Monday, January 17


Since I have gotten a few requests for tutorials on how I style my hair, I thought it was high time that I actually followed through on my promise of writing a post about it. Since I managed to not snap any photos for an OOTD post for today, this is the perfect filler.

I do this on most mornings as a means to tame my naturally thick and wildly wavy hair. Some days it turns out better than others (THIS is an example of a good day), and of course the day I choose to photograph this process my hair ends up being fist-shakingly frustrating. Hmmph.

BUT, here's the process! It's pretty quick and easy and it takes me a scant 10 minutes to do my hair each morning.

1. Put your hair into a single French braid the night before. I don't do mine too loose or too tight, but it's up to you how you want to braid it. A tighter braid makes more defined waves and a looser one creates less defined ones. As mentioned before, my hair is naturally wavy, so putting my hair into a French braid helps me to control how those waves look the next day.

2. Using a straightening iron, flip up the ends of your braid the next morning. If you don't do this, the ends of your hair could look awkwardly straight once you undo the braid.

3. Undo the braid with your fingertips and straighten your bangs. Don't comb your hair. This will make it a puffy mess, so just gently tease out the waves with your fingers. I usually straighten only the bangs framing my face and do so by pulling them out and curling them under with the iron.

This is what it looks like after only those steps. Harsh bathroom lighting not included.

4. Grab random 1.5-2 inch sections of your hair and curl them. I usually curl the only about 4-5 sections of hair around my face and leave the rest as waves. I don't own a curling iron, so I curl my hair with my straightener. It's a bit complex to explain how you curl your hair with a straightener, so here's YouTube to the rescue! This girl basically does what I do to curl my hair, so she's worth a watch if you're interested. But here are some of the steps photographed...

Clamp the hair that you're going to curl around where you want the curl to begin.

Wind your hair over the straightener once.

Twist the straightener away from your face and gently pull down at the same time until the hair slides into place. Pump the straightener down the rest of your hair.

And BOING! A curl! This isn't the best picture evidence, but you get the idea. Use your fingers to relax the curl by winding it around your finger and pulling it loose.

5. Finish by clipping up part of your hair or otherwise styling it if you so desire. I also curl the very ends of my bangs and flip up the ends of the rest of my hair again.


Like I said before, this doesn't always turn out terrific, but it does work most days and is a great way for me to manage my head of hair. Looking at these photos, I think it's obvious that I need to get some product to deal with my winter-stressed hair, though!

Hopefully I've given some of you with unruly hair like mine something new to try! See you all tomorrow with an OOTD!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial Amy - your hair looks great! I'm going to try this, but I have a question. Do you french braid your own hair? And if so, HOW on earth do you do that!?

  2. Kim - I do French braid my own hair! And I don't know how I learned to do it... I didn't even learn how to make a French braid at all until last year. I just looked at some of those YouTube tutorials about how to braid hair and I did it to myself... somehow... haha!

  3. It looks so pretty!!! I need to try that!

  4. My comment is the exact same as Kim's! I love this tutorial but I can't get past step 1, because I am inept at braiding my own hair, especially a french braid! Hell, I can't even do those little bang braid things a la Lauren Conrad, and that hair is right in front of me!

  5. I love your hair and I only wish I had enough of it to put in a french braid. I'm finally at a real pony tail length! :)

  6. Had to chime in even though I'm sporting a chin length bob at the moment. You make it look too easy, your hair is consistently magazine-cover-worthy.

    My sister has the "talent" like you do, she's been braiding her hair since she learned to walk and talk. She even did my hair on my wedding day. Bow down before you: we're not worthy, we're not worthy... :)

  7. Awesome tutorial! I definitely will have to try this.

  8. You managed to get pictures? AWESOME. You amaze me.

    I love french braids and whenever I wear one, my hair is always so pretty and wavy the next day.

    It is weird, I don't remember learning to french braid my own hair, either. Not growing up with a mom meant I just had to figure it out. LOL.

  9. Your hair always looks adorable...braiding mine never seems to result in cute waves though :(

  10. Yay, thanks! I just realized my hair is still lacking a few inches, so the result might be a tad shorter/poofier, but I'll definitely be experimenting :)

  11. I used to always sleep with my hair in a braid so it would be curly in the morning but the tips being straight always bothered, thanks for sharing the trick! :)

  12. I really want to try this, but I have no clue how to french braid! Looks like I'm going to be spending some time watching Youtube videos this weekend...

  13. Your hair is so gorgeous!!! I have tried braiding my hair and sleeping on it before but it looks AWFUL when I wake up because I have such thin, fine hair. Your hair looks amazing with this technique though...luky girl you! =) Thanks for the fun tutorial! I love seeing how others do things.

  14. Ok, I agree, how on earth do you execute such a perfect french braid? You're one talented girl. I also curl my hair with a straightening iron. Sometimes I do it the night before and the next morning the curls look more like waves. Thanks for sharing your hair tips...and this outfit, which it totally cute!

  15. Thank you for this tutorial. I've always noticed you've got such gorgeous tresses. I had a go at french braiding my own hair one time, and it was a disaster. My hair is like silk (which may seem like a good thing ), and it just won't stay in place. Everything just flops. I don't really want to use hair products to hold it up as i hate that sticky feel. Arghhh...

  16. damn, im so impressed at your french braid, i get confused trying to even make a regular one! i really love the wavy hair but im sure i couldn't do it on a regular basis. in fact, i probably couldn't do it at all... bravo miss kelinda! x