Tuesday, February 15


Have you ever noticed that Disney movie villains have the best songs? Think about it -- Scar's "Be Prepared" in The Lion King and Ursala's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" in The Little Mermaid? Both amazing. I watched Tangled recently and now Lady Gothel's song, "Mother Knows Best," is stuck in my head.

These are the types of pressing issues that I concern myself over.

I had an awesome Valentine's Day yesterday, reading over some hilariously corny jokes from my giveaway submissions and coming home to flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries from Boyfriend. He's a keeper!

As part of my gift to Boyfriend, I made one of his favorites: lettuce wraps.

These are a modified version of this turkey lettuce wrap recipe from Steamy Kitchen. I substituted apples with water chestnuts and made 3x the amount of sauce. I highly recommend it!

And finally, the OOTD:

striped dress, modcloth [x] [x-ish] [x-ish]
always cardigan, j.crew
leatherette belt, f21
berry bush tights, anthropologie
kinnetic flats, steve madden
half-slip, anthropologie
heart pave ring, coach
gold bangle, kate spade

Thanks again to the commenter who recommended this half-slip from Anthropologie! I completely forgot what it was called, but it is perfect for adding some much-needed length to my way-too-short-seriously-who-can-wear-this items from Modcloth and F21.

I wanted to brag about all the sweet treats I got from my Valentine's Day swap partner (organized by Tippy) and from Lisa, but apparently I forgot to upload the photos onto Photobucket last night. This is my expression right now:


Oh well. Tomorrow!

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  1. I need a slip!!! This outfit is fantastic on you! I love the stripes mixed with the pattern in the tights. You're adorable!

  2. i need a slip too! Cute outfit! Sounds like Vday was a success!

  3. I love this outfit! Black and white and girly all over! I agree with the other gals, I def need a lacy slip in my life! Uh BF, time to go to Anthro this weekend ...

  4. Awww ^^ That's muy sweet. I got some fantastic v-day treats to satisfy my sweet tooth too, nom! Best v day ever!

  5. Omg! Lol, do you know that I never used to want anyone going through my ipod list because I had an insanely ridiculous number of disney songs. I have been obsessed with "Be Prepared" for as long as I can remember, and still am...lol..ok onto your OOTD. Love it! Looks fabulous on you! I may also try the lettuce wrap you made. Looks delicious! :)

  6. <3 this. And you are totally right about the Disney Songs. Evil anthems get me pumped!

  7. I love this outfit! I am so loving stripes lately, anything striped!! You look really pretty.

  8. Gah! Those shoes are so wonderful! I love (almost) anything sparkly and those are bombtastic! :) Your ring is also really pretty.
    I never thought about adding a half slip to a dress if it was too short, but that's a great idea! My aunt also likes to add lace to the end of her dresses if they turn out to be too short, and they look great as well.
    I am going to have to try those lettuce wraps. They look so yummy!
    --Ciara :)

  9. You look so cute! And my favorite villain song is "Friends on the Other Side". :D

  10. I agree, Disney villians have great songs! I am loving your stripes, and so happy you had a great Valentine's Day :)

  11. Ok, but the bad guys/goons in Tangled have the best song. I was cracking up. Give that one a 2nd look if you haven't.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day :-)

  12. Love that slip!!! I agree who can wear the modcloth/F21 lengths?

  13. Oh my gosh you look adorable today and great thought on incorporating the slip. Your Vday goodies looks really yummy and sigh, if only I was talented and coordinated enough to make wraps like your!

  14. I just stumbled across modcloth and LOVE it and I adore that dress and the entire outfit. It's so cute on you.

  15. Your outfit is tooo cute. Love the look of your lettuce wrap, your BF is soooo lucky! :)

  16. Hi! First time comment! You look adorable!! Now I need that dress from modcloth :)

  17. My hubby and I saw Tangled a few weeks back. It was a fun, happy movie with catchy songs. Although i have forgotten how that Mother Knows Best song went! It was very catchy at the time :-)
    You look so cute in black and white stripes Amy and I am loving those tights of yours.

  18. I love this outfit today, Amy! You look adorable! Your chocolate covered strawberries and lettuce wraps look delish! :)mmmm...now I'm hungry, thanks a lot! :)

  19. haha! what a cute card from the bf! love the face;)

  20. villains always get the best outfits too!

    Love this- and what a pretty slip!!

  21. I like your attitude your red nail polish and your black combination of outfits with footwear
    really awesome