Wednesday, September 21

The homepage for Photobucket is advertising a movie called Spooky Buddies. Whoa. Wait. What? For those of you who are completely lost as to why I'm so shocked by this, let's take a mental trip waaaay back to the 90s, when movies about dogs and movies about sports were adored by all. Homeward Bound. Little Giants. Beethoven. The golden age of Hollywood, really.

Now, move your mind calendar forward to 1997, when Disney decided to combine the best of both worlds, which resulted in Air Bud, a movie about a basketball-playing Golden Retriever. Remember the hijinks? And the fact that the dog wore a jersey and everything? Awwwwww...

Which brings me back to Spooky Buddies. Did you guys know that Air Bud pulled a Land Before Time and has been cranking out sequels for the past 13 years? Yeah. I wasn't aware of this. Except now the Air Bud movies are about his pups, and as far as I can tell by the ad on Photobucket's homepage, they don't even play sports. I am disappointed. (Though I think one of the pups is dressed up like a football player, so I guess there's that).

But that's neither here nor there.

Let's talk clothes.

shirt, j.crew
skirt, j,crew
cardigan, j.crew
belt, j.crew
pumps, levity
ring, j.crew
bangle, kate spade 

shirt, j.crew
vest, j.crew outlet
pants, j.crew
flats, urban outfitters
bangle, kate spade
ring, from australia 

These two outfits are from earlier this week when the board of directors for my company was in town. I wanted to combat the whole "I look 18" thing I have going on with my face by dressing up a bit more professionally -- which basically just meant that I dressed as a normally do, except with the addition of pumps. But oh the pumps, the pumps... Wearing slingbacks again for the first time in a long time reminded me of why I haven't worn slingbacks in so long. Does anyone else suffer from slingback slippage, where the strap keeps falling down, turning your pumps into a really awkward, heeled flip-flop? Is there a magical solution to this that I don't know about?

Which is why on the second day, I wore flats instead. Problem solved!


  1. YES! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about with slingbacks. That's why I've essentially given up on them. I can't wear them with pants because usually my pants hem ends up under my heel and if I wear them with a skirt, the strap slides down. I've seen no-slip strips that you can stick on the strap, but I've never tried it.

  2. I gave up on slingbacks a long time ago. They're such a pain. But I did try putting Strappy Strips from Foot Petals on the sling part and it worked okay. But it was never secure enough for me. I didn't want my shoe flying off my feet. But now I just stick to flats. I adore both outfits!

  3. How about when you've been wearing flip flops and open toe shoes for so long that your feet resemble baked bread oozing out of the sides of your restraining footwear at the end of each day???
    As annoying as slingback slippage!

    Love the pencil skirt make me think of a librarian who lets her hair down and rocks out when no one is looking!

  4. Cute outfits - I especially liked the first one - it's subtle and totally pulled together. I'm not a super big fan of slingbacks but there's always the cobbler - maybe you can get them tightened?

  5. I love that they keep cranking out these movies...I wonder if there's ever a scene of ancient Bud on his deathbed croaking out last wisdoms!

    I basically only do mary-jane heels, since nothing else stays on! That being said, those little pointy pumps do look splendid with the adorably sexy librarian look. But then the flats are cute too- why not be comfortable!?

  6. this post is so funny!
    i am obssessed with air bud!
    my husband makes fun of me because everytime we would go to rent a movie i would make him go down the family aisle and stare at all the adorable air bud covers... i watched space buddies with my niece and nephew and it was awesome! lol!

  7. HI Amy, you look great in both photos, very board of directors appropriate. I esp love your nail color. My daughter wants that Spooky buddies movie, it looks so cute. Have a great day.

  8. love the outfits, especially the first one!! We have watched Santa buddies a bazillion

  9. y, slingbacks pretty much bite...i try to avoid them for the reasons you mention

    you looked very professional for the corporate visit