That dress is fantastic on you! And I love your dark, sparkly nail polish!

  13. I love the color of the cardi you picked to compliment that dress! And I feel your pain with the hair, mine is thick and kinda wavy too...its always a production to style!

  14. LOL - is your hair naturally wavy? Mine is stick straight so I don't have that problem - lucky for me in H-town, not so much for you!

    Lovin' your Lucy look!

  15. I love your hair!!! I actually think it looks really great! As does the dress! So cute.

  16. Mmmmm...I loved the red plaid version, but since I have the plain in 2 colours and the B&W checked, I figured I shouldn' day it will turn up for me!

    I love it with the red/orange cardigan and red shoes! So festive, and shirtdresses are pretty Grace Kelly-esque too!

  17. That dress is adorbs (those colors remind me of a perfect fall tree), but I can't stop looking at your wreaths! Did you make those?

  18. Beautygirl24 - Agh, I don't know whether to be happy that someone shares my frustrations or sad that you too have to endure them, haha!

    Patina - Thanks! The polish is a dark purple with some glitter on top. I am such a sucker for glitter!

    Kim - Thanks! I probably DO look stumpy, but I walk so weird in heels (working on that), so flats will have to do for now, haha!

    fshnonmymind - NEVER!!! Hahaha, it looks like a mess when it's all tangled and crazy!

    PinkSass - Aww, thanks! I'm trying to tame it!

    Ashley - I'll let you know tomorrow! STAY TUNED!

    Closet Crisis - Haha, I guess the grass is greener on the other side, huh? I did have stick-straight hair growing up, but it suddenly warped into this thick, wavy mess when I hit middle school. Sigh.

    Tara B - Do itttt! You need an orange cardi so we can be orange cardi twins!

    Ady - Yeah, I never roll the sleeves up on my shirtdress because the arms are too tight, but other than that, I love it too!

    Colleen - There are people who have never heard of Lucille Ball?! I don't want to know those people.

    Peggy - You look SLAMMIN' in a shirtdress!

    Melissa - Hahaha, I doubt I'd look good with a fro, but thanks anyways! Hilarious, maybe...

    Tara - No kidding! A "production" is a great way to describe what styling it entails, haha!

    eek - Yup, my hair is naturally wavy. I never got it permed or anything... well, I got it permed straight once, but that didn't last. I feel like Houston's humidity just zapped it back to being wavy!

    Pamela - Aww, thanks for the confidence boost! ^^

    thatdamngreendress - Maybe one day you can snag it for super cheap! Because I am a big fan of the red plaid version, haha! And you're right -- I can already flit around pretending to be a super short Grace Kelly!

    LT - Ooo, it IS very autumnal... and yes, I did make the wreaths! :)

  19. My Grandma and aunts are huge fans of "I Love Lucy" and always had it on. I think so much of my fashion sense is influenced from the tv in the background during my childhood. I'm drawn to shirtdresses and classic styles I can imagine Lucy or Ethel wearing. :) I think your hair looks amazing--I've got pin straight hair and just wish it would pouf up every once in awhile. But it's as they say, the grass is always greener, especially where our long locks are concerned!

  20. I don't know how I missed this post yesterday! You've styled the dress so wonderfully!