Thursday, January 20


This is the second day I've experienced feeling less-than-inspired. Sometimes I just get so frustrated standing in my closet completely clueless and staring blankly at my clothes. It's at those moments when I guess the vexation gets the better of me and I end up choosing a plaid shirt through which to channel my grunge-caliber angst.

Don't look at me with those shocked, judgmental (and incredibly dreamy) eyes, Chris Cornell. Just because you happen to be rocking the acoustic guitar and a sleek, all-black ensemble now doesn't mean that you're free from blame when it comes to my plaid-loving ways.

See? This is the image of cool that was burned into my young, impressionable mind so many years ago. So really, me wearing plaid every time I feel even an iota of hair-bristling frustration is all your fault. And while we're here, I'm going to go ahead and blame the collection of ball-bead chain necklaces that I wore all through my teenage years on you too.

v-neck tee, j.crew
plaid shirt, f21
boy's canvas grunt jacket, gap kids [x]
skinny jeans, gap
red flats, target
stone duchess cocktail ring, j.crew

I guess at least my plaid shirt isn't 3 sizes too big for me.

PS. I can't stay angry at you, Chris Cornell. Let's never fight again.


  1. OMG, you just had me spit coffee all over my keyboard! I love you in plaid. You wear it so well, in all sorts of way. You even make grunge look chic.

  2. You're adorable and you make me smile.

    You look great in plaid! If it works, rock it!

  3. Ahh, deep down I'm still that grunge-loving girl I was in high school, so I totally relate to this post!
    You look adorable and man, I love Chris Cornell, though Kurt Cobain will always be my #1.

  4. Hahahahaha!!! Oh Amy K, in all your adorable hilarity, we love you so! You look darling- the red flats are *just* the thing to make this outfit a winner. All you're missing is a hug. A giant hug. Sent telepathically from me to you.
    Go from this u__u

    to this >.<~~~~~~~))) ^___^

  5. As long as you keep your Doc Martins in the closet, I'll consider your version of grunge young and streamlined, and will not equate you with the pre-Saks, female version of the young Ethan Hawke, Winona Ryder! ;o)

    Is it wrong that I had to Google Chris Cornell?

  6. I think we are ALL just ready for a season change! Maybe some sunshine and warm temps would help :)

  7. Lol. How sad that i have done the same thing to on way tooooo many occasions. Sadly, my go outfit has been the my haya sweatshirt and jeans...I wear it too often to admit. The plaid shirt looks great with your jacket. The red ballet flats give your outfit a girly flair.

  8. I use to have a ton of flannels! Nothing beats a toasty flannel. You always seem to still keep a feminine edge with you outfit!

  9. Not only are we soul sistas because we are both rockin plaid today, but because back in the Grunge Era I rocked a head of pink dreads, wifebeaters AND plaid flannels!
    I used to lay in bed in my Jesus Christ Pose and dream about Layne Staley from Alice in Chains being my boyfriend.
    We would frolic together in the Mudhoney,trying not to sink in any Hole(s) while pretending to be Babes in Toyland.
    But Nevermind.
    That was then and this is now. (hee hee!)

    I love Grunge Amy!


  10. OMG you made me crack up so bad! Great outfit, and yes, although it's redolent of the early 90's grunge, the fit on you is very modern. I remember back in the day guys AND girls wore our lumberjack shirts SUPER big and slouchy, with ill-fitting jeans and Doc Martens. My mom hated that look, maybe that's why I loved it so much! Oh, and I thought I'd die when I heard Chris Cornell singing the opening theme song to Casino Royale. Awesome.

  11. I guess I never experienced the pull of Chris Cornell because I never owned any plaid when I was younger. Wait, I lie. I owned a pair of plaid flannel overalls that I wore with a choker necklace and black army boots. I'm not sure who inspired that ensemble...

    Great outfit. I love those skinny jeans, they fit you so well. And that army green jacket is perfect.

  12. you always look cute, even when you don't have inspiration!!! love the plaid shirt

  13. hahaha - good one! I love your plaid! And I'm so glad you did the hair tutorial b/c I was just saying how great your hair always looks!

  14. LOL :)
    I hear ya - I am feeling a bit less than inspired these days myself.

  15. Well, even though it's plaid, I love how you styled it; really dressed it up. :D

  16. I know how you feel about being sometimes uninspired by your closet...I get that way a lot! I happen to love all of your plaid shirts...I wish I could find a plaid one I like!

  17. I read this and smiled Amy as I too went through a grunge stage earlier in my life. I lived in baggy-ish khaki pants and oversized flannies (like you!). While I can see the grunge influence in your outfit, i think it's a modern and stylish take.

  18. Ah, what a great post. I am not a big fan of plaid, but grunge will never die (at least not in my heart), and it is to blame for most of very bad clothing habits past and present (and my hair, too...)

  19. i love that even when you're feeling uninspired you still look fabulous! i'm a lover of plaid and the grunge rock days of eddie vedder (my fav) and pearl jam. you make plaid look chic and feminine! i would look like a dork. great outfit! ;) ~ susan

  20. amyyyyy, thanks for the welcome - its good to be back! :)
    i hear you abut the plaid, chris was one of my teen loves too, yum yum xxx

  21. Tien -- Awww, thanks! And I hope your keyboard isn't too worse for wear from getting coffee all over it, hahaha!

    Melissa -- Yay, thanks!

    Kim -- A fellow grunge lover! I would've never guessed it from you either, Kim! You always look so feminine, but I of all people should've known that music lovers of all genres come in all shapes, sizes, and clothing styles, haha! And oh Kurt Cobain... every time I see a plaid shirt worn with a giant grandpa cardigan now I think of him.

    Tara B -- Haha, thanks for the telepathic hug! I totally went from this u___u to this o_O (sensing the telepathic hug) to this ^___^ And I totally love the >.<~~~~~)) telepathy imagery!

    Lisa -- Hahaha, love it! I will indeed keep my Docs in the closet... for now! And Chris Cornell is none other than the front man of Soundgarden, writers and performers of powerhouse songs such as "Black Hole Sun" and "Loud Love." Also, he is my imaginary boyfriend. Did Google mention that?

    Leah -- Ooo, I sure hope so!

    Patina -- Thanks, lady! I bet you look fabulous even in a sweatshirt and jeans! Sometimes our closets can just be overwhelming!

    Pamela -- Toasty flannels are wonderful for cold days!

    Eleanor -- I bow down to you. That was an amazing comment. AMAZING.

    Closet Crisis -- Oh yeah, I totally did the whole "giant lumberjack shirt" thing with ill-fitting jeans. Even though when I did it it wasn't even cool anymore to do so, hahahaha! And yup, I had *chills* hearing Chris Cornell sing the opening credits to that song!

    Sweet Laundry -- Plaid overalls? That sounds amazing. Like Claudia Kishi of the Babysitters Club amazing. And I totally remember choker necklaces! Wow... blast from the past! I wonder if those will ever go back into style? I'll probably laugh when they do.

    Sharon -- Thanks, lady!

    Peggy -- Thanks! My hair has its days, but lately the winter has been ravaging it! Ugh!

    eek -- I know, right? Maybe it's like Leah said -- we need sunshine here in Houston!

    Rachel -- Thanks!

    Tara -- You will! I believe in it, haha! And feeling uninspired is the pits. Hence my rage against it all.

    vintageglammz -- Hooray for Grungers? Whatever, you know what I mean, haha!

    Lady Cardigan -- Ah, we both have flannel-covered hearts, then! And it's influence on your hair? I am suuuper curious...

    littlemissfanciepants -- Oooh Eddie Vedder! I saw Pearl Jam at Austin City Limits last year and it was amazing. He and the band have still got it, that's for sure! And I doubt you'd look like a dork as long as you don't get a 3-sizes-too-big plaid shirt a la Cornell! I bet you'd look chic!

    chloe -- It's good to have you back! I've missed your outfits and your ever-changing hair! And yum yum indeed, haha!

  22. Oh, I still have long hair (well into my 40s), I mean REALLY long hair without much style that would make a '90s grunge star proud. Meantime they've all cut their hair. Oh well...

  23. So cute.. that whole conversation with Chris Cornell is adorable.:) I love plaid on you.

  24. Lisa's comment and Eleanor's comment both cracked me up. Googled Chris Cornell. I wonder if it tickled. Then Eleanor with her grunge band infused comment. What? No Hunger Strike ending with Pearl Jam?

    If you had on at least four more rings, we could have been twins back in the day.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again