Wednesday, May 4


Some days are just plaid shirt kinds of days, and this was no exception. I've been sale-stalking this particular shirt for quite some time, so when I found it in the store on sale with an additional 30% off the sale price, I was more than happy to oblige. I can't wait to wear it with my future bright "modern red" Dorrie skirt! The shirt is already a wonderful combination of desert sunset hues, so punching it up with an orange-red skirt would only be fitting.

Also, can I say just how glad I am that J.Crew finally started padding their flats? My Liv flats offer little to no cushioning, but these fun Cece flats feel like a dream! The suuuper soft leather doesn't hurt, either.

cami, cotton on
denim, gap
big ring, f21
leaf ring, from australia
bangle, kate spade

Also, I'd like you all to welcome the new lady in my life: Vara --

I got these lovely Salvatore Ferragamo pumps for myself as a belated birthday present, and they've finalllllly arrived! Squeeeeeee! These are officially the most expensive shoes I've ever bought, barely eeking out past my Frye boots.

For those interested, these are the Vara pumps, which are available in an array of colors. I got mine from Bloomingdale's with my birthday coupon, but they're also now available at Neiman Marcus in this brown color. I know that they'll be my go-to brown pump of choice from now on, which made the expense easier to swallow. For those who are interested, I'm usually a solid size 7, sometimes venturing into size 6.5 for certain brands. I guess Ferragamo is one of those brands because I got these in a size 6.5 (only size left at Bloomie's) and they fit like a dream. No complaints! And for $300, there better be no complaints!

What's the most expensive shoe purchase you've ever made?


  1. Love it... actually just bought the same shirt, but in a different colorway.... great minds!

  2. First of all, you just look amazing!
    Second of all, good for you for treating yourself to such a fab pair of shoes - I'm just wondering why they weren't named the "Amy" since I don't think I have ever seen a pair better suited to you!

  3. I love that top so cute!!! I hear ya on expensive shoes being comfy. I think I have spent over 250 twice on shoes and don't regret it either!

  4. love the ferragamos! total classic, you will have them for years.

    my most expensive shoes are probably my re-mix vintage mary janes.

  5. Love plaid shirts, and that one is extra adorable! You look great!

  6. Hey we have the same shoe size ! I love those Ferragamos. They are eternally chic. Not to mention they have a sensible heel. You're going to get so much wear out of them.
    As for padding on flats, I wish all shoes could ome with padding!

  7. Oooh, they are beautiful Amy! Buying yourself a birthday pressie? A girl after my own heart! I always gift myself with something special each year. This year...I'm still unsure of what it will be!

  8. love the plaid shirt with those look great :)

    I also love how you introduced us to Vara..LOL! you crack me up

  9. Hi Amy,
    I think that plaid shirt looks so cute on you! I had wishlisted it too but I guess I forgot all about it as new items arrived and my wishlist got longer :) (I ask myself, when will it ever end?? lol) Thanks for the reminder!
    And your new shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Those cute flats are a perfect classic and will last you forever. Nice bday splurge!!
    I think the most I've spent on shoes so far is about $250 for some boots. Somehow, I think I'll top that one day when I buy some YSL's or maybe on some Louboutins.

  11. I am making grabby hands at your JC flats! I had totally written off JC shoes because I didn't find them comfy but the bright orange cap toe ... argh ...

    Did those fit you TTS?

  12. This is a very "me" outfit. I have worn something similar many times!
    Your new shoes are adorable! I sadly have not broken the $100 mark for my most expensive shoes...YET

  13. Love the outfit! Totally agree with you about plaid shirt days! Those shoes look amazing too. I still haven't taken the bullet with shoes in that price range but some day.
    I'm new to your blog but loved it and followed :)