Thursday, February 24


Firstly, thanks to all of you for your awesome advice on yesterday's post for what I can do to shed some weight! I am continually amazed by how helpful and caring everyone in this blogging community is -- you guys are the best! I now have an arsenal of work snack options to try, an up-and-running account at Lose It! thanks to Unguren's suggestion, and a pretty sweet workout plan thanks to Anne. Seriously. This excess weight is about to get whooped, you guys.

In fact, if this box of delicious Girl Scout cookies represented the 30 pounds I am determined to obliterate in the upcoming months, then it will be nothing but a shredded and charred pile of cardboard carnage by the time summer rolls around. Which would be a much less disturbing image if it weren't for that sweet, smiling little girl on the cover. Sorry.

And now, the OOTD:

print top, target
gray cardigan, lacoste [x] [x]
sandals, target
starburst ring, target
bubble necklace, target

I've been really digging maxi skirts since the weather warmed up. They're just so easy to wear, and I love the way the skirt feels swishing around my legs. This particular one is my favorite thus far, but then again, I do only have two maxi skirts in my collection. Here are some other ones I've got my eye on:

Okay, not exactly a maxi skirt, but it'll look pretty long on me!

I like the idea of having a kicky see-through black skirt -- obviously, with something underneath

Do any of you have your eyes on a maxi skirt for the spring/summer? If so, do share! Also, don't forget about my giveaway for a $100 gift card to Shopbop! Entries will close tomorrow.


  1. I want that Zara skirt. I want a pleated skirt just like that! I hope it comes in other colors. And um... no offense, but do you even have 30 pounds to lose? To my eyes, you already look fabulous! Of course, I understand we all have out goals and want to look our best, so disregard anything I say; I'll be there to root for you (and eat your girlscout cookies if you don't want to).

  2. I totally thought this was a complete dress, but I love it even more that you mixed a printed top with this skirt. They completely work together.
    And must you throw it in my face that it is warm there!! :)

    I have one maxi dress and one midi skirt. I'm still undecided about this trend, although I do love that pleated Zara skirt.

  3. (((girl scout cookies)))

    This is my favorite article about girl scout cookies:

    "Satan knows how hard it can be to give up sweets. Satan knows only too well. Girl Scout cookies are the litmus test for the hell-bound. It was Satan himself who first put Thin Mints in the freezer! It was Satan himself who crafted the Samoa to resemble a doughnut! It was Satan himself who assembled two cookies together with a cream center to become the Do-si-do!"

    I also appreciate the common wisdom that there are only two servings in a box of thin mints: one sleeve or two.

  4. Haha JG's comments is cracking me up. How come Samoa's are also called Caramel DeLites, The ones I have are called Samoas? hmmm. Anyhow I love that youre not afriad to rock the maxi skirts, my shorter friends say that they have a hard time wearing them but you really did an awesome job styling them.

  5. YOU, my dear, are adorable! I love all the colors and am so jealous of how beautifully you pull off wearing a maxi. I have yet to try. You're making me want to try right now, though!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. I have all intentions of wearing my maxi dress paired with cute tops as much as I can once the weather gets better.

    I also have my eyes on a long Butter by Nadia dress to wear like a maxi skirt.

  7. I, like others thought this was a dress(even though I've seen the skirt on you before, I'm just slow sometimes)it works so well together! I have been super hesitant to get maxi skirts, but no kidding, you converted me a few weeks ago! I've been on the lookout for some, I found two at H&M that I really liked, but haven't purchased any yet. I love the lacy skirt you picked! How fun would that be to wear!

  8. yay for maxi skirts!!!
    i have this one from AA (in the pink/nude color)and it is an absolute favorite:

  9. That prairie skirt is beautiful, I especially like all the ruffles!

  10. LOVE all the maxi-length picks, and you look so great.

  11. You put this outfit together very well. Great look! And I love samoas:)

  12. Love this outfit! You look sweeter than caramel delites ;) LOL

  13. You look amazing, the proportion of the skirt really works! And I loooove all the colours!

  14. this is hilarious cause i have thin mints still stuck to my teeth after stuffing my face while reading your older posts! I am a huge fan of your blog.. but first time commenter.

    I never really convinced myself to ever wear a maxi skirt but boy have you convinced me! Although I know I wont be able to put it together in such adorable outfits like you do! But i must say that I am totally willing to try this skirt out! I'll have to le tyou know how it goes! :)

  15. You can do it Amy! I'm just catching up on posts(and I'm sure another blogger may have mentioned this), but Calorie Count has been a HUGE help for me with trying to lose weight. Now this week is my "I'm a fat kid week" because it's my birthday week, but otherwise it's taught me a lot about how much food I should be consuming each day.

    I plateaud the last 5 years and Calorie Count has got me back on track. :) I am also VERY obsessed with MTV's new show I Used To Be Fat and so much motivated by it that I created a playlist on my iPod called "I Used To Be Fat".

    Now to these skirts...I A) love your outfit, B) love Maxi skirts, but C)sadly don't own one. I'll have to buy one when I'm done with my 30 for 30. :)

  16. What a cute outfit! At first glance I thought it was an actual dress. Love how you paired the two. I really like the accordion pleat skirt that you posted but for me, anything maxi has to be tried on in person since there's only 5'3 of me lol

  17. I love how you've been working the maxi's during the winter months. Good luck with your weight's been a constant battle for me for the last few years. My biggest issue is finding the time to work out on a consistent basis.

  18. wow- I love the colour and drape of that Zara one...I may have to check it out! Oh caramel and red...goes so nicely with girl scout cookies!

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  20. I love 2nd skirt of the three. It looks floaty and pretty.

  21. i saw you over on she hath done what she could. i just had to pop over and tell you how fantastic this look is!