Friday, May 27

big big world

I got this dress from H&M during my trip to Boston last month, but it only now warmed up enough for me to consider donning something so summery. I love the little ruffle trim, and the tassel tie belt. You see, I love ruffles and tassels, so it all just works for me!

P.S. Did you know that H&M now has some of their stuff online for sale? I had no idea until Kim told me! Where have I been?!

dress, h&m
infinity cardigan, j.crew
village sandals, mia
stone bracelet, lucky brand
gold bangle, kate spade
skull ring, ebay

I'll be gone for all of next week on a business trip to Seattle (my very first one!), so there won't be a new post until I get back in June. I'll most likely still be on Twitter, though, so keep up with me there if you're not already!

And now, today's installment for the 30 Day Song Challenge --

Day 6: A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

Back in 1999, my family and a few family friends went to Hong Kong together. This song was everywhere. It seemed like every shop had it playing, and every radio station interrupted their Chinese tunes with this little number on a regular basis. Now whenever I hear it, I get zapped back to bustling streets slicked with afternoon rain, the smell of deep-fried street food, the sound of shopkeepers haggling with customers, and an electric feeling that I'm convinced is found on that island and nowhere else.

Do any of you have a song that reminds you of a place?

Have a great weekend + Memorial Day!


  1. I love seattle, have fun on pike place market haha.

    that song used to be really popular in China and you could hear it everywhere from radio station to shopping malls.

  2. Love this one! I'm actually wearing a maxi dress today too, and the weather is perfect for it!
    Have a great trip next week!

  3. Your H&M find is such a pretty color!!
    We've only just gotten up to the 80's recently and I've been buying up some maxi dresses, so I'm glad to finally be able to wear them.
    Have a fun and productive business trip!!

  4. Wha-what? H&M is online? Oh great, something else to take up too much of my time! When's Zara finally going to hit the GO button on an online store? I see so many pretties on their web site and can never find them in-store!

  5. The ruffle detail on the dress is so cute! It's a really nice touch. :D

  6. Great dress! I've been on the hunt for a maxi dress, but have yet to find one I can commit to. It would be my first maxi dress (well second but I donated the first a long time ago), and I am being extra picky for some reason.

  7. You totally rock long skirts/ this!

  8. LOVE this song. it brings back so many college memories. Thank you for that reminder.

  9. This is FABULOUS on you. I love it! Wish I could find that dress in my local H&M...

  10. You are totally queen of the maxi dress now!! This is so cute.

    I guess songs remind me more of time than place- I can remember where I was in my life but not the location!

  11. i love this dress! great score from H&M!!! i really like it w/ the jc studded belt.

  12. i love this dress on you! i would think it would make you look dowdy, but it's so flattering on you. so much!

  13. I see prices on the H&M site as before, but no ability to load it into a cart. Maybe I'm missing something...?

    Love the dress color.

  14. Oh, I see, it says online shopping is not currently offered in your market in the product info. Well, maybe they'll roll it out nationwide, eventually. Probably before J Crew gets an online wishlist. *slaps knee*

  15. Amy,
    You'll have to send me the link to H & M's online store once you find it. I cant find it : ( I keep reading articles on the store opening 2012.